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The 10 best breast pumps to buy in Italy

Picture of a breast pump

Finding the best breast pumps may take some research, as there is simply a massive selection of products to choose from. Not everyone requires the same type of breast pump, so it’s important to know what need and which product best suits your current lifestyle. Looking to find the best breast pump for you and your baby but are unsure what you need? Check out this helpful guide for everything you need know.

What are breast pumps?

A breast pump is a device used to extract breast milk from a lactating woman. Available in manual and electric, a good breast pump is used to express breast milk so it can be bottle fed to the baby at a later time.

Why should you buy a good breast pump?

The most common reason for buying the best breast pump is for women that have recently returned to work, allowing them to get a supply of breast milk that can be fed to their baby by another caregiver. Essentially, they will be necessary for mothers planning to be away from their child for a period, providing a steady supply of breast milk that can be bottle fed as and when it’s needed.

Also, some mothers whose baby is struggling to nurse may benefit from buying a breast pump to help stimulate, produce, and maintain a steady supply of milk.

How to choose the right breast pump in 2024?

Another picture of a breast pump

It’s certainly worth taking the time to find the best breast pumps you can. For those that are unsure of how to choose the right breast pump, consider some of the following criteria:

  • Frequency of Use: Not every woman wishes to use a breast pump frequently, although others plan on using it regularly. Thus, knowing how often it’s going to get used is worth considering. For instance, if you only plan on pumping sparingly, such as once a day, then a manual breast pump is the better option. While those that will be using it a lot may benefit more from the more efficient electric breast pump products.
  • Price: The best breast pumps aren’t necessarily the most expensive, although you can expect to find more features and functions from high-end models. However, affordable manual and electric breast pumps can still do a fine job, but a more expensive product will likely be quicker and easier to use.
  • Speed: Not all breast pumps are as fast at extracting milk, although this may not be a problem if you aren’t concerned with time constraints. For example, women using a breast pump at work may prefer a much faster product, in which case an electric or a double breast pump would be the better choice.
  • Features: The best breast pumps tend to come with many accessories and features, but these may not be necessary for everyone. However, certain features may be appealing to some, such as choosing various suction or speed settings.

What is the best kind of breast pump in Italy?

There are a few choices when it comes to buying the best breast pump, including:

  • Manual Breast Pumps: The right breast pump for anyone that will only use it once a day or less. Manual breast pumps are also much quieter and easier to take on the go, although they do take longer to extract milk.
  • Electric Breast Pumps: A great breast pump but a costlier option. Electric breast pumps are simple to use and work very efficiently. Therefore, many prefer these to manual pumps due to their ease of use, while they also tend to provide more functions and features, such as double breast pumps and variable speed settings.

Top 10 list of breast pumps in Italy (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their breast pumps. Which breast pump is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of PHILIPS SCF430/01 breast pump
Philips Avent Tiralatte manuale - Tiralatte a mano singolo a estrazione…
Offer TOP 2
Image of Lulia LU-02-XNQ-WH-DB breast pump
Tiralatte elettrico Portatile Forte aspirazione Pompa per allattamento senza dolore Ricaricabile ultra silenzioso per viaggi e casa Protezione contro il riflusso Senza BPA
Image of Medela 101041153 breast pump
Medela Harmony Tiralatte Manuale, Design Svizzero Compatto e Portatile, con Coppe PersonalFit Flex e Tecnologia Medela 2-Phase Expression
Image of Jheppbay ABP-1306 breast pump
Jheppbay Tiralatte Elettrico Indossabile Portatile - Tira Latte Neonati Elettrico con Funzione Memori, Senza BPA, 12 Livelli e 3 Modalità, con Flange da 21 mm e 24 mm (Bianco, 1 Pezzo)
Image of Bellababy 8015-UK breast pump
Tiralatte Elettrico,Bellababy Tiralatte con Touchscreen Sensibile, Modalità Multiple e Livelli di Aspirazione, Portatile, Vieni con flangia da 21mm, 24mm, 27mm
Image of Jheppbay YM-805 breast pump
Jheppbay Tiralatte Elettrico Indossabile, 3 Modalità e 12 Livelli Tiralatte Neonati Elettrico Portatile Mani Libere con Telecomando, Flangia 17/19/21 mm, Senza BPA
Image of Bizcasa PUMP-01 breast pump
Bizcasa Tiralatte Elettrico, Tiralatte Portatile e Ricaricabile con 4 Modalità 9 Livelli, Forte aspirazione Pompa per allattamento, LED Touch Screen, Massaggio e Funzione Suck, Senza BPA (Rosa)
Image of Bellababy BLA-8019 breast pump
Tiralatte Elettrico, Bellababy MiniO Tiralatte con 6 Livelli di Massaggio e 9 Livelli di Aspirazione, Sottile e Portatile Bianca
Image of HyAdierTech DG-290 breast pump
HyAdierTech Tiralatte Elettrico, Tiralatte Ricaricabile con 3 Modalità e 9 Livelli, Forte Aspirazione Pompa per Allattamento, Tiralatte Neonati Elettrico Portatile, Coppette Raccogli Latte Materno
TOP 10
Image of Chicco 00005740000000 breast pump
Chicco Natural Feeling Tiralatte Manuale, Confortevole e Veloce, Estrazione del Latte Facilitata, Forma Ergonomica, con Tettarella Inclinata e Tappo Ermetico, Si Trasforma in Biberon - 150 ml
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