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The 10 best screen protectors to buy in Germany

Picture of a screen protector

The best screen protectors ensure your phone screen is protected from accidental damage, saving plenty of money in repairs. However, not all screen protectors are made equal, meaning it’s possible to buy a product that doesn’t offer as much protection as you might assume. Check out the buying guide below for how to choose the best screen protector for your phone:

What are screen protectors?

A screen protector is a thin material used to cover the screen of a premium smartphone or expensive tablet. Materials vary, but most screen protectors are made from polyurethane, which offers protection from scratches and impacts so that the screen of the device is not damaged.

Why should you buy a good screen protector?

As the name suggests, a screen protector works to effectively protect your screen from damage while still allowing you to operate the device. Devices such as smartphones have fragile glass screens that easily crack and shatter, so by using a screen protector this risk is virtually eliminated. Also, a screen protector is a relatively cheap product. This makes it an excellent investment for protecting the screen of a smartphone or tablet, as the cost of replacing a screen protector is a fraction of the amount it costs to repair a broken screen.

How to choose the right screen protector in 2024?

Another picture of a screen protector

As they come in various sizes with different materials used, so it’s not always obvious which is the better screen protector for your device. Here are some things to consider when choosing the best screen protector:

  • Material: Screen protectors are from either plastic or tempered glass, so you need to consider which is best for your needs. Plastic screen protectors are generally cheaper and good at preventing scratches but don’t as much protection from impacts as tempered glass.
  • Sensitivity: The best screen protector should not impact the overall sensitivity of a touchscreen, so be sure to look for a screen protector that doesn’t impair sensitivity. These products may cost more but are ultimately a lot less frustration so worth the investment.
  • Edges: One issue with some screen protectors is the ability to protect the edges of the screen. Most offer great protection on the flat surface of the screen but not the edges, so look for a product that offers edge-to-edge cover to protect the edges of the screen.
  • Transparency: While very useful for protection, a screen protector may impact how clear your screen is, lowering the overall image quality in man instances. So, try to look out for screen protectors with high transparency for a more natural looking screen.

What is the best kind of screen protector in Germany?

There are a few different types of good screen protectors available to buy, any of which may be the perfect match for your device.

  • Glass Screen Protector: Made from tempered glass for additional protection, glass screen protectors are very thin so make the screen look and feel as natural as possible. Offering protection from scratches and impacts, a glass screen protector offers exceptional transparency and the best sensitivity, while those with anti-reflective and anti-glare reduce most screen impairments for better usability.
  • Plastic Screen Protector: Made from various types of hard plastics, plastic screen protectors are very cheap, typically containing several screens in one package. Perhaps the best screen protector for preventing scratches, plastic screens are also effective at reducing fingerprints and dust that make usability difficult. However, they aren’t suitable for protecting against impacts, so the screen may still shatter if accidentally dropped.
  • Anti-Glare Screen Protectors: Available in both plastic and glass, anti-glare screen protectors prevent glares that make the screen difficult to read when the protector is attached.

Top 10 list of screen protectors in Germany (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their screen protectors. Which screen protector is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of 4ProTec 297 x 210 mm (DIN A4) screen protector
4ProTec 2 x Clear Screen Protectors for Cutting Yourself 297 x 210…
  • Made in Germany
  • Ultra clear and hard coated protective film. Hardness of 3H.
  • Easy bubble-free installation
Image of Nauci  screen protector
Screen Protector Tablet 3x Universal Screen Protector up to 10 Inches…
  • Superior Quality guarantees using with the most modern precision machines
  • Sticks to the edges perfectly therefore a very good dimensional stability perfect-fit…
  • Fast mounting of the protective film can be removed without blisters when the screen…
Offer TOP 3
Image of Savvies 1614490 screen protector
Savvies 6x Screen Protectors 4.3 Inches for Touch Panel PCs with 4.3…
  • [Custom-made] Our screen protectors are designed by our experts in Germany with attention…
  • Perfect adhesive coating: with the special silicone adhesive layer, we allow you…
  • [High transparency] The brilliantly clear and transparent surface ensures a razor-sharp,…
Image of 4ProTec 297 x 210 mm (DIN A4) screen protector
4ProTec 4 x Clear Screen Protectors for Cutting Yourself 297 x 210…
  • Made in Germany
  • Ultra clear and hard coated protective film. Hardness of 3H.
  • Easy bubble-free installation
Image of 4ProTec ST-3 screen protector
4ProTec I | 2 x Anti-Glare Screen Protectors 154.8 x 87 mm (7.0 Inches)…
  • Easy to install – 100% bubble-free installation
  • Perfect fit
  • Extremely scratch-resistant
Image of NAUC  screen protector
NAUC 2 x protective film 10-10.1 inch tablet screen protector universal…
  • Box contents: 2x Nauc universal tablet screen protector with sewing pattern incl.…
  • No impairment: thanks to the use of state-of-the-art precision machines, your display…
  • Completely flexible: the silicone adhesive layer ensures optimal edge adhesion and…
Image of apiker FCSCIR-SG-M51 screen protector
apiker Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20…
  • 5. Premium customer service: We will always provide excellent after-sales service.…
  • 4. Perfect protection: built-in scratch-resistant technology prevents the Samsung…
  • 3. High sensitivity and self-healing: high touch sensitivity ensures a high responsiveness…
Image of UTECTION 2-01-S24-TPU-2-12 screen protector
UTECTION 3 x Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy S24 - Fingerprint…
  • 5. Pleasant feel and durability. Exactly matching screen protector for extremely…
  • 4. German company and support. Here you buy from a German GmbH. Our satisfaction…
  • 3. Compatibility: screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S24 with 6.2 inch display,…
Image of NuPro 10TC2312-AG screen protector
All New, Anti-Glare Screen Protector (2 pack), for Amazon Fire HD…
  • Included in box: 2 anti-glare screen protectors, cleaning cloth and applicator c…
  • Easy bubble-resistant installation
  • Not compatible with other tablet models
TOP 10
Image of NuPro 10TC2312-WR screen protector
All New, Anti-Glare Writable Screen Protector (2 pack), for Amazon…
  • Included in box: 2 anti-glare writable screen protectors, cleaning cloth and applicator…
  • Easy bubble-resistant installation
  • Paper-texture-like surface makes writing easy with a stylus
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