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The 10 best digital pianos to buy in Italy

Picture of a digital piano

Finding the best digital piano can be quite a challenge for first-time buyers, especially if you aren’t familiar with musical instruments. With such a wide range of prices and countless features available, it’s little wonder so many people struggle to find a great digital piano.

This buying guide will help with the process, giving you all the info you need to find the best digital piano for your needs.

What are digital pianos?

A digital piano, also known as electric piano, is an electronic keyboard that is the main alternative for a traditional acoustic piano. Unlike keyboards, a electric piano is built to closely match the feel and sound produced by an acoustic piano, while also being much lighter for easier use on the go. Even the best digital pianos cost much less than an acoustic, making them popular amongst many musicians.

Why should you buy a good digital piano?

The best electric pianos feature lots of digital memory that allows them to reproduce the sounds of an acoustic piano with fantastic accuracy. The keys are often weighted too, giving them a heavier feel that is almost identical to that of an acoustic piano, all while costing a fraction of the price and being much easier to move around.

Moreover, digital pianos also come with an array of extra features like tutorials, various sounds and samples, and the ability to record on digital devices.

How to choose the right digital piano in 2024?

Another picture of a digital piano

If you are unsure what to look for then buying a great digital piano can be very difficult, so here are some things to keep in mind when buying:

  • Keys: The best electric pianos use hammer action keys, which feel identical to the keys on an acoustic piano, making it a great alternative for piano players looking to get the same feel and sound. Semi-weighted keys are also available and are a cheaper option that still feels great, albeit with less responsiveness, while non-weighted keys feel lightweight but are much cheaper.
  • Samples: All digital pianos record samples of an acoustic piano to produce the sound, while there are various other sample sounds from other instruments like guitar, drums, bass, brass, strings etc., along with different sounds like jazz, rock, and orchestral. The more samples available the more playing options you have!
  • Portability: One of the best aspects of a electric piano is their portability, so always consider this if the piano is being used on the go like music classes, studio sessions, and jamming with friends. If travelling with a piano, make sure you choose a portable or stage design, which is much smaller and lightweight for easier portability.

What is the best kind of digital piano in Italy?

There are several types of digital pianos available including:

  • Digital Pianos for Home Use: Designed for use at home, these digital pianos have a full 88 keys and are designed to remain stationary. Typically, they have features like built-in speakers and foot pedals.
  • Upright Digital Pianos: Slightly larger than home digital pianos, upright models resemble grand pianos but on a smaller scale. The strings inside are vertical, giving it a taller frame and more upright position, hence the name.
  • Portable Digital Pianos: These types of digital pianos are designed with portability in mind, so can be carried to gigs, classes and other places. Some come with a portable stand, although you may need to buy one separately.

Top 10 list of digital pianos in Italy (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their digital pianos. Which digital piano is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of YAMAHA NP145B digital piano
Yamaha P-145 Digital Piano - Pianoforte Digitale leggero e portatile,…
Image of Donner EC3061 digital piano
Donner Professionale Pianoforte Digitale 88 Tasti Pesati con Supporto per Pianoforte e Pedale, Full Weighted Piano Elettroniche Fullsize per Principianti, DEP-20
Image of Donner DEP 1 digital piano
Donner Tastiera digitale per pianoforte 88 tasti, tasti sensibili alla velocità per principianti, pianoforte elettrico portatile con supporto, pedale sustain, custodia e adesivi per tastiera, DEP-1
Offer TOP 4
Image of Alesis RECITAL PLAY digital piano
Alesis Tastiera musicale 88 tasti con 480 suoni, altoparlanti, USB MIDI, custodia da trasporto, cuffie, pedale e lezioni per principianti
Image of Casio CDP-S110BKC5 digital piano
Casio CDP-S110BK Pianoforte digitale con 88 tasti pesati, nero
Image of Amazon Basics DP-882 digital piano
Amazon Basics - Pianoforte Digitale Portatile con 88 Tasti Semipesati, Pedale di Sustain, 2 Altoparlanti, 140 Timbri, 200 Ritmi, 16 Canzoni Demo, Metronomo, Modalità Lezione - Nero
Image of TERENCE X88C digital piano
TERENCE Pieghevole Pianoforte Digitale 88 Tasti semi-pesati con batteria da 1800 mAh e interfaccia MIDI USB e supporto per spartiti Bluetooth Borsa adesiva Cavo audio Auricolari Pedale sustain
Image of YAMAHA NP225B digital piano
Yamaha P-225 Digital Piano - Pianoforte Digitale leggero e portatile, con Tastiera Graded Hammer Compact, 88 Tasti Pesati e 24 Suoni di Strumenti, Nero
Image of Eastar EP-10 digital piano
Eastar Pieghevole Pianoforte Digitale 88 Tasti Full Size Semi Pesati per Principianti, Pianoforte Elettrico Portatile Bluetooth con Borsa per Pianoforte, EP-10
TOP 10
Image of TERENCE X88D digital piano
TERENCE Pieghevole Pianoforte Digitale 88 Tasti semi-pesati con batteria da 1750 mAh Bluetooth e interfaccia MIDI, supporto per spartiti Borsa adesiva Cavo audio con Pedale di sostegno
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