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Review10Best compares the best oolong tea in Australia and selects the one by Heaven Dragon as the best tea. In a oolong tea buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different teas and see a recommendation on which oolong tea to buy in Australia in 2021. By considering the top list of teas, you can find the best oolong tea and save time shopping online.

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Best oolong tea: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great oolong tea

Picture of a oolong tea

Finding the best Oolong tea is always worthwhile, with the delicious hot beverage offering a wonderful alternative to black tea or coffee. However, choosing a new tea can be quite a daunting prospect, especially if you are unfamiliar with the type of tea, which is why we’ve created a handy buying guide!

Below you will find all the information you need to know about Oolong tea making it much easier to find that perfect tasting brew!

What are oolong tea?

Oolong tea is a type of tea made from the Camellia sinensis plant, commonly known as the tea plant, which is the same plant that produces the very popular green tea and black tea. The main difference between these teas is how the plant is processed, with Oolong tea being made from partially oxidised and slightly matured tea leaves. Black tea is produced from fully oxidised leaves whereas green tea leaves are not oxidised at all. So Oolong tea falls somewhere in between these two.

Why should you buy a good oolong tea?

The partial oxidisation of Oolong tea gives it unique properties, including distinct flavours and aromas, while there is a wide selection of good Oolong teas that have different tastes depending on their level of oxidisation, with some being closer to green tea and others closer to black tea. For instance, green Oolong tea is the least oxidised so has a very light and floral flavour not too dissimilar to green tea, while darker Oolong teas have a deeper flavour and rich aroma.

This means you have plenty of choices, with all kinds of delicious flavours available. Moreover, the best Oolong teas are healthy as they are high in antioxidants and can increasing your metabolism after drinking.

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How to choose the right oolong tea?

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to Oolong tea - it’s all down to personal taste! That said, here are a few things to think about to help you choose the best Oolong tea if you are unsure what to look for:

  • Oxidisation Level: Oolong tea can be oxidised to various levels and this greatly impacts the taste and aroma. For example, low oxidisation produces Oolong tea with a fresh, bright flavour, often with a subtle sweetness. Those with heavier oxidisation take a deeper and more mellow flavour with a woody undertone, and many fall in-between light and heavy, so you have many options to try out!
  • Growing Location: Oolong tea is mostly grown in China but whereabouts in the country its grown can greatly impact its flavour and aroma. For instance, those produced in high altitudes like in the Wuyi mountains take on a distinct taste that is influenced by the higher, rockier growing conditions. Always look out for things like the altitude and province where it’s grown in China, and don’t be afraid of tea that is grown elsewhere! For example, Taiwan produces many popular Oolong teas.
What is the best kind of oolong tea in Australia?

In general, the best Oolong teas can be chosen by their growing area. Here are some of the most popular tea varieties available to buy:

  • Dan Chong Tea: Grown in the Guangdong province, this Oolong tea is very popular and has a natural flavour with pleasant flora and fruity aromas.
  • Ti Kuan Yun Tea: Grown in higher altitudes in Fujian, this tea is light with a subtle floral and honey flavours with a refreshing finish.
  • Da Hong Pao Tea: This is one of the most expensive tea available but also very high quality, with a deep smoky flavour with hints of caramel.
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Top 10 list of oolong tea in Australia (June 2021)

The bestseller list compares brands and their oolong tea. Which tea is the best?
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Best choice* TOP 1
Image of Heaven Dragon  oolong tea
Heaven Dragon Oolong Tea, 125 g*
  • Helps to prevent heart diseases, inflammatory disorders, osteoporosis and more
  • Help to reduce stress
  • Prevents high cholesterol levels and tooth decay
Image of VAHDAM 8541809915 oolong tea
VAHDAM, High Mountain Oolong Tea Leaves from Himalayas (50 Cups), (100gm), Oolong Tea for Weight Loss, 100% Detox Tea, Weight Loss Tea, Slimming Tea - Brew Hot, Iced, Kombucha Tea | Loose Leaf Tea*
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  • OOLONG TEA FOR WEIGHT LOSS - Oolong Tea are semi-fermented & contain abundant…
Offer* TOP 3
Image of Heaven Dragon  oolong tea
Heaven Dragon Oolong Tea, 20 Tea Bags*
  • Helps to prevent heart diseases, inflammatory disorders, osteoporosis and more
  • Help to reduce stress
  • Prevents high cholesterol levels and tooth decay
Image of Planet Organic  oolong tea
Planet Organic Oolong Tea 25 Teabags*
  • Complete the demands of an increasingly health-conscious person
  • Tasty and refreshing
  • Superior quality and flavourful tea
Image of ZI CHUN TEA YA-LG5036-T-R oolong tea
GABA Gold - Organic Oolong Super Tea, Loose Leaf Stress Relief Tea - A Calming and Relaxing Tea for Anxiety and Stress Relief - 100g*
  • AIDS IN WEIGHT LOSS; ZERO CALORIES; Contains all the antioxidants; vitamins and minerals…
  • NATURAL HEALTH and WELLNESS TEA - Sought after and used by many Holistic and Wellness…
Image of The Tao of Tea 1 oolong tea
The Tao of Tea, Black Dragon Oolong Tea, Loose Leaf, 3-Ounce Tins (Pack of 3)*
  • Dates on US products may be displayed as MM/DD/YYYY
  • Ingredients: Oolong Tea Leaves.
  • Toasted aroma with a sweet, strong, grain aftertaste.
Image of TWG PACKTB670 oolong tea
TWG Milk Oolong Teabags, 37.5 g*
  • A classic teabag assortment
  • Perfect accompaniment to an afternoon tea of scones and pastries
  • Blended with exceptional quality fruits, flowers and spices
Image of VAHDAM  oolong tea
VAHDAM, Assorted Loose Leaf Tea Sampler - 10 TEAS, 50 Servings - Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Chai Tea, White Tea | Tea Variety Pack | Hot, Iced, Kombucha Tea*
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  • A BRAND WITH A BILLION DREAMS - Established in India by a 26-year-old, 4th generation…
Image of The Tao of Tea  oolong tea
The Tao of Tea Strong Fire Oolong, 3.5 Ounce*
  • Oolong roasted at high temperatures creates a cup of tea reminiscent of chocolat…
  • Oolong Tea Leaves
  • Full-bodied texture, toasty aroma, and a bittersweet chocolate flavor.
TOP 10
Image of Dilmah Vivid  oolong tea
Dilmah Vivid Springtime Oolong with Ginger Loose Leaf Refill Box, 100 Grams*
  • Minimum 10% proceeds dedicated to underprivileged& MJF Foundation
  • Traditionally manufactured
  • Picked and Packed at Source
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