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The 10 best chainsaws to buy in Germany

Picture of a chainsaw

The best chainsaw makes all those hard sawing tasks quick and easy yet choosing the right chainsaw can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. To make the process easier, be sure to check out the handy buying guide below, it has all the information that you need to find the best chainsaws for your needs!

What are chainsaws?

A chainsaw is a type of mechanical saw consisting a row of cutting teeth attached to a chain. The chain runs along a guide bar at high speeds, providing exceptional cutting power for tasks where a manual saw doesn’t cut it. While shapes and sizes vary, chainsaws are designed for portable use, making them very convenient for various tasks.

Why should you buy a good chainsaw?

When you need a good saw through tough materials, such as cutting a tree down or splitting firewood, a chainsaw is a great option. It offers unrivalled cutting power so can be used for all kinds of outdoor maintenance like trimming tree branches, while you can use it for DIY projects with hard materials that need cutting.

How to choose the right chainsaw in 2024?

Another picture of a chainsaw

Here are some things to look out for when you are looking for the best chainsaw:

  • Power: Chainsaws can be powered by either petrol or electric batteries, each one offering its own benefits. Petrol chainsaws are much more powerful but also heavier and more cumbersome to operate, making them suitable for heavy-duty tasks like cutting down a tree. Cordless chainsaws are lightweight but have limited power, making them better suited to lighter tasks like cutting small trees and pruning.
  • Usability: Check the weight of the chainsaw before you buy it as some can be very heavy and difficult to operate for sustained periods. Also, the vibrations they produce can cause fatigue in the hands, so look for a low vibration chainsaw for something more user-friendly. For example, electric types are good for this.
  • Safety: Chainsaws are incredibly dangerous to use, so always make sure you choose something with suitable safety features like a chain brake and chain catcher. Also, you need to wear safety gear when operating the saw, so don’t forget protective gear like a hard helmet, goggles, chainsaw gloves etc.

What is the best kind of chainsaw in Germany?

There are several types of chainsaws available, any of which may be suitable for your needs. These include:

  • Petrol Chainsaws: These chainsaws are powered by a two-stroke engine, making them unquestionably the most powerful type available. If you need the chainsaw for heavy-duty tasks this is the one to choose, just bear in mind it will be heavier to operate and produce lots of vibrations. The engine will require maintenance over time too.
  • Cordless Chainsaws: This variant use lithium batteries for cordless operation. They are lightweight so suited for less arduous sawing like smaller trees and general pruning. You may want a spare battery to increase the runtime, which can be limited.
  • Corded Chainsaws: They are powered by electricity but have a bit more cutting power than their cordless counterparts, so they can do some heavier cutting although are still less powerful than a petrol chainsaw. The cord can restrict manoeuvrability, however.

Top 10 list of chainsaws in Germany (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their chainsaws. Which chainsaw is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Scheppach  chainsaw
Scheppach Petrol Chainsaw BKS5300S Chainsaw, 18 Inch ProCut Quality…
  • Ergonomic and all-round handle for versatile uses
  • Anti-vibration system for longer and more relaxed work
  • Claw stop prevents the saw from slipping
Image of Husqvarna HUSQ120-14 chainsaw
Husqvarna 120 Mark II Chainsaw
    Offer TOP 3
    Image of Generic KF -0324 Benzin Kettensäge 3 chainsaw
    Petrol Chainsaw MJ-101 Chainsaw | Fuel Tank: 550 ml | Oil Tank: 260…
    • OUTDOOR APPLICATIONS: Midori Japan petrol chainsaws are used in outdoor areas such…
    • Safety features: We value your safety. The petrol chainsaw from Midori Japan is equipped…
    • EFFICIENT CUTTING: With an impressive speed of 10, 000 rpm, this chainsaw cuts through…
    TOP 4
    Image of Hyundai CS6220G chainsaw
    HYUNDAI CS6220G Petrol Chainsaw (Chainsaw/Petrol Saw with Blade Length…
    • Box contents: 1 x chainsaw with Hyundai sword, 1 x chain, 1 x tool set, 1 x sword…
    • The chainsaw is equipped with automatic chain lubrication and a metal claw stop.
    • The built-in kickback protection and anti-vibration system ensure safety and lasting…
    TOP 5
    Image of Hecht Motorsäge benzin chainsaw
    HECHT Petrol Chainsaw - 25.4 cm³ Displacement - 30 cm Blade -…
    • HECHT Quality - Rely on Hecht quality for chainsaws, electric saws, hedge trimmers,…
    • Comfortable and comfortable - Easy and reliable start of the chainsaws in the test,…
    • Safety - Quick-reacting recoil brake and cut protection ensure high safety with the…
    TOP 6
    Image of Greencut GS620X chainsaw
    Greencut Chainsaw, grey, GS620X
    • The non-recoil chain brake stops the saw immediately when it detects recoil and ensures…
    • Stability and comfort are ensured by the anti-vibration system with silent block,…
    • The adjustable automatic oil pump ensures constant lubrication of the rail and chain.…
    TOP 7
    Image of TIMBERPRO KET-6200 chainsaw
    Thermal Chain Saw 61.5 cm³, Power 3.6 HP, Guide 50 cm and 2…
    • Certification: CE, GC and TÜV.
    • With a blade for shredding of leaves for the purpose of reducing of the bag circ…
    • Automatic oil feed.
    TOP 8
    Image of Güde 95010 chainsaw
    Güde Petrol Chainsaw KS 400-41 V (1.4 kW / 1.9 HP, Oregon Quality…
    • Specification of the chain: number of drive links: 57 | pitch: 3/8 inch | thickness…
    • Cutting length – the high-quality Oregon cutting set allows you to have a cutting…
    • Anti-vibration – the highly effective anti-vibration system guarantees you…
    TOP 9
    Image of Greenstar 2T005T chainsaw
    Alkylate Petrol, 2-Stroke, Ready-Mixed – 5 Litres
    • Clean combustion and less wear.
    • Easy to start your devices in summer and winter.
    • Better for people and the environment.
    TOP 10
    Image of Güde 95046 chainsaw
    Güde 95046 KS 500-62 Petrol Chainsaw
    • 500mm oregon sword
    • 62 cm³ displacement
    • 2.85 / 3.9 (kW / PS)
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