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Review10Best compares the best fake tans in Germany and selects the one by St.Tropez as the best fake tan. In a fake tan buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different fake tans and see a recommendation on which fake tan to buy in Germany in 2022. By considering the top list of fake tans, you can find the best fake tans and save time shopping online.

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Best fake tans: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great fake tan

Picture of a fake tan

Finding the best fake tan can be challenging when there are so many products to choose from. Not only that, there are quite a few considerations to make to ensure that you find the right product for your skin. So it is not always obvious which fake tan is best for your needs. To help find the right product, we’ve created a handy buying guide that covers all the information you need to know about fake tan!

What are fake tans?

Fake tan is a type of cosmetic product used to make skin appear more tanned. While ingredients vary from each product, most contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which causes a reaction on the surface of the skin to make it appear temporarily darker. The tanning effects tend to last just a few days.

Why should you buy a good fake tan?

The best fake tans give your skin a lovely dark tone without needing to sunbathe. This is great for many situations, such as places where the isn’t much sunshine, during the winter, or for those night’s out when you want a really nice tan! Many people feel more confident with a good tan, which is why fake tan is so popular, as you can effortlessly achieve a nice tan without having to sunbathe. Also, certain fake tans have other ingredients that nourish the skin like an after sun, helping to rehydrate and improve its overall appearance.

Another picture of a fake tan
How to choose the right fake tan?

Choosing the best fake tans can be difficult when there are so many products available. Some of these are better than others though, so it helps to know what to look for in a good fake tan.

  • Skin Type: Like any skincare product, you need to consider your skin type when buying a fake tan to ensure you get the right type for your needs. For example, fake tans that are nourishing and rehydrating are great for people with dry or sensitive skin, while those with greasy skin may want to avoid oil-based fake tans.
  • Skin Tone: While all fake tans can be used on any skin tone, it is recommended that you choose one that is closer to your natural skin tone. By doing this you make the tan look more natural and avoid using anything too dark, which is a common mistake a lot of people make. For instance, if you have fair or light skin then you probably need a gradual fake tan, as this helps to build up colour to make it appear more natural rather than immediately going several tones darker. Those with darker and olive skin tones can opt for darker fake tan tones from the offset as it will appear natural.
  • Ingredients: DHA is the common ingredient used in most fake tans but there are other ingredients you should look to avoid. For example, mineral oil is a cheap carrier oil but it does block pores so isn’t the best for your skin. Look our for pleasent fragrances but you should avoid artificial fragrances.
What is the best kind of fake tan in Germany?

There are several types of fake tan available to buy, any of which may be ideal for your needs:

  • Instant Fake Tans: As the name suggests, instant tan provides an immediate change of tone after application. It’s great for those random night’s out where you might need some fake tan but don’t have much time to prepare.
  • Gradual Fake Tans: This type of fake is applied over a longer period to gradually build the tan. It is great for beginners as the first few applications don’t show up that well, allowing for more room for error compared to an instant tan.
  • Mist Fake Tans: By using a mist this fake tan is much easier to apply, making it a good choice for people that struggle to get an even coat. If you want a low-effort fake tan then is a great option.
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Top 10 list of fake tans in Germany (January 2022)

The bestseller list compares brands and their fake tans. Which fake tan is the best?
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Best choice* TOP 1
Image of St.Tropez 100013084 fake tan
St. Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse, Pack of 1 (1 x 200 ml) 200 ml*
  • <b>Designer / manufacturer: </b>St. Tropez.
Offer* TOP 3
Image of St. Moriz MORIZ-373424 fake tan
St. Moriz Tanning Mousse*
  • For a uniform and natural dark brown without streaks or patches
  • St. Moriz Instant Tanning Mousse Instant, Free 300 ml Included
  • Self-Tanner from the quality brand St. Moriz, colour: dark
Image of St.Tropez 100102608 fake tan
St.Tropez Self Tan Purity Water Bronzing Face Mist 80 ml*
  • Easy to use thanks to its ultra-light consistency
  • Clear, transparent formula, quick drying - so no staining
  • Protects against harmful environmental influences
Image of St. Moriz  fake tan
St. Moriz Self-Tanning Mousse Medium 2 x 200 ml - 1 x St. Moriz Applicator*
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Moriz instant self tanning mousse, has been specially developed with ingredients…
Image of L'Oréal Paris A7346910 fake tan
L’Oreal Paris Self Tanning Sublime Bronze - Self-Tanning Lotion, 150ml*
  • Non-greasy, non-adhesive and quick absorbing texture.
  • For a natural sun-kissed look - just like after a holiday.
  • Even tanning result thanks to smoothing ingredients.
Image of Garnier 23728 fake tan
Garnier Self Tanning for Face and Body Long Lasting Natural Tan Ambre Solaire Natural Bronzer Self Tanning Spray 1 x 150ml*
  • Box contents: 1 x Garnier Ambre Solaire natural bronzer self-tanning spray, capacity:…
  • Moisturising formula with apricot kernel oil, quick absorption without streaks, with…
  • Application: peeling, evenly distributed on dry skin, 1 hour exposure time, no rinsing…
Image of Academie 0482000 fake tan
Academie Bronz'Express Tanning Lotion 100 ml*
  • Academie Bronz Express face and body tinted self tanning lotion
Image of Collistar K26116 fake tan
Collistar Self-Tanning Magic Drops, 30 ml -*
  • Self-tanning.
  • Moisturising and anti-ageing properties.
TOP 10
Image of Comodynes 8428749022800 fake tan
Comodynes Self-Tanning Natural + Uniform Color Towelette Pack of 8*
  • No parabens, no allergenic fragrances and no dyes. Oil-free.
  • The self-tanning wipes do not dry the skin and provide a natural-looking tan without…
  • Suitable for all skin types, the tanning tone adapts to the skin tone.
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