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The 10 best food dehydrators to buy in Germany

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Review10Best compares the best food dehydrators in Germany and selects the one by WMF as the best food dehydrator. In a food dehydrator buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different food dehydrators and see a recommendation on which food dehydrator to buy in Germany in 2021. By considering the top list of food dehydrators, you can find the best food dehydrators and save time shopping online.

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Best food dehydrators: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great food dehydrator

Picture of a food dehydrator

Struggling to find the best food dehydrator for the home? Knowing what to look for in less common appliances like a dehydrator can be difficult, especially when there are so many options to choose from. So it’s little surprise so many are unsure what to look for.

To help you find the best food dehydrators for your kitchen, check out the below buying guide! It covers all the information you need to know about buying the right food dehydrator, including what it is, its benefits, and what to look for when buying.

What are food dehydrators?

As the name suggests, a food dehydrator is a device that removes moisture from various foods, most commonly fruits, vegetables, and some meats. By removing moisture from the food, the machine helps to maintain them for longer by significantly reducing the rate of spoilage, meaning less food goes to waste.

Why should you buy a good food dehydrator?

The best food dehydrators are a worthwhile addition to any kitchen. By dehydrating foods, you get much more value for money by throwing out less food due to spoilage. Dehydrated foods, especially fruit and vegetables, are fantastic for making healthy snacks at home, and because they last so long you can have a good supply of long-lasting foods for an affordable price.

Moreover, because it is used mostly on fruit and vegetables, you encourage more healthy eating habits, replacing junk food and snacks with healthier alternatives.

Another picture of a food dehydrator
How to choose the right food dehydrator?

Choosing a the best food dehydrator can be challenging if you are unsure what to look for, so here are a few things to consider:

  • Temperature Control: The more variable temperature settings a food dehydrator offers the more foods it works with. For instance, fruits and vegetables require varying temperatures to dehydrate, and these differ a lot from temperatures being used on meats and fish. So, you want to choose a device with lots of temperature settings that are far more effective at dehydrating a range of foods compared to one with a single setting. Also, variable temperature control allows the device to adjust the temperature throughout the drying process, adjusting from high to low settings for more efficient dehydration.
  • Size and Capacity: Consider how much food you plan on dehydrating at any time and choose a model with enough capacity to meet your needs. However, also think about the space free in your kitchen, as more capacity means a bigger device that takes up more space. If you are tight on space but want a high capacity, consider a stackable design that adds extra trays for more food.
  • Airflow: The best food dehydrators produce even airflow to ensure food dries evenly over long periods. Cheaper devices often lack even airflow, with some fan devices pushing the warm air to the top of the device, leaving the lower area cooler that can impact the food stored here. So, always check for even airflow in the device, making sure fans are a suitable size and evenly distribute the warm air.
What is the best kind of food dehydrator in Germany?

There are two main types of food dehydrator available to buy:

  • Vertical Flow Dehydrators: These models are the cheapest type to buy and offer a decent capacity for a smaller footprint thanks to the stackable design. The heating element is usually at the base, pushing air upwards via a fan, making it best suited for fruits and vegetables. Not all of these have the most even airflow, so dehydrating meats can be challenging, while you need to swap the trays around to ensure even coverage.
  • Horizontal Flow Dehydrators: The much bulkier type of food dehydrator, it looks and functions similarly to a convection oven, with the heating source and large fan located at the back of the unit. There are multiple trays inside for stacking food and the better airflow makes them suitable for meats along with fruits and vegetables. Despite costing more, a horizontal flow food dehydrator is easier to use as you can adjust the settings and leave it till its finished.
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Top 10 list of food dehydrators in Germany (October 2021)

The bestseller list compares brands and their food dehydrators. Which food dehydrator is the best?
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Best choice* TOP 1
Image of WMF 0415250011 food dehydrator
WMF Küchenminis Stainless Steel Dehydrator with 5 Compartments 30-70°C 24h Timer Fruit Dryer Dehydrator 2 Boxes Cereal Bar Shape BPA Free*
  • Storage boxes, cereal bar shape and the border of the drying rack made of BPA-free…
  • Easy to use via rotary knob and buttons, temperature setting from 30 to 70°C.…
  • Suitable for drying fruit (fine berries), vegetables, meat, herbs, mushrooms, pasta,…
Image of Rommelsbacher DA 900 food dehydrator
ROMMELSBACHER Dehydration Machine, Stainless steel black*
  • Stable double-walled stainless steel casing, comfortable touch control on the front,…
Image of COSORI 810043370240 food dehydrator
COSORI Dehydrator with 6 stainless steel drying trays, food dehydrator with 3 drying grids, 3 drying mats and 50 recipes, large drying area 0.6 m², 48 hour timer switch, 650 W, LED display (35°-75°C)*
  • Multi-language: we provide you with English and German instruction manuals and English…
  • Memory function and overheating protection: thanks to the memory function, previous…
  • Versatile uses: versatile machine for food, suitable for drying beef jerky, apples,…
Offer* TOP 4
Image of Arendo B07V8G18D2 food dehydrator
Arendo - Drip Machine with Temperature Control - Stainless Steel Dehydration Device for Food Meat Fruits Vegetables - 260 W - with Timer up to 72 hours - 35-70 degrees - 5 Compartments - GS - Dehydrator - BPA Free*
  • For drying small foods, a fine-mesh insert mat is included. All removable parts are…
  • With the Arendo dehydration machine you get delicious dehydration products in high…
  • For your health: Up to 97% of vitamins and minerals are preserved during drying.…
Image of Arendo A305032x1 food dehydrator
Arendo - Dehydrator with temperature regulator - Stainless steel dehydrator for food meat fruit vegetables - 260 W - with timer up to 72 hours - 35-70 degrees - 5 compartments - GS - Dehydrator - BPA free*
  • With the Arendo dehydration machine, you get delicious drying products in high quality.…
  • A fine mesh insert mat is included to dry small food. All removable parts are dishwasher…
  • Each compartment has two different heights. For flat cut fruits, e.g. apple rings…
Image of SEVERIN S72940 food dehydrator
Severin Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs Dryer OD2940 white*
  • plastic housing, grates with two height adjustments
  • maximum temperature: approx. 85 °C (bottom) and 70 °C (top)
  • 5 grates can be stacked up or used separately
Image of Balter DA-104 food dehydrator
Balter Seco Drying Machine 500 W with Temperature Control from 35-70°C 5 Levels Adjustable Height Drying Machine Fruit Dryer Drying Device Temperature Setting BPA Free*
  • Includes recipe book (cannot guarantee English language). In the included recipe…
  • Super easy to use only one control - Just set the desired drying temperature on the…
  • 5 height adjustable dishwasher safe tiles - So that you can even use the machine…
Image of TurboTronic By Z-LINE TT-FD14 food dehydrator
TurboWave organic dehydrator made entirely of metal, 14 litres, 5x shelves, incl. Timer and recipe booklet (English language not guaranteed).*
  • All in one package: includes recipe book, 5x shelves, crumb drawer and timer –…
  • Delicious snacks for your pets: not only we humans love dried meat or dried vegetables,…
  • Create nutrient pots: whether gently dried fruits as a snack for the children or…
Image of COOCHEER  food dehydrator
COOCHEER Dehydrator with Temperature Control, 8 Levels Removable Dehydrator, Temperature Control 35-70°C for Meat, Meat, Fruits, Vegetables and Nuts, 400W, BPA-Free*
  • Multifunctional: Ideal for fruit, meat, fish, vegetables, herbs and bread. Create…
  • Easy to clean: The stackable compartments that can be completely removed for easy…
  • Top technologyThe 400 W dehydrator has a temperature control and an hour timer. Variable…
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