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The 10 best baby monitors to buy in Italy

Picture of a baby monitor

The best baby monitors are reliable and provide a peace of mind for every parent. However, with such a wide selection of products to choose from, finding the best baby monitor may be difficult, especially for first-time parents.

Check out this buying guide for all the info you need to get a great baby monitor:

What are baby monitors?

As the name suggests, a baby monitor is a device used to monitor the sounds or movement of a baby or infant. It works much the same as a walkie talkie, transmitting sounds via radio waves from a transmitter into a speaker. The transmitter is left near the baby, while the person monitoring them holds onto the receiver, with the speaker alerting them to noises such as crying or coughing. Some of the best baby monitors come with premium features such as two-way radio, video recording, and music playback.

Why should you buy a good baby monitor?

A good baby monitor may be necessary for many parents to monitor their baby or infant. For instance, if you are moving your child into a separate room from your own, then it’s handy to have a baby monitor to monitor them at night. This makes the best baby monitor invaluable to parents that are anxious about leaving their child to sleep alone, offering a peace of mind that makes them worth buying.

How to choose the right baby monitor in 2024?

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Choosing the best baby monitor depends entirely on the needs of the parent. There are various things to look out for, so be sure to consider some of the following points before buying:

  • Audio or Video: Baby monitors where traditionally audio only, but now many include video footage that sends a live feed (along with audio) of the baby directly to the receiver. The camera quality differs depending on the make and model, and it may cost more to invest in a video feature. While video isn’t essential, some parents prefer the ability to see their baby moving and breathing, so be sure to consider whether you want just audio or video and audio.
  • Digital or DECT: The sound produced in each baby monitor differs depending on the type of audio monitor. For instance, most modern devices include a digital monitor for more clarity and better overall sound. A digitally enhanced cordless telecommunications (DECT) monitor is slightly different, using a microprocessor that prevents nursey sounds being picked up from nearby homes. It’s a handy feature but more expensive.
  • Connectivity: Most of the best baby monitor devices are now wireless, making them much easier to use around the home. Wireless receivers allow parents to go all around the home and continue monitoring their baby, so it’s a feature certainly worth considering for larger homes.
  • Alerts: It’s a good idea to invest in a baby monitor that alerts you to movements, especially if the baby requires more around the clock monitoring, such as premature babies that have recently made it home.

What is the best kind of baby monitor in Italy?

There are a few types of baby monitor to choose from, any of which may be suitable for your needs:

  • Audio Baby Monitor: The most widely available type of baby monitor uses audio to monitor the baby, with both digital and analog versions available, although the latter of these is less prominent than it once was. It works by transmitting any sounds made by the baby into the receiver, helping to monitor them as they sleep overnight or nap. Should the baby wake up, the parents know immediately thanks to the sound being picked up.
  • Video Baby Montior: All video baby monitors feature the same functions as an audio tape, with the addition of a video camera. This allows parents to monitor the baby’s movements as well as their sounds, with a live feed being transmitted to a monitor screen on the receiver. Some even allow for live streaming to be accessed, meaning the video can be viewed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Top 10 list of baby monitors in Italy (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their baby monitors. Which baby monitor is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of GHB GHB baby monitor
GHB Baby Monitor,Videocamera Schermo 2.4",950mAh Batteria,Comunicazione…
Image of GHB  baby monitor
GHB Baby Monitor Video e Audio 5" 720P HD 5000mAh Telecamera Neonato con Schermo IPS VOX Visione Notturna Sensore di Temperatura
Offer TOP 3
Image of BOIFUN VB603 baby monitor
BOIFUN Baby Monitor, Videocamera Schermo da 3.2 '', 750mAh, Supporto,Batteria Ricaricabile, VOX Rilevamento Del Suono, Visione Notturna, 8 Ninne Nanne, per Bambino/Anziano
Image of BOIFUN VB805 baby monitor
BOIFUN Baby Monitor Video, 360° Telecamera, Rilevamento del Suono, 720P IPS Schermo da 5.0 '', Per Bambini/Neonato Neonati, Modalità VOX, Notturna Visione, 3050 mAh Batteria Ricaricabile, Ninne Nanne
Image of VSIFEHSO  baby monitor
VSIFEHSO Baby Monitor 5'' 3500mAh Batteria Monitor Baby con Telecamera 720p HD Telecamera con Comunicazione Bidirezionale VOX Monitoraggio Vocale Notturna Visione Monitor aggio Temperatura
Image of BOIFUN VB610 baby monitor
BOIFUN Baby Monitor, Videocamera schermo da 2.0'' 750mAh Supporto batteria ricaricabile VOX Visione notturna Visione di temperatura 8 ninne nanne per bambino/anziano/animale domestico Solo movimento
Image of OBVHNUA 900DE baby monitor
OBVHNUA Baby Monitor con Telecamera 2,8 Pollici 720P Babyphone Camera Zoom USB-C VOX Visione Notturna Comunicazione Bidirezionale Sensore di Temperatura 8 Ninne Nanne 5 Sveglie
Image of BOIFUN Baby 6T baby monitor
BOIFUN Baby Monitor Video, Display 3mp da 5 Pollici & 360° Telecamera Con Luce Notturna, Controllo Tramite APP Mobile & Monitor LCD, Tracciamento Automatico,Rilevamento di Suoni e Movimenti, Batteria
Image of NWOUIIAY 2015 baby monitor
NWOUIIAY Baby Monitor Camera 3.2" LCD Audio Digitale per Bambini Baby phone Audio Bidirezionale Visione Notturna Monitoraggio della Temperatura Solo movimento
TOP 10
Image of ieGeek Baby 7S baby monitor
ieGeek 5'' Baby Monitor Video e Audio, 1080P Telecamera Bambini con Monitor with rilevamento di movimento e suono, 360° PTZ, Videocamera Audio a 2 vie, l'app mobile WiFi o monitor il controllo
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