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Which is the best lawn scarifier 2023?

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The 10 best lawn scarifiers to buy in Germany

The top 10 list of the best lawn scarifiers lists various brands and prices

Review10Best compares the best lawn scarifiers in Germany and selects the one by Einhell as the best lawn scarifier. In a lawn scarifier buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different lawn scarifiers and see a recommendation on which lawn scarifier to buy in Germany in 2023. By considering the top list of lawn scarifiers, you can find the best lawn scarifiers and save time shopping online.

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  2. View the lawn scarifier picks and see how they rank in the top list


Best lawn scarifiers: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great lawn scarifier

Picture of a lawn scarifier

Finding the best lawn scarifier is important for lawn maintenance, allowing you to remove thatch build-ups so the lawn gets more air and nutrients. This results in a greener, healthier lawn that looks fantastic year-round, so it is well worth buying a good lawn scarifier if you want that perfect looking lawn. However, with various products to choose from and a few things to consider when buying, choosing the best lawn raker can be challenging. To help with this, we have created a buying guide that covers all the information you need to know to find the best lawn scarifiers.


What are lawn scarifiers?

A lawn scarifier, also known as lawn raker, is a tool used to remove lawn thatch, a thin layer of organic material that sits between grass and soil. Available as both manual and powered tools, a lawn scarifier cuts through soil and lawn thatch, improving airflow and allowing more nutrients to reach the soil for a heavier lawn.

Why should you buy a good lawn scarifier?

Lawn thatch is a natural part of a lawn but too much causes problems, mainly restricting how much air, water, and nutrients pass through the soil into the root system. Thatch naturally builds up from mowing, so you need to remove the layer every year with a quality dethatcher to encourage healthy root development and a better-looking lawn.

The best lawn scarifier let you easily remove lawn thatch in no time by using a series of sharp blades to break up the organic matter, improving the overall condition and appearance of the lawn. This in turn prevents things like weeds from appearing across your lawn, so if you want a gorgeous looking lawn then a scarifier is a must buy.

How to choose the right lawn scarifier?

Another picture of a lawn scarifier

Here are some things to consider when buying the best lawn raker:

  • Manual or Powered: A manual scarifier resembles a rake, featuring thick metal tines that can tear up the thatch as you pull it across the lawn surface. It does require a lot of effort, especially on larger lawns, although will cost less compared to powered models. A powered lawn scarifier is essentially a lawn mower but with metal tines rather than a rotating blade, so is much quicker and more efficient at scarifying. However, it will cost a lot more than a manual model and will have less range, which can be a nuisance on extra-large lawns.
  • Cutting Teeth: The tines on a scarifier impact how effective it is at scarifying, so the more of these the better the performance generally is. The best scarifier has upwards of 20 teeth, meaning fewer passes so the job gets done quicker. You may also want to look for a scarifier with replacement teeth, as this can increase its longevity.
  • Cutting Width: Much like a lawn mower, always check the cutting width of a scarifier, looking for a larger width the bigger your lawn is. This is because a larger cutting width means fewer passes across the long, so sacrificing is completed quicker.
  • Cutting Depth: This is how deep the blades cut into the lawn, so you should look for something that is at least 2.5cm. Generally speaking, the deeper it goes the more thatch you remove. To further improve soil conditions you can consider something closer to 5cm. Adjustable heights are good too as this lets you change it based on the condition of your lawn throughout the years.

What is the best kind of lawn scarifier in Germany?

In the following we list the main types of lawn scarifiers available to buy:

  • Manual Lawn Scarifiers: A manual lawn scarifier is essentially a rake but with sharpened teeth attached to the end. While the cheapest dethatcher available, it does require more strength and effort to scarify a lawn, so it may not be suitable for large lawns.
  • Electric Lawn Scarifiers: An electric lawn scarifier are an electric lawn mower but with a different type of cutting head that cuts into the soil rather than the grass itself. It is quick and efficient at removing lawn thatch, although will cost more to buy.
  • Petrol-powered Scarifiers: This type uses a combustion engine to generate unrivalled cutting power, making them the best for large areas and lawns in poor condition. They are the most expensive though and can be challenging to use due to their weight.
…are you ready for the best picks of 2023?

Top 10 list of lawn scarifiers in Germany (June 2023)

The bestseller list compares brands and their lawn scarifiers. Which lawn scarifier is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Einhell GC-SA 1231/1 lawn scarifier
Einhell GC-SA 1231/1 Electric Scarifier Fan (230 V, up to 300 m²,…
  • The large wheels make it easier to work on rough terrain and protect the lawn. The…
  • Thanks to the working depth setting in three levels, the aerator can be easily set…
  • With eight high-quality stainless steel double blades, the ball-bearing knife roller…
Image of Einhell 3420520 lawn scarifier
Einhell RG-SA 1433 Electric Scarifier and Lawn Aerator
  • Recommended for lawn areas up to 400 m
  • Easy changeable scarifier and lawn rake blades
  • 28L Collection Bag
Image of Bosch 060088A101 lawn scarifier
Bosch Electric Verticutter UniversalVerticut 1100 (1100 W, operating…
  • Box contents: UniversalVerticut 1100 cardboard box
  • Compact storage thanks to double folding rail and collapsible collection box
  • Rare emptying thanks to the large 50 litre collection box
Offer TOP 4
Image of Einhell 3420630 lawn scarifier
Einhell GC-ES 1231/1 Electric Scarifier, 3420630
  • The scarifier has a robust housing made of high quality impact-resistant plastic.…
  • The three-stage working height adjustment of the scarifier allows you to adjust the…
  • Thanks to the high quality double blades, the blade roller mounted on ball bearings…
Image of Hecht  lawn scarifier
HECHT 2-in-1 Petrol Scarifier with Briggs & Stratton Engine -…
  • Hecht quality – whether electric, battery or petrol – lawn care devices,…
  • Top features: 45 litre collection basket, pull starter, choke, robust steel housing,…
  • Fast at the target – With a large 40 cm working width, the lawn aerator is…
Image of Einhell GC-SC 4240 P lawn scarifier
Einhell GC-SC 4240 P Petrol-Powered Scarifier
  • The scarifier features a sturdy, durable metal body that folds down long handle for…
  • and for effortless operation even under difficult ground conditions and for less…
  • The powerful four-stroke petrol engine delivers abundant torque for continuous progress…
Image of AL-KO 112800 lawn scarifier
AL-KO 112800 Combi Care 38 E Elektro Vertikutierer (German Import…
  • Easy tool-free roller change from scarifier to ventilation.
  • Central 5-way depth adjustment for quick change of working depth.
  • Includes catching basket.
Image of Scheppach SC50 lawn scarifier
Scheppach SC50VARIO Petrol Scarifier Lawn Aerator Moss Remover Demoss…
  • Working width: 40 cm
  • Powerful 4 kW motor drives the roller with 17 scarifier blades
  • Large collection basket with 45 L volume
TOP 10
Image of IKRA 80200860 lawn scarifier
IKRA IEVL 1532 Electric Scarifier Lawn Aerator 30 L Working Width…
  • Time-saving: includes collection bag, capacity 30 litres
  • Convenient manoeuvrable / space-saving storage
  • Power 1, 500 watts, working width 32 cm, working depth 4 to – 12 mm
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