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The 10 best baby carriers to buy in Italy

Picture of a baby carrier

It’s important to choose the best baby carrier for your child, as this ensures you both remain comfortable while offering the versatility and flexibility that parents need for a good babywearing product. Yet, finding a good baby carrier can be quite difficult as there are so many things to consider, from the age and weight of your baby to the places that you are most likely to use it.

To make the buying process easier, check out this buying guide to find a great baby carrier!

What are baby carriers?

A baby carrier, also known as a baby sling, is a product that an adult uses to carry a baby while freeing up their hands. Worn across the body, the carrier secures the baby close to the wearer, allowing them to walk around and use their arms while carrying their child, making it very useful for doing things like shopping, housework, or simply going for a walk without a pram.

Why should you buy a good baby carrier?

The best baby carriers are incredibly convenient, allowing parents to carry their baby around with fewer restrictions. Given how hectic raising a new-born is, it’s very helpful to be able to keep them close while being hands-free, which is exactly what you get from a good baby carrier.

It’s also a form of babywearing, which involves holding a baby very closely to the body to help bond with them whilst freeing the hands for other chores.

How to choose the right baby carrier in 2024?

Another picture of a baby carrier

Here are the most important things to consider before buying the best baby carrier:

  • Age: Given how quickly babies grow, it’s important to choose a baby carrier that fits their current size. For instance, even the best quality carrier for new-borns may only last for up to three months, after which a larger carrier is going to be needed, while there are adjustable carriers that are suitable for wider age groups too. Carriers tend to be designed for different age groups, so look for the recommendation on the product and you should be fine.
  • Wearers: Are you the only person wearing the baby carrier? If so, simply choose a product that fits your own size and comfort needs. However, if you and your partner are using it then an adjustable model may be required, as there’s a chance it won’t fit both of you. Another option is to buy separate sizes for each parent, which is especially true for form-fitting carriers like slings.
  • Intended Use: Obviously the main use is carrying your baby but also think about the different places you might use it. For example, if you are using it for shopping then a lightweight and less bulky baby carrier is recommended, while you may want something simple like a sling for around the house. Think about whether you need something standard or a more versatile baby carrier that can be used in different places.

What is the best kind of baby carrier in Italy?

Some of the main types of baby carriers include:

  • Lightweight Baby Carriers: The best-selling type of baby carrier. It’s made from soft, lightweight fabrics that breathable for the baby and easy to carry for the wearer. They can often be adjusted to various positions, including front and back facing.
  • Wraps and Slings: Made from a single piece of fabric that is typically very stretchy, wraps and slings wrap around both the baby and your body. A sling is worn over one shoulder like a sash and a wrap goes around both shoulders and the waist. Each is very comfortable and convenient, although quite difficult to put on at first.
  • Backpacks: These are robust carriers worn across the back, they come with metal frames, strong fabrics, and lots of padding. The backpacks are designed for treks and hiking, so highly adjustable and often coming with lots of storage space and other features like rain covers.

Top 10 list of baby carriers in Italy (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their baby carriers. Which baby carrier is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of YIKANWEN HBITT baby carrier
Marsupio Neonati Ergonomico, Porta Bambino da 0-36 Mesi(Inferiore…
Image of Infantino 200-183 baby carrier
Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 - Ergonomico - Marsupio Neonato Convertibile - Fronte-in e Fronte-out, frontale e posteriore - Per neonati e bimbi grandi da 3,6-14,5 kg - Marsupio grigio.
Offer TOP 3
Image of Roysmart 516YEBJXG-01 baby carrier
Roysmart Marsupio Neonato, Fascia Porta Bebe, Fascia per marsupio regolabile, Fascia per Neonati Traspirante, Wrap Baby Carrier per 0-36 Mesi da Neonato a Bambino (Grigio)
Image of Chicco 07079154410000 baby carrier
Chicco EasyFit Marsupio Neonati Ergonomico per Bebè e Bambini dalla Nascita a 9 kg, Porta Bebè Semplice e Intuitivo da Indossare, Fronte Mamma e Strada, Supporto per Testa e Collo, Nero
Image of Infantino 300204-02 baby carrier
Infantino-Swift Classic Carrier con tasca-2 modi di trasporto-Cinghia regolabile–Marsupio neonato con bavaglino e tasca-Facile da pulire - Nero -Essenziale per neonati tra 3,6 e 11,3 kg
Image of Xiuyer  baby carrier
Marsupio Neonati,Xiuyer Regolabile Portantina Bebè Multiple-posizioni Baby Carrier per Neonato e Bambino fino a 15kg,Marsupio Neonati Ergonomico (Rosso)
Image of YOU+ME YM baby carrier
YOU+ME Marsupio Ergonomico Neonato 4 in 1 - Marsupio Porta Bebè per Tutte le Necessità - Marsupio Anteriore e Posteriore - Include Bavaglino 2 in 1 - Fascia per Neonati da 3,6 a 14,5 kg (Grey Mesh)
Image of MOMTORY YM019 baby carrier
Marsupio Neonati Ergonomico, MOMTORY Marsupio Neonato, Portabebè per Neonati Extra Morbido ed Ultraleggero,Neonati a Bambini con Chiusura Uncino & Asola per Una Facile Regolazione, 3-12kg
Image of Koala Babycare KCB_Anthracite baby carrier
Koala Babycare Fascia Porta Bebe Neonato Facile da Indossare, Regolabile e Unisex - Marsupio Neonati Multiuso Adatto Fino a 9kg - Fascia Porta Bambino Antracite
TOP 10
Image of Bellababy S011 baby carrier
Marsupio Neonato, Bellababy Marsupio porta Bebé Seggiolino Multifunzione Marsupio per Neonati di 3-36 Mesi, 6-in-1 Modi di Portare, Tutte le Stagioni, Misura Regolabile Grigio
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