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Review10Best compares the best alarm clocks in Germany and selects the one by TFA Dostmann as the best alarm clock. In a alarm clock buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different alarm clocks and see a recommendation on which alarm clock to buy in Germany in 2022. By considering the top list of alarm clocks, you can find the best alarm clocks and save time shopping online.

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Best alarm clocks: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great alarm clock

Picture of a alarm clock

While not a new concept, alarm clocks remain a very useful device for getting up at the right time of the day. There is certainly no lack of choices, with products offering all types of features and functions. So there are a few things to think about to find the best alarm clock for your house.

What are alarm clocks?

As the name suggests, an alarm clock is a combination of a clock and alarm system. The clock features a built-in alarm that is set in advance, which then goes off at the predetermined time to help wake someone up.

Why should you buy a good alarm clock?

The best alarm clocks on the market offer one very important feature: they’re effective at waking you up. While many opt to use alarms on their smartphones, these are often much easier to turn off and there’s a chance the battery dies overnight, making them nowhere near as effective as a good alarm clock. Whether you need to get up for work, school, or simply don’t want to sleep too late on your day off, an alarm clock is a fantastic tool for anyone living a busy life

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How to choose the right alarm clock?

Everyone will have their own needs and preferences when looking for the best alarm clock possible, and there’s certainly no shortage of great choices out there. Consider some of the following to help choosing a great alarm clock:

  • Digital or Analog: The two main choices for an alarm clock is a digital and analog. Digital features an LED display and tends to offer more features (such as snooze button, radio etc.) while analog features a classic clock with hands. Digital obviously comes with more features, but they can be quite off-putting at night time if the display is too bright, while some people don’t like the sound of ticking featured in many analog alarm clocks.
  • Alarm Type: An alarm clock can have a few options for its alarm sound, with popular choices including beeping, ringing, or music/talking from the radio. Consider what type of alarm you are most likely to respond to, as it will make waking up much easier. For instance, music or people talking may be easier to wake up to than an abrupt beeping noise, although some find the latter to be more effective at waking them.
  • Size: While the alarm is probably the important feature, you’ll still use the clock as well so be sure to select one of an appropriate size. Anything too small may difficult to read from certain distances, while anyone traveling frequently will certainly benefit more from a smaller sized alarm clock.
What is the best kind of alarm clock in Germany?

Unsure of what the best type of alarm clock is for your needs? Check out some of the most popular options out there and what they have to offer:

  • Analog Alarm Clocks: An analog alarm clock comes with a classic clock design such as a clock face and hands, and is typically powered by a quartz crystal to keep track of the time. Usually battery powered, they are the best alarm clock in terms of reliability, being unlikely to break or cut out.
  • Digital Alarm Clocks: Digital alarm clocks are perhaps the best-priced on the market and come with the most design options, with a huge range of shapes and sizes available. They are usually plugged into an electrical outlet and will feature a digital display such as LCD or LED screen. They are also very reliable and often come with many additional features not found on an analog clock such as the date, temperature, radio, snooze options, volume control etc.
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Top 10 list of alarm clocks in Germany (January 2022)

The bestseller list compares brands and their alarm clocks. Which alarm clock is the best?
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Offer* TOP 2
Image of TFA Dostmann 60.2528.02 alarm clock
TFA Dostmann 60.2528.01 Bingo Radio-Controlled Alarm Clock*
  • Available in 2 colours: black and silver.
  • The time is carried out by an atomic clock with radio controlled clock via the Braunschweig…
  • DCF radio clock with automatic time setting on the most accurate clock in the wo…
Image of Eachui  alarm clock
Eachui Double Bell Alarm Clock with Night Light, Loud Alarm, Analogue Alarm Clock with Large 4-Inch Dial, No Ticking, Silent, Battery-Operated, Retro Design*
  • High quality: Classic analogue alarm clock in retro design, beautiful look, really…
  • Night light function: The pleasant lighting helps you to read the time in the dark.…
  • Highly legible: 4 inch dial, stereoscopic numbers, black and white dial has good…
Image of Atrium A620-19 alarm clock
ATRIUM Radio Alarm Clock Analogue Quartz without Ticking Classic Design Matt Silver A620-19*
  • Quality product from Atrium, classic and practical quartz alarm clock with proven…
  • Automatic time correction and switching between summer and winter time, receives…
  • Good audible alarm with increasing 4-level beep and snooze function (alarm repeat),…
Image of ZOVER  alarm clock
Zover Digital Alarm Clock, LED Digital Alarm Clock, Mirror Table Clock, USB Rechargeable Travel Alarm Clock with Dual Alarm Snooze, Voice Control Function, 4 Brightness Levels, Black*
  • Large LED display: Our mirror alarm clock has a 5.8 inch LED mirror display, a stylish…
  • Dimmable LED alarm clock: this alarm clock has 4 adjustable brightness. When a sound…
  • USB power supply and built-in backup battery: with the built-in lithium battery,…
Image of BHGWR ASDKJ-Alarm Clock alarm clock
Retro Analogue Alarm Clock, Double Bell Alarm Clock with No Ticking Bell Alarm Clock, Vintage Battery Operated, Loud Quartz Alarm Clock Table Clock with Night Light for Children Deep Sleep Brown*
  • Large choice – coated with antique copper, metal material; vintage bell alarm…
  • Metal, non-ticking alarm clock: 1 x AA battery operated (battery not included); two…
  • Easy to read with night light function: you can see the watch clearly at night when…
Image of TFA Dostmann 60.1511.01.05 alarm clock
TFA-Dostmann Combo TFA 60.1511 Wireless Alarm Clock, 9 x 4 x 11.5 cm*
  • Fluorescent hands
  • All-round backlight
  • Snooze repeat alarm
Image of NBPOWER 1502F alarm clock
Nbpower Alarm Clock Digital LED Alarm Clock Wood*
  • Delicate design: with wooden structure, fine craftsmanship and white LED light display.…
  • 7 brightness levels adjustable: with this option, you can adjust the brightness between…
  • Snooze mode: If you don't want to get up immediately, you can simply activate the…
Image of Braun BC12W alarm clock
Braun BC12W Classic Analogue Alarm Clock with Snooze and Light Function, Quiet Quartz Movement, Crescendo Alarm, Black*
  • Illuminated hands and characteristic yellow second hand.
  • Battery: This alarm clock is powered by one AAA battery (not included).
  • Built-in snooze button/light function (the interval of snooze is 5 minutes/the light…
TOP 10
Image of HOMVILLA hrtjs-41653 alarm clock
Homvilla Digital Alarm Clock with Large LED Temperature Display for Bedroom or Bedside Table / Mirror Alarm with Dual Alarm Snooze Time / 4 Adjustable Levels of Brightness or Dimming / 13 Music Stations / USB Charging Port*
  • Stylish and simple design: 14.5 × 6.5 × 3.2 cm / 5.7 × 2.56 ×…
  • Adjustable brightness: 4 adjustable levels of brightness. Large LED display for clear…
  • Dual alarms with snooze function: with dual alarms you can set two separate alarm…
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