Best hair brush 2022

Which is the best hair brush in Germany?

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The 10 best hair brushes to buy in Germany

The top 10 list of the best hair brushes lists various brands and prices

Review10Best compares the best hair brushes in Germany and selects the one by lampox as the best hair brush. In a hair brush buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different hair brushes and see a recommendation on which hair brush to buy in Germany in 2022. By considering the top list of hair brushes, you can find the best hair brushes and save time shopping online.

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  1. Read the ultimate hair brush buying guide
  2. View the hair brush picks and see how they rank in the top list


Best hair brushes: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great hair brush

Picture of a hair brush

A beautiful hair is the pride of every woman, and you've got to be wearing one. Well, if you don't have one you don't need to panic. With the right guides, you can have the perfect hair you've always craved. Here, we would begin with something basic: the best hair brush. Usually, a hair brush is bought with little or no consideration. But the truth is using the right hair brush for your hair type will indeed produce a different and far better result than any hair brush you find on in the store.

What are hair brushes?

Hair brushes are one of the most common hair tools you will find around. Every lady has one, and not just one, the right one. Hair brushes come with a handle that is usually made of wood, metal or plastic and with bristles of different textures and lengths. They come in various forms and can be used on the hair for several purposes.

Why should you buy a good hair brush?

Hair brushes serve a lot of functions. With a good hair brush, you can detangle your hair, smoothen it, prevent fly-aways and of course, use it to keep the hair relaxed. Some of the best hair brushes allow you the opportunity to style and park the hair just the way you want it.

Another picture of a hair brush
How to choose the right hair brush?

The best hair brushes for your hair are the kind that will not cause breakage or damage your hair but will give it a smooth and relax appearance. Unlike most hair products, hair brushes do not usually come with a manual or product detail to guide us when purchasing them. However, there are certainly easy to tell features when could learn and use to pick the right hair brush for your hair.

  • Hair Type: Getting yourself a hair brush when you do not know your hair type is like buying a pair of shoes for a friend when you do not even know the shoe size of your friend! The best hair brush for a dense or thick hair type is surely not the best for those with lightweight hairs. Be sure of your hair type before settling for a hair brush. If you are wearing an attachment, then it becomes a different ball game entirely.
  • Bristles: It is safe to say that this the most important thing to look out for when choosing great hair brushes. It must blend with your hair type. If you have a lightweight hair type, you should choose one that will give your hair volume and bounce. And if you’ve got thick hair, go for a brush that will not break or get stuck in between your hairs causing more harm than good.
  • Style: What style will you love to make with your hair? Some hair brushes can be used to make different patterns and style.
What is the best kind of hair brush in Germany?

Since hair brushes are common hair tools, we tend to just pick or go with anyone when we shop, but the truth remains that using the best hair brush that suits your hair type will surely make a notable difference and improvement in the overall health and growth of your hair. Well, to get the perfect hair brush may be quite a difficult job because there are many types of different shapes, sizes, and qualities in the market, so here is a list of guides is provided below to help you get out of this mess.

  • Nylon Bristles Hair Brushes: Flexible for any hair type but best for thick volume hairs, brushes with nylon bristles will make brushing a lot easier. They are also known for its effectiveness in distributing dry shampoo, oil, cream or any hair product evenly on the hair.
  • Boar Bristles Hair Brushes: Boar bristle brushes give the finest results for light, fine hair types. They are gentle on your hair and produce a soft and fine texture. Another advantage of this kind of brushes is that conditions your hair by distributing the oil evenly on from your scalp, making it an excellent option for anyone with a dry hair type.
  • Mixed Bristles Hair Brushes: Brushes with mixed bristles are a good option to add volume to your hair and to give it a curly effect. They are versatile and offer the combined effect of the individual materials that are mixed to produce a better result and give the hair a better look.
  • Metal Brushes: The con of using a metal brush is that they pull at your hair, especially for wet hairs and those with full hairs. Notwithstanding, are come in really handy in finishing or smoothing the hair to give it a fine final look.
  • Paddle Hair Brushes: Paddle brushes are perfect for straight hairs. They come in of long bristles on large rectangular or oval cushions and are effective at smoothening, detangling snarls and keeping the hair straight without damaging or breaking it.
  • Vented Hair Brushes: They come with slits or holes which allow air to pass through, making brushing a lot easier. Vented brushes are designed to give your hair more volume, and may be found in a round or paddle forms but are great texture enhancers.
…are you ready for the best picks of 2022?

Top 10 list of hair brushes in Germany (December 2022)

The bestseller list compares brands and their hair brushes. Which hair brush is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of lampox 001 hair brush
Lampox® Bamboo Hair Brush with Boar Bristles Head Massage Hair Care
  • For any person and any hair type: Ideal for short, long, thin, thick and even curly…
  • No more pulling and pulling: Due to the soft and very flexible pins and the boar…
  • Bamboo hair brush/detangling brush with wild boar bristles: Gentle detangling and…
Image of Ninabella NB1-Blau hair brush
Ninabella® Organic Hair Brush, No Tugging, Professional Detangling Brush, Unique Detangler Brush with Spiral Spring
  • Enjoy the new type of hair detangling and try Ninabella now exclusively on Amazo…
  • Replaces almost any hair brush, e.g. as a vent brush for blow drying, skeleton brush…
  • Organic plastic made of straw, completely recyclable, completely vegan, completely…
Image of CHIARA AMBRA 1 hair brush
CHIARA AMBRA® Organic Hair Brush with Straw, Climate Neutral, No Tugging, Detangling Brush
Offer TOP 4
Image of Xzhixiao  hair brush
3 Piece Hair Brush Sets Anti-Static Massage Relaxation Brushes Bristle Combs Hair Brush for Women Men Children All Wet or Dry Hair
  • Widely used: perfect for back combing, cutting hair, precision styling and inserting…
  • Does not harm your hair: each of our brushes has soft bristles, with rounded ends…
  • Features:There is a vent hole on the comb air cushion to balance the pressure inside…
Image of Tangle Teezer LWD-BB-010418 hair brush
Tangle Teezer Wet Detangler, Flexible Bristles and Handy Grip
  • The Wet Detangler is perfect also for an even distribution of shampoo, conditioner…
  • 326 extends, flexible bristles for pain-free removing tangles, all hair types
  • The ergonomic, Slim Handle ensures that the brush even wet is very easy to hold and…
Image of BESTOOL BN1_Oval hair brush
BESTOOL Hair Brush, Antistatic Boar Bristles, Hair Brush with Nylon Pencils, Professional Bamboo Paddle Brush for Hair Detangling and Improving Hair Texture l Round
  • Choose as a gift for birthday or Christmas. Well packaged with 1 x oval hair brush,…
  • Less damage, more health: Soft bristles, embedded in a flexible pillow to give you…
  • No more grease or frizz: The human scalp secretes oil / sebum daily. This is the…
Image of PARSA BEAUTY 00091814-200010 hair brush
PARSA Beauty Hair Brush, Oval Allround Hair Styling Brush with Matte Finish Surface in Various Colours
  • The practically shaped handle is perfect for small and large hands.
  • The flexible, rounded plastic pins with nubs glide smoothly through the hair and…
  • Easy hair-styling day after day with this styling all-rounder.
Image of Lily England detangler-ombre-LE hair brush
Lily England Detangler Hairbrush
  • We know you will love your Lily England Detangling Hair Brush.
  • What customers say: Amazing! Each knot is removed quickly and without any pain. The…
  • Works on all hair colours. Whether you have fine, thick, curly, wet or dry hair,…
Image of marQus Arctic-Modell2022 hair brush
marQus Organic hair brush without pulling with unique double spiral spring and even more bristles for optimal pressure distribution and care, detangling brush for all hair types, 1 piece, colour Arctic Blue
  • 2022 model: the improved design double spiral flex with even more bristles - for…
  • For all hair types: optimal hair care for curly, wavy, straight, long, thin or thick…
  • 100% climate-neutral: made from organic plastic for the sake of the environment.…
TOP 10
Image of lampox 001 hair brush
lampox Hair Brush with Boar Bristles, Head Massage, Hair Care, Detangling Brush for Long Hair & Curls for Women, Men & Children, Massage Brush for Scalp, Detangler
  • FOR ANY PERSON AND ANY HAIR TYPE: Ideal for short, long, thin, thick and curly hair.…
  • No more pulling and pulling: due to the soft and very flexible pins and the boar…
  • Bamboo hair brush/detangling brush with wild boar bristles: gentle detangling and…
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