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Review10Best compares the best blood pressure monitors in Germany and nominates the one by Medisana as the best blood pressure monitor. In our blood pressure monitors review, you can read more about our experiences we made with the different blood pressure monitors and follow our recommendation on which blood pressure monitor to buy in Germany in 2020. With the blood pressure monitor comparison, you can be sure to buy the best blood pressure monitor on the market and save a lot of money if you buy it online.

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Best blood pressure monitors: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great blood pressure monitor

Picture of a blood pressure monitor

The best blood pressure monitor devices offer accurate readings of your blood pressure. High blood pressure is a serious health risk that may end up causing a heart attack or stroke, making it one of the deadlier conditions. So, it’s important to get a good quality blood pressure monitor to ensure you always get the most accurate results possible.

Check out the buying guide below for how to choose the best blood pressure monitor:

What are blood pressure monitors?

A blood pressure monitor, also known as a sphygmomanometer, is a device that measures the blood pressure of the wearer. Manual devices feature an inflatable arm cuff, dial, and pump, while digital devices use sensors and feature a digital display for reading date.

Why should you buy a good blood pressure monitor?

Many people require to monitor their blood pressure at home on the advice of their doctor, in which case a home blood pressure monitor is needed. However, you don’t need to be diagnosed with high blood pressure to benefit from using a blood pressure monitor at home. For instance, high blood pressure is known as the silent killer as it features very little symptoms, so the only way to check for this is to use a blood pressure monitor, making it a very useful device for monitoring your health at home.

Another picture of a blood pressure monitor
How to choose the right blood pressure monitor?

Buying the best blood pressure monitor isnt’ always easy, especially if you are unfamiliar with how the devices work. Here are some things to look out for so that you can choose a good blood pressure monitor:

  • Accuracy: This is the most important thing to look for when buying a blood pressure monitor, as you want as accurate a reading as possible, so you can clearly understand your current blood pressure levels. Arm monitors are usually the best for accuracy, as the arm is closer to heart height.
  • Speed: The speed of a blood pressure monitor varies from each device, with some taking a just a few seconds while others take a minute or longer. If you find a blood pressure monitor uncomfortable to wear for long durations (which many do) be sure to check the speed of the monitor to ensure you get something quick. Wrist monitors are usually the quickest, so are the best choice if you want speedy readings.
  • Data Averaging: People that need to monitor their blood pressure over longer periods may want to look for devices with data averaging functions. This allows the device to average out the most recent few readings for an accurate average of your blood pressure over time, which is needed by many doctors treating blood-pressure related ailments.
  • Cuff Size: The inflated cuff of a blood pressure monitor is rather uncomfortable for some, so be sure to consider this when buying. It’s important to get a proper cuff size, as those that are too tight are very uncomfortable, and if it doesn’t fit properly it won’t provide an accurate reading, whether its too tight or too loose.
What is the best kind of blood pressure monitor in Germany?

There are a few options when it comes to types of blood pressure monitors, with each one offering their own pros and cons. Most modern blood pressure monitors are automatic for easier use, so it may be worth avoiding manual devices.

  • Arm Blood Pressure Monitors: Worn at the top of the arm, arm monitors automatically inflate and take a reading of your blood pressure. They work at various speeds and tend to be the most accurate device, so many view them as the best blood pressure monitor because of this. They often come with additional features such as downloaded data and data averaging.
  • Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors: Much smaller and lighter than arm monitors, wrist blood pressure monitors are very convenient although not as accurate as arm monitors. Their compact size makes them suitable for travel.
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Top 10 list of blood pressure monitors in Germany (June 2020)

Our top 10 list shows how manufacturers and their blood pressure monitors rank and which blood pressure monitor is the best.
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Top choicei TOP 1
Image of Medisana 51160 blood pressure monitor
Medisana Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Desk Versioni
  • Over-the-counter
  • Pack of 1
  • Product No. 09888613
Buy now on Amazoni
Value deali TOP 2
Image of Sanitas 650.57 blood pressure monitor
Sanitas SBC 22 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (Fully Automatic Blood Pressure and Pulse Measurement, Warning Function for Potential Cardiac Rhythmia)i
  • Item Weight: Approx. 100 g (without batteries)
  • Handy and small, the Sanitas measuring device is suitable for your wrist for self-measurement…
  • In addition, you can display the average values of the last three measurements, date…
Buy now on Amazoni
Image of Lovia DE-B02 blood pressure monitor
Digital Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor for Upper Arm - Blood Pressure Monitor for Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Backlight Large LCD Display 2x120 Storage Capacityi
  • Authority & GuaranteeTested by a professional safety authority, safe to use.…
  • Adjustable comfortable cuffThe blood pressure cuff length 22 cm to 40 cm, fits standard…
  • Large LCD screen and easy to operate: blood pressure monitor has a large digital…
Buy now on Amazoni
Image of Sanitas 652.31 blood pressure monitor
Sanitas SBM21 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitori
  • Average calculation of the last three measurements
  • 4 x 30 memory spaces for different users
  • Warning function in case of possible irregular heartbeat
Buy now on Amazoni
Image of Sanitas 658.25 blood pressure monitor
Sanitas SBM 22 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Cuff Seat Control and Coloured Measurementsi
  • An automatic pressure preselection and deflation function as well as an automatic…
  • For easy control, you can store your blood pressure values on one of the 4 x 30 memory…
  • The large, easy-to-read display shows all relevant values, as well as date and time.…
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Image of Medisana 51166 blood pressure monitor
Medisana BU 516 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Black Cable Arrhythmia Display WHO Ample Colour Scale for Precise Blood Pressure Measurement and Pulse Measurement with Memory Functioni
  • At home or on the go: the BU 516 blood pressure monitor comes with an additional…
  • For the upper arm: The cuff is suitable for upper arm circumferences from 22 to 36…
  • Memory function: The upper arm blood pressure monitor is equipped with an internal…
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Image of Braun BP-6200 blood pressure monitor
Braun Exactfit 5 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitori
  • Storage space for every 60 readings for 2 users with time and date. Displays the…
  • Gentle pressure build-up for comfortable measurements. Large control elements and…
  • Fully automatic, reliable measurement. Displays systole, Dia Stole and pulse
Buy now on Amazoni
Image of HYLOGY ANYU Tech blood pressure monitor
Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, Hylogy Digital Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor and Pulse Measurement, Large LED Display and Large Cuff 2x90 Dual User Mode (Reusable)i
  • - Contains: HYLOGY Arm-Blood Pressure Monitor, Adjustable Cuff with 22-42 cm, 4 AAA…
  • (Convenient and Fast Charging): With two power modes, you can charge 4 AAA batteries…
  • Humanised design: The length of the bracelet is 22-42 cm and is adjustable to fit…
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TOP 10
Image of Withings 3700546705984 blood pressure monitor
Withings BPM Connecti
  • Colour coded display: easy to understand picture of all blood pressure measurement…
  • Instant results: quickly display directly on the device
  • Medically Accurate: Meets European and US Medical Device Standards
Buy now on Amazoni

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