Best clothes dryer Germany

Which is the best clothes dryer 2023?

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The 10 best clothes dryers to buy in Germany

The top 10 list of the best clothes dryers lists various brands and prices

Review10Best compares the best clothes dryers in Germany and selects the one by Siemens as the best clothes dryer. In a clothes dryer buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different clothes dryers and see a recommendation on which clothes dryer to buy in Germany in 2023. By considering the top list of clothes dryers, you can find the best clothes dryers and save time shopping online.

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  1. Read the ultimate clothes dryer buying guide
  2. View the clothes dryer picks and see how they rank in the top list


Best clothes dryers: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great clothes dryer

Picture of a clothes dryer

Choosing the best clothes dryer isn’t always easy, especially when you consider the various types of machines available. Taking the time to find a great clothes dryer is always worth it as it makes drying laundry so much easier - not to mention cheaper! Check out the buying guide below for how to choose the best clothes dryers:


What are clothes dryers?

A clothes dryer, also known as a tumble dryer, is a household appliance used to dry wet laundry. It works by tumbling the clothes in a central drum which circulates heated air to evaporate the moisture in the fabrics.

Why should you buy a good clothes dryer?

The best clothes dryers work to quickly and efficiently dry laundry. This is very helpful in many situations where you can’t leave the clothes on a drying rack. For instance, many regions have cold and wet winters, meaning there are few opportunities to dry laundry using a washing line. Other times you require something to be dried as soon as possible, so don’t have the time to let it dry by air. In these instances, having a clothes dryer is incredibly useful. Plus, clothes dryers have never been more energy efficient, as well as being very quiet and easy to operate.

How to choose the right clothes dryer?

Another picture of a clothes dryer

Like any household appliance, trying to find the best clothes dryer can be overwhelming. With so many things to consider, it is easy to get confused by what you need from the device.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Capacity: Like a good washing machine, a clothes dryer comes with many capacity options, so be sure to think about this when buying. The best clothes dryers aren’t always the biggest, but it is important to get one with a suitably sized drum that can hold as much laundry in one load as you require.
  • Location: Always plan where you intend to store the clothes dryer before buying it. Determine whether it’s going in a laundry room or in the kitchen, and be mindful that a dyer takes up a fair amount of floor space. It may be a good idea to place it in a garage or spare room if possible, as this won’t limit your size options.
  • Energy Rating: Clothes dryers have always been regarded as one of the most energy-consuming appliances, making them quite expensive to operate. Thankfully, technology has improved energy ratings so that dyers are much cheaper to operate than they once were. However, you need to ensure to buy a model with a suitable energy rating. Otherwise, it may still cost a lot to use. The best clothes dryers come with great energy ratings, but they are generally more expensive. However, if you consider the money saved from less energy consumption, they may be worth investing in, especially for those who will use it frequently.

What is the best kind of clothes dryer in Germany?

There are several popular types of clothes dryer to choose from, any of which may be suitable for your needs. Some of the best-selling options include:

  • Vented Dryer: The most widely available clothes dryer, vented dryers pump warm, damp air from the machine out through a hose. Most vented dryers require the hose to be connected to wall or window vent, although some don’t.
  • Condenser Dryer: Easy to install, condenser clothes dryers function by condensing warm, damp air from the laundry and converting it into water. The water is removed in a container which is then emptied.
  • Heat Pump Dryer: Among the most expensive types of clothes dryer but also some of the most energy efficient. A heat pump clothes dryer reused the warm air used to dry the clothes, passing it through a heat pump for a more efficient drying process.
…are you ready for the best picks of 2023?

Top 10 list of clothes dryers in Germany (September 2023)

The bestseller list compares brands and their clothes dryers. Which clothes dryer is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Siemens WT47R440 clothes dryer
Siemens WT47R440 iQ500 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer / 8 kg / A+++ / 176…
  • easyClean: With easyClean, cleaning the condenser filter is very easy. Thanks to…
  • Outdoor wear programme: Gentle and perfectly dried functional clothing – with…
  • AutoDry: Sensors constantly control the degree of drying your laundry and adjust…
Image of Beko B5T4824IF clothes dryer
Beko B5T4824IF Tumble Dryer 8 kg, Front Loader Heat Pump Dryer, Suitable…
  • Dimensions: D 60.5 x W 59.8 x H 84.6 cm; 45 kg
  • Thanks to the brushless motor design of the ProSmart inverter motor, the dryer has…
  • Thanks to energy efficiency class A++, this beko tumble dryer not only protects the…
Image of AEG T9DE79685 clothes dryer
AEG T9DE79685 Heat Pump Dryer / 3D Scan – Dries More Sustainably…
  • Special humidity and temperature sensors adjust the drying time and energy consumption…
  • The AbsoluteCare-system matches the temperature and drum movement to the type of…
  • Mix XL program: intelligent control of the air flows adds moisture to synthetic fabrics…
Offer TOP 4
Image of Beko DHC946GX clothes dryer
Beko DHC946GX Tumble Dryer with Heat Pump Technology, Stainless Steel…
  • Drum lighting can be switched on / off at any time.
  • Combined filter mechanism
  • Hygienic drying and freshening up
Image of TELEFUNKEN T-11-300-B clothes dryer
Telefunken T-11-300-B Condenser Dryer / 7 kg Dryer with 15 Programmes,…
  • Device dimensions (H x W x D): 84.5 x 59.6 x 56.3 cm. Weight: 37.2 kg
  • Programs: cotton extra dry - cotton cabinet dry - cotton iron dry - cabinet dry gentle…
  • Features: LED display - drum lighting - drum reverse - wrinkle protection - remaining…
Image of Beko DPS7206PA clothes dryer
BEKO FlexySense DPS7206PA Tumble Dryer Heat Pump Dryer 7 kg
  • drum interior lighting
  • Reversing drum
  • Door hinge: right, cannot be changed
Image of Siemens WT45HVA3 clothes dryer
Siemens WT45HVA3 iQ300 Heat Pump Dryer, 8 kg, AutoDry Technology -…
  • Siemens Heat pump dryer WT45HVA3 / load quantity: 8 kg / dimensions (H x W x D):…
  • Easy cleaning and handling: the easyClean filter can be cleaned quickly and the multiTouch…
  • Outdoor program: Since outdoor clothing does not tolerate strong heat, the Siemens…
Image of Beko DC 7130 N clothes dryer
Beko DC 7130 N Condenser Dryer, 7 kg, B Energy Rating, Electronic…
  • 7 kg load capacity
  • Signal dialling
  • Automatic crease protection
Image of Hoover NDPEH8A2TCBEXS-S clothes dryer
Hoover H-DRY 500 NDPEH8A2TCBEXS-S Heat Pump Dryer / 8 kg / Smart Operation…
  • Product dimensions unpacked (H x W x D): 85 x 59.6 x 58.5 cm
  • Shoe rack
  • AquaVision condensation tank with optical level indicator directly in the portho…
TOP 10
Image of Bauknecht T M11 8X3EY DE clothes dryer
Bauknecht T M11 8X3EY DE / 8 kg ActiveCare Technology / Easy and Quick…
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 65.5 x 59.7 x 84.9 cm
  • Mix: mixed wash program for every day
  • Anti-allergy program - reduces the most common allergens such as pollen, mites or…
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