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The 10 best air compressors to buy in Italy

Picture of a air compressor

Buying the best air compressor available is a great investment for DIY and car enthusiasts, providing a versatile tool with many applications around the home. Yet, it’s important to choose the right type of air compressor for your needs, otherwise, you may end up with an unsuitable product.

Check out this handy buying guide for all the info that you need to know to find the best air compressors:

What are air compressors?

An air compressor is a device used to create and store compressed air. It consists of a motor or engine that creates the compressed air and large storage tank where the air is held until needed. An air compressor can compress air to various pressures, which can then be used on air-powered tools and paint spray guns or to inflate tires.

Why should you buy a good air compressor?

A good air compressor is a handy device for anyone that loves tinkering with their car, doing DIY projects around the home, or a bit of both! The device will quickly create compressed air at the desired pressure levels, which can be then be used for all kinds of things.

The most notable use is with pneumatic tools. Known as air tools, these are devices that use high-pressure air to operate, providing them with even more power than your standard corded or cordless tools. Other uses for compressed air include vehicle maintenance, operating spray guns, and general cleaning in a workshop.

How to choose the right air compressor in 2024?

Another picture of a air compressor

Here are some things to look out for in a great air compressor:

  • CFM: Cubic feet per minute (CMF) is the measurement of air that the compressor can deliver. Every tool has a CMF requirement, so make sure that the air compressor you choose is compatible with the tools you intend to use. For instance, 6 CFM at 90 PSI is used for most pneumatic tools and spray guns, although certain tools will need more. A good rule of thumb to follow is the more CFM the air compressor offers the more powerful tools you can use.
  • PSI: Pounds per square inch (PSI) is a measurement of the amount of compressed air the tank holds, so the higher this number is the more air can be stored in the compressor. You’ll want a large tank capacity if using tools for prolonged periods, otherwise, you’ll be constantly stopping and starting to refill the tank.
  • Portability: Even the best air compressor might be quite heavy, so be mindful of how portable the device is, especially if you plan on using it around the home. For example, if you are using spray guns to redecorate, then you’ll want an air compressor with wheels for portability, as dragging a heavy compressor around is never fun.

What is the best kind of air compressor in Italy?

There are two main types of air compressors available to buy:

  • Single-Stage Air Compressors: This is the best-selling type of air compressor, featuring a single piston that moves up and down to compress air. Great for most home applications, it can store a maximum of around 150psi.
  • Two-Stage Air Compressors: This type of air compressor features two pistons rather than one, allowing it to store more compressed air than a single-stage type, usually around 200psi. This means you can use tools for longer, although it will cost more.

Top 10 list of air compressors in Italy (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their air compressors. Which air compressor is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Stanley DN200/8/6 air compressor
Stanley D 200 Compressore 6 Lt 1,5Hp, Pressione Max 8 Bar/116 Ps,…
Image of Stanley 1868 air compressor
Stanley Compressore D'Aria Con Acessori 1100 W, 230 V, Rumorosità 97 Db, Giallo Nero, 33 X 26 X 33.5 Cm
Offer TOP 3
Image of oasser ATJ-6488 air compressor
Oasser compressore Aria Portatile 12V AC/240V DC compressore Portatile da 150 PSI con 5 adattatori per ugelli, Luce a LED Adatta per Auto Motociclette
Image of Stanley DST 100/8/6 air compressor
Stanley Dst 100/8/6 Compressore Silenzioso, Giallo, ‎36 x 36.5 x 37.5 cm, 16 Kg
Image of STANLEY DN200/10/5 AIRBOSS air compressor
STANLEY DN200/10/5 AIRBOSS Compressore d'Aria, 1100 W, 230 V
Image of A.M.C. 8052109250109 air compressor
AMC Compressore ad aria da 25 litri pressione 8 bar elettrico coassiale 2 Hp incluso Kit Accessori salva spazio motore potente termicamente silenziato protetto con Carcassa esterna in alluminio
Image of Einhell 4020590 air compressor
Einhell Tc-Ac 200/24/8 Compressore D'Aria 220-240 V, 50 Hz, 1200 W, 24 Litri
Image of Fini Compressore D'aria air compressor
Fini Siltek S/6 Compressore Silenzioso 2 Manometri (59 Db), 6L, 1.0 Hp, 8 Bar, 750 W, 230 V, Rosso, ‎37 x 37 x 37.5 cm 16.54 Kg
Image of Güde 50077 air compressor
Güde 50077 Airpower 180/08, Compressore (1.1kW, S3, senza olio, quantità di consegna 140l / min, 8 bar, tubo 4 M)
TOP 10
Image of Xiaomi MJCQB05QJ air compressor
Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S, Compressore elettrico portatile con sensore pressione, luce led integrata e accessori, Versione Italiana, Nero
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