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Review10Best compares the best knife blocks in Germany and selects the one by N / B as the best knife block. In a knife block buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different knife blocks and see a recommendation on which knife block to buy in Germany in 2022. By considering the top list of knife blocks, you can find the best knife blocks and save time shopping online.

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Best knife blocks: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great knife block

Picture of a knife block

Looking for the best knife blocks but are unsure of what you need? Finding a good set of knives makes cooking easier and more enjoyable, yet with so many storage options to choose from finding a suitable knife block is not always easy. To help with the process, be sure to check out this handy buying guide, it covers all the info you need to know to find a great knife block.

What are knife blocks?

A knife block is a collection of kitchen knives that are stored in a single container, typically a wooden block. Modern knife blocks vary in size and design, with metal and plastic blocks available, while the number of knives in each set also varies.

Why should you buy a good knife block?

The best knife block is a welcome addition to any kitchen, providing you with a wide range of knives for various types of food prep. They typically contain around a dozen or more knives that vary in shape, size, and thickness, giving you all the utensils you need to prep food for cooking. Due to all the knives included with a knife block, they tend to offer fantastic value for money compared to buying all the knives individually. Storing the knives in a block also helps save space and keep them sharp.

Another picture of a knife block
How to choose the right knife block?

Here are some things to consider when buying the best knife block:

  • Block Material: The block can be made from various materials, with wood, plastic, and metal being some of the most common. There is no best material for a knife block, as it’s usually more down to choosing what material best matches your kitchen décor, with wood and metal blending the best with most kitchens.
  • Knife Quality: If the knife block is shipped with knives, then always check their quality! You want to ensure they are sharp, have good balance, and feel comfortable to hold. Carbon steel is the best quality material for a knife but also more expansive than stainless steel, so consider your budget when looking at the knife quality.
  • Number of Knives: You may think that more knives are better yet sometimes this is not the case. For example, most people get by with a chef’s knife, paring knife, and utility knife, so don’t make the mistake of assuming more knives are better! Other knives you may find useful is a bread knife, carving knife, and kitchen shears which can all be stored in a suitable knife block.
What is the best kind of knife block in Germany?

There are several storage options for your knife. Some of the best-selling knife blocks include the following variants:

  • Wooden Knife Blocks: The classic knife block design, it features a large upright wooden block that has inserts for various types of knives. The number of knives included can vary from each product, although most have between 6-12 knives.
  • Drawer Knife Blocks: This type of knife block fits inside of a drawer to save space but still has the inserts for all the different knives. It’s a good alternative to anyone short on counter space, although you do need to make sure you have enough drawer space.
  • Magnetic Knife Holders: This type is usually wall-mounted, although there are upright models too, with the knives being stored directly onto the magnetic material. When mounted, they save a lot of space and require far less maintenance than a traditional block style.
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Top 10 list of knife blocks in Germany (May 2022)

The bestseller list compares brands and their knife blocks. Which knife block is the best?
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Best choice* TOP 1
Image of N / B  knife block
Knife Block, 14-Piece Self-Sharpening Knife Block, Sharp Stainless Steel Knife Set with Plastic Handle and Wooden Block, Professional Kitchen Knife Set*
  • Quick action: If you have any questions or problems about the knife set, please contact…
  • Perfect balance: the knife has an ergonomic handle made of black plastic with a three-rivet…
  • Versatile and well thought out: with self-sharpening knife blocks, you have the advantage…
Offer* TOP 2
Image of Tefal K232S574  knife block
Tefal Ingenio Ice Force Knife - Stainless Steel, Black.*
  • The tradition meets modernity for a perfect and elegant design.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Up to 2x higher performance compared to other Tefal stainless steel series (Comfort,…
Image of ACOQOOS MESSERSET 17-TLG knife block
ACOQOOS Professional Knife Block with Knife, 17 Pieces, Chef's Knife Set with Wooden Block, Including Kitchen Scissors and Sharpening Steel*
  • Best ServiceIf you have any problems, please contact the Acoqoos service team. We…
  • High-quality special steel: punched from special stainless steel, robust handle in…
  • Perfect knife block: safe and stylish storage of the knives thanks to high-quality…
Image of Zwilling 1002451 knife block
ZWILLING 36133-000-0 Gourmet Self-sharpening knife block, dark brown, 7-part*
  • Due to the light problem, colour may vary.
  • Made in Germany: The Gourmet knife series is manufactured in the Zwilling headquarters…
  • Self-sharpening knife block: Inside the insertion slots are knife sharpeners made…
Image of Yabano  knife block
Yabano Knife Block Professional Knife Set 16-Piece Stainless Steel Chef's Knife with Wooden Block*
  • Antibacterial technology: Dirt can't settle in, and bacteria doesn't stand a chance.…
  • Unlike conventional knives, it is forged from one piece. Light weight for effortless…
  • 16-piece knife set: wooden block, 20.32-cm chef knife, 20.32-cm meat knife, 20.32-cm…
Image of Zwilling 1002181 knife block
ZWILLING Knife Block, 8 Pieces, Bamboo Block, Knife and Scissors Made of Special Stainless Steel/Plastic Handle, Twin Chef*
  • Box contents: 1 x Zwilling Twin Chef knife block, 8 pieces, 1 carving knife (10 cm/46…
  • Made in Germany – punched from special stainless steel, robust plastic handles…
  • Safe and stylish storage of the knives thanks to the high-quality knife block made…
Image of Musifan 1122 knife block
Knife Holder Magnetic Knife Board - Knife Block Wood Magnetic Holder - Knife Block Knife Holder*
  • Protective: This magnetic knife block is very safe for the blade you want to place,…
  • Non-slip foot pad: this magnetic knife holder has a non-slip foot plate. Equipped…
  • Solid wood material, acacia wood material: good knife base is made of good wood,…
Image of Manelord  knife block
Knife Set with Knife Block Set, 7-Piece Chef's Knife Set with Knife, Scissors, Knife Block for Chopping Meat/Vegetables/Fruit, Slicing, Cutting Dice*
  • Our black knife set is supported by superior quality assurance for a safe purchase.…
  • Versatile use: the multi-purpose knife set is the perfect combination of modern design…
  • Easy to use and maintain: ergonomic PE handle for precise cutting. Soft comfortable…
Image of WMF 1874699990 knife block
Set of kitchen knives CLASSIC LINE 6-pc*
  • Dishwasher-Safe
  • German quality
  • Simple sturdy design
TOP 10
Image of CFORM  knife block
Knife Block Set with Wooden Block, 18-Piece Knife Set Made of Stainless Steel, Professional Chef's Knife Set, Ergonomic*
  • Perfect gift knife block set: ideal gift (Christmas, weddings, birthdays, Father's…
  • Care and storage knife set: this wooden block is made of environmentally friendly…
  • Practical and human design: this modern knife set has an ergonomic, super comfortable,…
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