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Review10Best compares the best cough syrups in Austria and nominates the one from Engelhard Arzneimittel GmbH & as the best cough syrup. In our cough syrups review, you can read more about our experiences we made with the different cough syrups and follow our recommendation on which cough syrup to buy in Austria in 2019. With the cough syrup comparison, you can be sure to buy the best cough syrup on the market and save a lot of money if you buy it online.

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cough syrups: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great cough syrup

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The winter brings cold and unpleasant weather to much of the world, leaving many susceptible to winter colds and flu. One of the worst areas affected by this is our throats. Many people end up with sore throats and nasty coughs, which only serve to make a cold or flu feel worse. Finding a great a cough syrup can often make things a bit more bearable during these moments. Yet knowing the best cough syrup for your condition isn’t always straight-forward, especially when you see how many products are available.

Looking for the best cough syrups possible to alleviate a sore throat and cough? Then check out our handy guide below:

What are cough syrups?

Cough syrup is a type of cough medicine used to treat severe coughing and related symptoms. There are many types of cough syrup to accommodate the various types of coughing symptoms, most of which are sold over the counter.

Why should you buy a good cough syrup?

A good cough syrup can help alleviate coughing and coughing related symptoms. While not a direct cure for the condition causing the coughing, it can make it more bearable. Some suppress coughing while others can encourage you to cough up phlegm, although some will result in drowsiness, so are best taken before sleep. In any case, the best cough syrups provide some relief from the symptoms of your cough.

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How to choose the right cough syrup?

Finding the best cough syrup will depend entirely on your cough and any symptoms that are a result of a cough. Here are some other things to consider so you can find a suitable cough syrup:

  • Type of Cough: Different cough syrups are designed to help with different types of coughs, so knowing what type of cough you have is important for finding a suitable syrup. A productive cough sees you cough up more mucus and phlegm than normal. The best cough syrup to treat this is either a mucus cough syrup or a chesty cough syrup. An unproductive cough produces virtually no mucus or phlegm, making dry or tickly cough syrup the better choice of medicine.
  • Cough Duration: Most coughs caused by viral infections like the cold or flu only last a few weeks. If this is the case, then it’s a good idea to start looking for suitable cough syrups, but any cough more than three weeks should be seen by a doctor.
  • Cough Symptoms: Think about whether your cough is causing other symptoms such as a sore throat, aches, or congestion. If this is the case, then consider going for a combination cough syrup that can alleviate other symptoms.
What is the best kind of cough syrup in Austria?

There are a few different cough syrup products available, including:

  • Cough Suppressants: These are the best types of cough syrup to help with a dry cough. The reason for this is dry coughs result in no mucus or phlegm, so the throat becomes irritated during a cough. Cough suppressants cause the body to suppress coughing, which reduces irritations and discomfort caused by a cough.
  • Cough Expectorants: A great cough syrup for anyone with a chesty cough, expectorants help the body cough up phlegm and mucus build-ups, which makes coughing much easier. It works by thinning the mucus, which can then be coughed up with more ease.
  • Combination Cough Syrup: As the name suggests, this cough syrup combines aspects of both suppressants and expectorants, and some also come with other pain relief ingredients. This is a great cough syrup if you’re suffering the full effects of a cold, which causes many different symptoms beyond just coughing.
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Top 10 list of cough syrups in Austria (June 2019)

Our top 10 list shows how manufacturers and their cough syrups rank and which cough syrup is the best.
Top choicei TOP 1
Image of Engelhard Arzneimittel GmbH & 70045 cough syrup
Prospan Hustensaft 200 mli
starting from 8,65€i
(0 reviews)
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Image of Procter & Gamble GmbH -1689009 cough syrup
WICK MediNait Erkältungss 180 mli
starting from 12,19€i
(0 reviews)
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Image of Anton Hübner GmbH & Co. KG 03430-11114 cough syrup
Hübner Tannenblut® Bronchial-Sirup Trinksaft 500 mli
starting from 15,80€i
(0 reviews)
Buy nowi
Image of Engelhard -8585997 cough syrup
Prospan Hustensaft, 100 ml Safti
starting from 5,20€i
(0 reviews)
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Image of Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland Gmb 00743422 cough syrup
Mucosolvan Hustensaft 30m 100 mli
starting from 5,67€i
(0 reviews)
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Image of ratiopharm GmbH -563111 cough syrup
Ambroxol-ratiopharm Huste 250 mli
starting from 2,36€i
(0 reviews)
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Image of Sanofi-Aventis -743445 cough syrup
Mucosolvan Hustensaft, 250 ml Safti
starting from 13,13€i
(0 reviews)
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TOP 10
Image of HEXAL -520917 cough syrup
ACC akut 600 mg Hustenlöser, 40 St. Brausetabletteni
starting from 11,97€i
(0 reviews)
Buy nowi

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