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Review10Best compares the best hand mixers in Germany and selects the one by Russell Hobbbs as the best hand mixer. In a hand mixer buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different hand mixers and see a recommendation on which hand mixer to buy in Germany in 2021. By considering the top list of hand mixers, you can find the best hand mixers and save time shopping online.

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Best hand mixers: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great hand mixer

Picture of a hand mixer

A good hand mixer is a must for anyone that loves cooking and baking. A helpful tool for mixing together various ingredients, creating batters, and whisking eggs, hand mixers are a great addition to every kitchen. However, knowing how to choose the best hand mixer isn’t always easy, as there are various models and features available that you may find useful.

Check out the buying guide below for how to choose the best hand mixer:

What are hand mixers?

A hand mixer is an electrical kitchen device used to mix foods and liquids. While designs vary and there are many different sizes of hand mixers, most feature two whisks that use electricity to quickly rotate, making them highly efficient at mixing various cooking ingredients together.

Why should you buy a good hand mixer?

The best hand mixer devices make food preparation so much easier. Available for reasonable prices, a good hand mixer can whisk a variety of ingredients, whether its scrambling eggs or whipping cream.

Quick and easy to use, a hand mixer is a great product for anyone that loves to bake, although it’s certainly useful for those that bake infrequently too, taking away most of hassle of mixing ingredients.

Another picture of a hand mixer
How to choose the right hand mixer?

Choosing a good hand mixer isn’t too difficult, providing you know what to look for in the device and what you want to gain from using it.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Wattage: All hand mixers that use between 200 and 250 watts should be suitable for most people. This offers enough power for combining common baking ingredients, although people that are more serious with their baking and cooking may require something with more power, with 300+ watts being ideal for mixing even the toughest doughs.
  • Speed Settings: A good hand mixer comes with at least two speed settings (high and low), but it never hurts to have more variable speed options, with five being usually being more than enough for most people. If you’re serious about baking, more speed settings are recommended, but it’s not as important for casual bakers and infrequent use.
  • Attachments: While all hand mixers feature whisk attachments, there are usually many more available depending on the model you buy. Not everyone requires several different attachments, but in many cases, they are worthwhile and make the hand mixer even more versatile. For instance, dough hooks make kneading easier, so if you want to make bread with your hand mixer be sure to look for this attachment.
What is the best kind of hand mixer in Germany?

There are a few options when it comes to types of hand mixers, any of which may be perfect for your needs. 

  • Traditional Hand Mixer: The most widely used type of hand mixer, they are known for being compact, lightweight, and typically feature two whisk attachments. Most hand mixers have interchangeable attachments, allowing you to use things such as a dough hook or balloon whisk. Hand mixers are generally quite affordable and easy to use, coming with a few speed settings.
  • Hand Blender: While hand blenders aren’t the same as a hand mixer, many of them come with whisk attachments. This essentially converts them into a smaller hand mixer, allowing you to seamlessly change between chopping, dicing, and mixing. Not all hand blenders come with mixing attachments however, so be sure to clarify this before buying.
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Top 10 list of hand mixers in Germany (January 2021)

The top 10 list shows how brands and their hand mixers compare. Which hand mixer is the best?
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Top choice* TOP 1
Image of Russell Hobbbs 24672-56 hand mixer
Russell Hobbs Hand Mixer*
  • Dishwasher-safe accessories:
  • Surface made of white high-quality plastic.
  • Removable stainless steel mixing base with 2-blade stainless steel blade.
Image of SEVERIN HM 3820 hand mixer
Hand mixer approx. 300 W 5 speed settings turbo setting 2 whisks 2 dough hooks, White*
  • Whisk and dough hooks will pass smoothly along release aste/take off a
  • Power: approx. 300 W
  • Includes two stainless steel whisk and dough hook
Value deal* TOP 3
Image of Russell Hobbs 24670-56 hand mixer
Russell Hobbs Desire Mixer, Red/black*
  • Surface made from high-quality red plastic with black applications, 350 Watts
  • Eject button
  • 2 dishwasher safe dough hooks Chrome Finish
Image of SHARDOR  hand mixer
SHARDOR Hand Mixer Electric 400 W Hand Mixer with Storage Box, 6 Speed Levels, Hand Stirrer Mixer Plus Turbo Function White/Black*
  • Premium Customer Service: Promised 2-year warranty. If you have any problems with…
  • Eject with one button: by adjusting the speed to "0" and pressing the eject…
  • 6 available speeds and turbo: optimal power control thanks to 6 speed settings, additional…
Image of WMF 0416380001 hand mixer
WMF Kult S Hand Stirrer/Whisk 300 W, 5 Speed Levels, Turbo Function, Cromargan Matte, White*
  • Eject button for whisk and dough hooks.
  • Hand mixer with turbo function for maximum performance.
  • Power: 300 Watts Five speed settings (for butter, mashed potatoes, sauces, dough,…
Image of Mosaic HM-19 hand mixer
Mosaic Electric Hand Mixer, 3 Speeds Plus Turbo Food Processors, Cable and Accessory Storage Function.*
  • Thoughtful and easy to use: This hand mixer weighs just a little over 700 g, has…
  • One-button eject: Easy and safe to disassemble or change accessories with just one…
  • Compact storage design: Thanks to the accessory and cable storage design, the mixer…
Image of Bosch Hausgeräte MFQ364V0 hand mixer
Bosch MFQ364V0 Ergomixx Hand Stirrer, Vacuum System, 450 W, Vacuum Pump, Bags and Boxes, Mixing Stick, White*
  • Many accessories included: mixing base to quickly and easily mix soups and smoothies.…
  • Ergonomic soft-touch handle: feels safe and comfortable in the hand when stirrin…
  • Powerful 450 watt motor: ensures perfect baking and cooking results. 5 speeds plus…
Image of Tefal HT450B hand mixer
Tefal HT450B Prep'Mix Hand Mixer | 450 Watt | 5 Speeds | 2 Whisks and 2 Dough Hooks Stainless Steel | Versatile Hand Mixer | Ergonomic Design | Dishwasher Safe Accessories | White/Grey*
  • Box contents: Tefal Prep'Mix hand mixer, 2 whisks, 2 dough hooks, instruction manual…
  • Convenient operation: Hand mixer with stable resting position to keep your work surface…
  • 2 whisks (for light and easy preparations) and 2 dough hooks (for tough, compact…
Image of Bosch Hausgeräte MFQ2210K hand mixer
Bosch Hand Mixer*
  • Gives extra long-lasting pleasure thanks to first-class Bosch quality
  • Fits perfectly in the hand and thanks to its low weight allows for comfortable and…
  • The powerful yet quiet 375 W motor effortlessly strikes cream and stirs dough pe…
TOP 10
Image of Haisito Elektrische Handrührer, hand mixer
Electric Hand Whisk, 10-Piece Hand Mixer Set, 5 Speeds, 350 Watts, 1 x Hand Whisk, 4 x Beaters, 2 x Dough Hooks, 1 x Baking Spatula, 1 x Egg Separator, And 1 x Stand-Up Storage Base*
  • Easy to clean and store: after using this hand mixer, you can simply eject the blade…
  • Various uses: it can be used for beating eggs, dough and mixed ingredients. It is…
  • 10-piece set: this hand mixer contains several accessories. 1 x hand mixer, 2 x beaters,…

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