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The 10 best dry dog foods to buy in Germany

Picture of a dry dog food

Pet owners always want the best dog food, yet with so many options available knowing which one to choose can be difficult. Dry dog food is one of the most widely sold foods for dogs and is a great choice for most pets, although it’s important that you choose a quality dog food to get the most value for money.

Check out this buying guide for all the information you need to find the best dry dog food for your four-legged friend:

What are dry dog foods?

Dry dog food, also known as kibble, is a pet food formulated for dogs that closely resembles small biscuits. Unlike wet dog food which uses fresh meat as the main ingredient, dry dog foods are made from various ingredients and are very energy-dense, offering a nutritionally packed meal for much less than your average canned dog food.

Why should you buy a good dry dog food?

The best dry dog foods offer many advantages, namely being very affordable while offering all the daily nutrition for your pet. Due to the harder texture of the food, your dog’s dental hygiene also improves with dried dog food, while the energy-dense feed ensures your pet has plenty of energy to get them through the day.

Plus, with countless well-known dog food brands and types to choose from, like dehydrated, air-dried or freeze-dried, it’s easy to find a great dry dog food that caters to your budget and your pet’s tastes!

How to choose the right dry dog food in 2024?

Another picture of a dry dog food

Struggling to find the best dry dog food? Here are some things to look out for:

  • Ingredients: Always check the ingredients of dog food to ensure it has everything your dog needs. While dry dog food has less fresh meat, look for meat substances like bone meal or meat meal, while also looking for plant-based substances to bring some balance to their meals. Also, avoid foods with ingredients like artificial preservatives and flavourings.
  • Dog Age: Dogs’ dietary needs change over time, so always consider the age of your pet and choose suitable dry food for him. For instance, puppies need foods with lots of calories due to all the energy they use, senior dogs need much less dense food, while adults need something in the middle.
  • Size and Breed: Much like age, a dog’s size and breed influence its dietary needs, so be sure to think about this before you buy. For example, smaller dogs need far less nutritionally dense food than large and medium-sized dogs, while highly active breeds like border collies and German Shepherds will need much denser food than lazier breeds like the English Bulldog.

What is the best kind of dry dog food in Germany?

Here are some of the most popular types of dry dog food currently available to buy:

  • Dry Dog Food for Puppies: These types of dry dog food are specially formulated for young dogs, giving plenty of calories and nutrition for puppies that are exerting lots of energy and constantly growing.
  • Dry Dog Food for Adults: A standard dry dog food product suitable for most adult dogs, most have a fine balance of animal and plant products, providing your dog with all its daily nutrition including sources of protein and carbs.
  • Dry Dog Food for Seniors: Designed for elderly dogs, this type of dry feed is often easier to digest and less calorie dense to cater to older dogs with less of an appetite and aged-related dietary requirements.

Top 10 list of dry dog foods in Germany (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their dry dog foods. Which dog food is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of JosiDog 50005693 dry dog food
JosiDog Economy (1 x 15 kg) Dog Food for Adult Dogs Dry Food Powered…
  • Made in Germany and not tested on animals - Made by a medium-sized family business…
  • Full quality nutrition - provides your four-legged friend with all important nutrients…
  • For normally active dogs – for adult dogs with normal energy requirements
Image of bosch TIERNAHRUNG 52070015 dry dog food
Bosch HPC Adult with Fresh Poultry and Millet Dog Dry Food for Adult…
  • For adult dogs of all breeds with normal activity
  • Shell extracts to strengthen cartilage, joints and bones
  • Gentle on the stomach and easily digestible
Image of bosch TIERNAHRUNG 52080015 dry dog food
bosch HPC Adult Dog Food with Lamb and Rice, Dry Dog Food for Adult…
  • Balanced complete food for all adult dogs with normal activity
  • Energy and protein concentration is selected to prevent the risks of obesity
  • Easily digestible, stomach-friendly dry food
Offer TOP 4
Image of Happy Dog 60519 dry dog food
Happy Dog 60519 NaturCroq Beef & Rice Dry Food with Local Herbs…
  • Made in Germany since 1765 – Our Bavarian family business produces species-appropriate…
  • Our promise – Happy Dog products are without the addition of artificial colours,…
  • Vitality – The elegant, delicious composition delivers high-quality animal…
Image of The Hunger of the Wolf 501008 dry dog food
Dog Food Adult Dry with Lamb and Rice All Breeds Fine Preparation
  • An excellent taste that your dog will like
  • No added gluten
  • The FMP system and Yucca promote good digestion
Image of Josera YAMOOCO dry dog food
JOSERA SensiPlus (1 x 12.5 kg) Dog Food with Duck for Sensitive Dogs…
  • Made in Germany and not tested on animals – manufactured by a medium-sized…
  • Supports healthy skin and beautiful coat - an extra dose of biotin promotes healthy…
  • Especially delicious - delicious duck meat makes Josera SensiPlus so tasty that it…
Image of Dehner 1419639 dry dog food
Dehner Wild Nature Dry Dog Food
  • Free from chemical additives, no sugar or soy.
  • Contains pre-biotic carbohydrates MOS and FOS.
  • High meat content as well as vegetables, fruit, herbs and berries.
Image of MERA 61351 dry dog food
MERA Essential Dog Food > Chunks < For Adult Dogs - Poultry…
  • May we introduce ourselves? As a German family business in its third generation,…
  • Suitable for almost all breeds: The tasty dog food is suitable for adult dogs of…
  • Radiant and healthy: Valuable omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids from linseed and…
Image of Iams 8710255128733 dry dog food
IAMS Hundefutter trocken mit Huhn - Trockenfutter für erwachsene…
TOP 10
Image of Primox  dry dog food
Primox Dog Dry Food 15 kg | Made in Germany | Nutrient Rich | No Sugar…
  • All breeds: the complete food for dogs is suitable for adult dogs of all breeds and…
  • Made in Germany: produced in Germany with care and according to strict quality s…
  • For sensitive dogs: the formula is lactose-free and free from soy. Thus, suitable…
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