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The 10 best mattresses to buy in Austria

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Review10Best compares the best mattresses in Austria and selects the one by EMMA as the best mattress. In a mattress buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different mattresses and see a recommendation on which mattress to buy in Austria in 2021. By considering the top list of mattresses, you can find the best mattresses and save time shopping online.

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Best mattresses: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great mattress

Picture of a mattress

Nothing feels good as a sound night’s rest, especially went it's on a sweet, succulent mattress. The sofa may provide a soft spot to lay your head, but it's nothing compared to a mattress that's best for your body. What everyone in our present age deserves after a busy day is quality sleep and not just quantity sleep. Sleeping on the best mattress for you is the perfect start to having a quality night rest.

What are mattresses?

A mattress is a piece of furniture in a home for resting and sleeping. It is usually made of soft materials like wool or cotton. This is then encased in a thick but soft fabric for comfort. However, some of the best mattresses come with springs to support your body and to add extra comfort when you lay on it. It is placed on a bed platform and usually covered with a bedspread.

Why should you buy a good mattress?

You definitely don’t want to spend your nights on the floor. Sleeping on an irregular surface, even if they are soft, like a sofa, will make the whole body throb and eventually cramp the muscles. Sleeping on the best quality of mattress for you makes the body relaxed and reduces the pressure points on it so you could get the best rest.

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How to choose the right mattress?

Mattresses come in different sizes and shapes. There's no such thing as the best mattress for all. Yet, it still holds that you don’t need a master’s degree to make the best choice when looking for a good mattress.

When it comes to choosing the right mattress, here are some tips to help you find the best for you:

  • Comfort: This is the chief factor to consider when you want to choose a right mattress. Go for comfort over a mattress’ aesthetic values. Find one that feels comfortable when you lie on it. It’s usually not best to pick a mattress that is too soft or too firm.
  • Sleeping Positions: Your usual sleeping posture is a vital factor for choosing the best mattress for you. If you are a back sleeper, you should go for a firm mattress. If you are a side sleeper, you should go for a soft mattress. A medium mattress is available to create a good balance between the back sleeper and the side sleeper.
  • Size: Your choice should give you enough space, so you don’t have to curl up every night. Consider the number of people that will use the mattress. Is it for you and your spouse? Or kids? Or it’s just you?
  • Price and Brand: Price and brand may be to tend to be very persuasive but will cost less when it comes to picking the right mattress for your body. Brand may be something to consider, but not all expensive products are good products. So rather than be swayed by price, look out for the type of material used and be sure it has a better quality.
  • Material: With evolving technologies and innovations, there are a lot of different mattresses in the market now. Among the common types of modern mattresses are memory mattresses, innerspring latex, air beds and waterbeds, each having its various materials make up. You might test any one that interests you before settling on which will give the more comfort.
What is the best kind of mattress in Austria?

You should bear in mind the following types of mattresses based on the material with which they are made. So go ahead and plan your night right with the perfect mattress:

  • Memory Foam Mattresses: Made from a viscoelastic material and originally designed for NASA, the memory mattresses is an over hyped mattress that responds to temperature and pressure making it a good mattress for anyone who is suffering from aching joints or muscle cramp when they sleep. It is made of a syntactic foam material which is inert to allergies like bed bugs and mold. What makes this mattress unique is its ability to respond the position of your body by disturbing your body pressure and dispersing your body weight uniformly on the mattress.
  • Innerspring Mattresses: Innerspring mattresses come with steel coils that provide support to the body when you lie on them. They are among the oldest, comfortable and quite affordable. The steel coils are then covered with special upholstery materials to give the mattress a fluffy and comfortable feel.
  • Hybrid mattresses: As the name implies, hybrid mattresses are a combination of different mattress materials and designs, thus giving it all the benefits of an innerspring mattress plus a memory mattress. This means that it has been ingeniously manufactured to give the bounce that innerspring mattresses offer and the comfort and relaxed sleeping posture that a good memory mattress will offer. To top it all, most hybrid mattresses are often cheaper than the memory mattress.
  • Latex Mattresses: The latex mattresses do not absorb heat as much as the memory mattresses do yet. They respond faster than the memory mattresses and give a greater amount of comfort and support. They ranked as one of the most durable mattresses.
  • Water Mattresses: Although this type of mattresses requires much in terms of maintenance, they use water, or any other special liquid, to give the mattress the comfort, firmness, and support needed.
  • Air Mattresses: Unlike the innerspring mattresses that use special steel coils to provide support for your body, air mattresses use air. The unique part of these mattresses is that they allow you to adjust the level of the air support to fit your sleeping posture, bringing more comfort will you lie on it.
…are you ready for the best picks of 2021?

Top 10 list of mattresses in Austria (August 2021)

The bestseller list compares brands and their mattresses. Which mattress is the best?
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Best choice* TOP 1
Image of EMMA F0005596 mattress
EMMA One Mattress, 7 Zone Visco-Foam Mattress, Breathable, Oeko-Tex Certified, Developed in Germany*
  • Ergonomics for all body types: The 7 ergonomic zones (including shoulder area) ensure…
Image of Träumegut24  mattress
Träumegut AquaFlex Wellness Cold Foam Roll-Up Mattress / 16 cm / 7-Zone / Hardness H2 and H3 / Oeko-Tex Certified*
  • Roll-up mattress: The mattress comes rolled up and can be used 2 hours after unp…
  • Free from harmful substances, Oeko-Tex-certified, made in Germany, suitable for allergy…
  • Easy-care microfibre mattress cover with zip closure, durable and long-lasting, washable…
Offer* TOP 4
Image of Träumegut24  mattress
Träumegut 12 - Orthopaedic 7-Zone Cold Foam Mattress - Hardness H2 & H3 - Microfibre Cover - ÖkoTex Roll-Up Mattress, 90 x 200 cm H3, h3, 90 x 200 cm*
  • Roll-up mattress: The 7-zone mattress comes rolled up and can be used 2 hours after…
  • Non-toxic mattress, made in Germany, Öko-Tex Standard 100 certified, suitable…
  • Easy-care double-cloth mattress cover with zip closure, durable and long-lasting,…
Image of Betten-ABC 10000125;4114 mattress
Betten-ABC Orthopaedic Cold Foam Mattress (7 Zones, Density RG 30, Height Approx. 16 cm, Cover Washable up to 60°C)*
  • Total height: approx. 16 cm; density: RG30 and cover washable up to 60°C.
  • Healthy sleeping climate thanks to open-pored cell structure which ensures high air…
  • High-quality eco-wash climate fibre cover - quilted with moisture-regulating climate…
Image of Sweetnight SN-DFM001 mattress
Sweetnight Mattress Cold Foam Mattress, Orthopaedic Point Elastic Mattress, 2-in-1 Hardness (H3 & H4), with Washable Microfiber Cover, 4-Sided Zip, Height 18 cm*
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Fast and timely delivery from Amazon. All our products…
  • Roll Mattress: To ensure the delivery is simple, all mattresses come in vacuum packaging…
  • Tested for harmful substances: Oeko-Tex certified materials suitable for allergy…
Image of Matratzen Concord 6947410560790 mattress
Matratzen Concord The mattress pocket spring mattress with duo topper and free pillow.*
  • Easy to clean: The mattress is also suitable for allergy sufferers. You can remove…
  • Suitable for all sleeping types: Thanks to the integrated duo topper, the mattress…
  • Perfect breathability: Thanks to the high-quality air-based cover (22% lyocell and…
Image of Linenspa LS081420MFSP mattress
Linenspa Hybrid Memory Foam Spring Mattress, H3-H4, Height 20 cm, 140 x 200*
  • The packaging process may leave small brown stains, so-called carbon, on the mattress…
  • Available in a medium-firm 20 cm profile with gel infusions and individually enclosed…
  • Crafted with a comfortable top layer, this mattress is compressed in a box for easy…
TOP 10
Image of Alvi  mattress
Alvi comfortable travel cot mattress, 60 cm x 120 cm, height 6 cm, cotton cover, breathable, washable and pollutant-tested*
  • Tested for harmful substances: Alvi is careful to use only selected and tested materials.…
  • Washable cotton cover: The soft cotton cover is quickly removed thanks to a zip.…
  • Easy transport: Whether you’re travelling to visit grandma, grandpa or just…
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