Best pizza stone 2022

Which is the best pizza stone in Germany?

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The 10 best pizza stones to buy in Germany

The top 10 list of the best pizza stones lists various brands and prices

Review10Best compares the best pizza stones in Germany and selects the one by Pizza Divertimento as the best pizza stone. In a pizza stone buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different pizza stones and see a recommendation on which pizza stone to buy in Germany in 2022. By considering the top list of pizza stones, you can find the best pizza stones and save time shopping online.

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  1. Read the ultimate pizza stone buying guide
  2. View the pizza stone picks and see how they rank in the top list


Best pizza stones: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great pizza stone

Picture of a pizza stone

The best pizza stone makes cooking delicious homemade pizza easier than ever. This affordable cooking accessory mimics the cooking environment of a pizza oven, resulting in mouth-watering homemade pizza that can rival anything you order from takeout.

However, not all pizza stones are made equal. There are sadly a lot of low-quality products that don’t deliver the best results, which is why it helps to do some research before you buy anything. Check out the handy buying guide below for all the information you need to know to find the best pizza stones.

What are pizza stones?

A pizza stone is a type of baking stone and is used to bake homemade pizza in a conventional oven. Made from various materials, ranging from stone to ceramic, a pizza stone closely resembles the cooking conditions of a stone oven, namely cooking a much crispier crust. It couldn’t be easier to use either - simply place the uncooked pizza onto the stone inside of an oven and bake as normal.

Why should you buy a good pizza stone?

Homemade pizza rarely lives up to the same standard as a restaurant or takeaway, mainly because most of us lack the stone oven that these places use. The best pizza stones let you mimic this cooking environment, so any homemade pizza placed on the stone generally tastes far superior to anything cooked just in the oven itself. Simply put, if you love pizza and want to make it at home, then you need to buy a great pizza stone to get the job done right.

Another picture of a pizza stone
How to choose the right pizza stone?

Choosing the best pizza stone is not always easy, so here are some things to keep in mind when you are buying:

  • Material: Pizza stones can be made from a range of materials including stone, ceramic, and even metal. Each has its benefits, so consider what works best for your own needs. For example, ceramic pizza stones are affordable, durable, and great heat distributors. Some stones, like cordierite, are more expensive but do last longer than most others. So this stone offers excellent value for money over the long term. Metals reach higher temperatures but don’t distribute as evenly, although they are versatile and can be used to bake things like bread and pastries.
  • Size: Obviously, you need to make sure that the pizza stone fits in your oven, so always measure the shelf space you have. Also, the larger the stone the bigger the pizza, so bear this in mind if you want to make a pizza to feed several people.
  • Usability: Pizza stones can be surprisingly heavy, so always check the weight and make sure that it is not too much effort to add and remove from the oven. Also, look for a pizza stone with handles, as this makes it easier and safer when taking out the cooker.
What is the best kind of pizza stone in Germany?

There are many popular types of pizza stones available to buy, including:

  • Traditional Pizza Stones: Made from various types of stone, this type of pizza stone is one of the best at drawing in moisture, resulting in an even crispier pizza. They do require pre-heating so aren’t the most convenient.
  • Clay Pizza Stones: This pizza stone is made from clay before being fired in a kiln to harden. It is an affordable and durable stone, being an excellent heat conductor and easy enough to handle.
  • Cordierite Pizza Stones: By using a higher quality stone, this pizza stone is one of the longest-lasting available. It does cost more than clay but is likely to last years, so might be cheaper over the long term. Heat distribution is also great, so expect high-quality pizza every time.
  • Metal Pizza Stones: While not technically a stone, these types of pizza stones are affordable and have a good temperature range, going much higher than others. However, it doesn’t distribute as evenly compared to traditional pizza stones, so the results aren’t always as good.
…are you ready for the best picks of 2022?

Top 10 list of pizza stones in Germany (December 2022)

The bestseller list compares brands and their pizza stones. Which pizza stone is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Pizza Divertimento  pizza stone
Pizza Divertimento - Pizza stone for oven and gas grill - with pizza peel - cordierite pizza stone - pizza stone for crispy base
  • Quality you can taste: our pizza stone will win you over with its flawless quality.…
  • Ideal complete set - With your bread baking stone, you will receive useful pizza…
  • Universal use - whether oven, gas grill or charcoal grill: our pizza stone is extremely…
Image of GARCON PS3 pizza stone
GARCON Pizza Stone for Oven and Gas Grill – Comparison Winner 2019 – Set of 3 Including Pizza Stone, Pizza Peel & Cookbook for Pizza Baking
  • Like from the stone oven: the brick pizza stone for the oven simulates the properties…
  • Enjoyment guarantee: Finally, the perfect Italian pizza is no longer a secret. With…
  • You will love it: the pizza shovel made of bamboo wood makes it easier to slide the…
Image of BURNHARD 944055 pizza stone
Universal Pizza Stone for Oven, Gas Grill and Charcoal Grill made of Cordierite for Bread, Tarte Flambée and Pizza, Rectangular
  • Easy to clean: you can easily remove dough residue with a spatula and brush after…
  • Versatile use: in addition to the classic pizza, you can also bake crispy tarte flambée,…
  • Clever and functional: the stainless steel pizza peel is practical and compact with…
Offer TOP 4
Image of Pizza Divertimento Kexle pizza stone
Pizza Divertimento - The original pizza stone for oven and gas grill – excellent – pizza stone made of cordierite up to 900 °C – for a crispy base and juicy topping
  • Comparison Org winner – Our pizza stone will impress you with its flawless…
  • Italian design: our pizza accessories embody pleasure. For this reason, we have made…
  • Universal use - whether in the oven, gas grill or charcoal grill: our pizza stone…
Image of Sidorenko  pizza stone
Loco Bird Pizza Stone for Oven and Gas Grill & Pizza Peel - Set of 3 - Rectangular Pizza Stone Made of Cordierite for Crispy Pizza Bases Like the Italian, Pizza Peel and Recipe Book
  • Not only suitable for pizza: Tarte flambée, bread, pizza are examples of what…
  • Pizza like in the Italian: The high-quality pizza stone can withstand temperatures…
  • Easy for perfect pizza: With the practical pizza peel, the pizza is simply placed…
Image of Miuezuth  pizza stone
Pizza Stone for Oven and Gas Grill - 30 x 38 x 1.5 cm - Set for Baking Including Pizza Peel Pizza Cutter - Pizza Stone Rectangular Made of Cordierite - Pizza Stone Suitable for Stone Ovens & Oven & Grill
  • Pizza stone cleaning: if you want to clean your pizza stone, you should use a damp…
  • High versatility: our hot stone can withstand temperatures up to 900 °C and is…
  • Cordierite pizza stone: a pizza stone made of cordierite has some advantages. Cordierite…
Image of Blumtal  pizza stone
Blumtal Pizza Stone and Pizza Shovel – Pizza Fire Clay Stone for Oven and Grill, Real Stone Oven Pizza
  • Suitable for many dishes: The Stone is ideal as a bread-brick, oven-stone, pizza…
  • Children easy to use: Put some pizza flour on the scoop in front of the dough. Then…
  • Large shovel and 85 cm handle: The shovel (pizza lifter) has an extra long wooden…
Image of Pizza Divertimento LAJD Concept GmbH pizza stone
Pizza Divertimento [The Original] - Pizza Stone for Oven and Gas Grill [Set of 3] - With Pizza Peel & Pizza Cutter - Cordierite Pizza Stone - Pizza Stone Crispy Base - Includes e-Recipe Book
  • We want to make it as easy as possible: if you are not satisfied with the Pizza Divertimento…
  • Includes an e-book with over 30 pizza recipes and tasty ideas. From the classics…
  • Ideal combo set - With your brick you will receive useful pizza accessories: with…
Image of GOODS+GADGETS 19998858 pizza stone
GOODS+GADGETS Pizza Stone and Pizza Peel Deluxe Set - Pizza Peel & Stone for Oven and Gas Grill, Cordierite Pizza Oven Material, 3-Piece Set: Stone, pizza peel and manual (English language not guaranteed).
  • A promise of enjoyment - you can now succeed with every pizza. You will love it.…
  • The stone oven for you kitchen - The stone for the oven simulates a stone oven and…
  • Use the peel and be like a professional - The wooden pizza peel makes it easy to…
TOP 10
Image of GARCON  pizza stone
Garcon pizza stone for oven and gas barbecues
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