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Review10Best compares the best blushes in Germany and selects the one by L'Oréal Paris as the best blush. In a blush buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different blushes and see a recommendation on which blush to buy in Germany in 2021. By considering the top list of blushes, you can find the best blushes and save time shopping online.

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Best blushes: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great blush

Picture of a blush

Most women have a particular makeup they can’t leave the house without wearing. To a lot of them adding a buff of colour to their cheeks with blushes is their charm. But, there is more to blushes than just applying a nice colour. Even the best blush is not a one-for-all kind of makeup product, so you’ve got to use the right one that suits you best.

What are blushes?

Blush is a pigmented powder that is added to the cheeks to give a rosy glow and to make it look flush. Blushes also make the skin appear brighter and attractive. It is an essential part of every woman's makeup routine. Blushes are made of different forms, texture, and colour to suit individual needs. They are available in forms like powder, liquid, cream, etc. These forms have specific purposes for different situations.

A great blush should not be applied everywhere on the cheeks. The proper place to apply blushes is the apples of the cheeks. If you are finding difficulties locating it, then do this simple exercise: Smile! The plumpest area of your cheek which is the apple will be raised then apply the blush there, blend it and then swoosh.

Why should you buy a good blush?

Blushes are primarily used to give your cheeks a warm look by adding colour to it. By imitating a natural flush with colours, blushes make your face look more attractive. The best blush can give your cheek that attractive high sculpted cheekbone appearance to anyone who doesn’t have it naturally. A good blush will also beautify your face by adding a cheerful look to it. It can also do a lot to make the face appear really sexy and much younger.

The best blushes are the ones that moisturize your cheeks without fading away easily. They are also fortified with essential nutrients to nourish and keep your face healthy.

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How to choose the right blush?

Blushes are a bit different from other regular cosmetic products and are designed for specific skin types and purposes. To get the most from quality blushes requires you to make the right choices. The guideline below will help you choose the right type, colour, and texture to use.

  • Skin Type: When choosing the best type of blush to use, you should consider the type of skin you have, is it oily or dry? If you have a dry skin type, then you should not use powder blushes and so on.
  • Texture: The texture of your skin also matters. Those with smooth skins do not have a lot to worry about, but if you have a rough skin type, you should look out for waxy texture for a fresh look.
  • Colour: You need to find the right shade to suit your complexion. When choosing the colour of your blush, you should first put the blush in your palms to check if it matches the colour of your fingertips. And if you apply too much of this colour to your cheeks it will make you more like a clown. If you have a fair complexion, the best colour for you is a soft pink, peach, and light coral. For medium skin - warm mauve, rich pink and deep peach blush will be good for you. And to those that have dark skin, deep fuchsia, warm brown, berry, raisin and tangerine blushes are the perfect shades for you.
What is the best kind of blush in Germany?

Now you know how to get the perfect blush; go get one of the best-selling blushes:

  • Powder Blush: This type of blush is good for all skin types except for dry skins but is the best blush for oily skin. It is the densest type of blush and could be applied easily. It adds a beautiful translucent glow to the cheek.
  • Cream Blush: This blush gives intense shades. It is best applied with fingers. Because it contains rich oil ingredient which helps to moisture the skin, it is the best blush for dry skin. It is very nice for evening makeup.
  • Gel or Liquid Blush: Gel blush adds a sheer glow to the skin; it gives a soft, fresh look to your cheeks. It is the best blush for normal skin, and some of them can also be used by anyone with oily skin because are oil-free and dry fast.
  • Tint Blush : Tint blush dries faster so when using it make sure you blend it fast before it dries up. They appear streaky over foundations, but they do not fade until it is washed out.
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Top 10 list of blushes in Germany (June 2021)

The bestseller list compares brands and their blushes. Which blush is the best?
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Offer* TOP 3
Image of Mimore WRAFGB blush
Mimore Blush palette, make-up blush for cheeks, blush gradient powder cosmetics, easily mixable permanent blush, shimmering make-up blusher, portable, durable make-up blush powder (03)*
  • Buy it as a gift for everyone, for many festivals, Christmas, Halloween, etc., perfect…
  • How it works? Apply Hypoallergenic Fresh Blush to the top of the cheekbones, temples…
  • This mineral blush make-up is lightweight and buildable, so you can adjust your shine…
Image of Clinique Clinique-0020714235826 blush
CLINIQUE Blusher Pack of 1 (1 x 100 g)*
  • Quality product
  • Brand: Clinique
  • Rouge products
Image of Wet 'n' Wild 1111556E blush
Wet N Wild Rouge - Coloricon Blush - Silky Soft Blush for a Natural Glow, Mellow Wine*
  • Box contents: 1x Coloricon Blush, Mellow Wine (1111556E).
  • About us: Wet N Wild is the trend brand from L.A. which is one of the most successful…
  • The velvety soft texture of Coloricon Blush feels incredibly soft on the skin thanks…
Image of L'Oréal Paris 3600521627365 blush
L'Oréal Paris Perfect Match Mineral Powder*
  • True to life colour shades match your skin tone and undertone, leaving you with one…
  • It coordinates well with true match makeup, powder and concealer
  • L 'Oréal Paris True Match Blush complements your skin's tone and texture
Image of Artdeco 4019674330180 blush
Artdeco blusher, rouge*
  • Can be stored in refillable magnetic tins.
  • The blush is very soft.
  • Pleasant texture for gentle application.
TOP 10
Image of L'Oréal Paris 3600523560813 blush
L'Oréal Paris Blush Powder with Light Reflecting Pigments for a Peach Glow, Life's a Peach Blush, No. 01 - Life's a Peach, 1 x 9 g*
  • Box contents: 1 x L'Oréal Paris Life's a Peach Blush Rouge, colour: no. 01…
  • With light-reflecting pigments, peach extract and pleasant fragrance, silky texture…
  • Application: large application to the cheekbones with a powder brush (excluding Blending…
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