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The 10 best dog trackers to buy in Italy

Picture of a dog tracker

Perhaps one of the worst aspects of owning a dog is the risk of losing them. Even the best-trained dogs can run away off from their leash or possibly escape your home, so it makes sense to do what you can to prevent this from ever occurring. The best dog trackers allow you to do just that. However, there are many options out there that vary in quality and function, so it’s important to do some research to find the best dog tracker and to prevent losing your pet.

Here’s everything you need to know:

What are dog trackers?

Dog trackers are devices used to track your dog. Small and lightweight, a dog tracker attaches to your dog, usually around the collar, so that you can easily track them. The best dog tracker devices use technology such as GPS allowing the tracking from long distances, making it much easier to find them should they run away and remain missing for some time.

Why should you buy a good dog tracker?

The reason to buy a dog tracker is rather obvious – to keep track of your dog if they were to go missing! Even if your dog is very well trained and behaved, their natural instincts can often take control and cause them to run away, whether it’s chasing another animal, running away in fear, or generally just wandering away from your sight.

So, should this ever happen you will want an easy way to find your dog as quickly as possible, which is why a good dog tracker is always worth investing in. They show you precisely where your dog is, with some devices capable of covering impressive distances.

How to choose the right dog tracker in 2024?

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Interested in buying the best dog tracker but still confused about what’s available? Then be sure to consider some of the following points to help find the right dog tracker for your pet:

  • Size: As there are various sizes of trackers available, you will want to buy the best fitting dog tracker for your pet, otherwise it may be uncomfortable for them to carry. Remember not to buy anything too heavy, especially if you own a smaller dog, as they are usually attached to the collar.
  • Quality: It is important to buy the best quality dog tracker you can afford, as there are many low-quality models worth avoiding. The main purpose of a dog tracker is of course to track your pet’s whereabouts, so be sure to buy one that can do this adequately.
  • Range: The range of a dog tracker varies significantly depending on the model you buy and the technology used. For instance, GPS trackers have a massive reach but do rely on cell phone towers for coverage, while radio trackers cover a shorter distance but tend to have more precise tracking, so you will want to get one that suits you and your dog most.

What is the best kind of dog tracker in Italy?

There are a few choices of dog trackers available, including:

  • GPS Dog Tracker: Attached to the dog’s collar, a GPS dog tracker offers the best range by using satellite and towers to track your pet’s location. This makes them the best dog tracker for pets with plenty of freedom or those prone to running away. You will likely have to pay a small monthly subscription fee when using a GPS dog tracker, although the charges are minimal and mostly worth paying for.
  • Radio Dog Tracker: Another popular type dog tracker that uses radio signals to track your dog. As a result, they have a much shorter range compared to GPS trackers, so are best-suited for keeping track locally rather than a wide area.

Top 10 list of dog trackers in Italy (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their dog trackers. Which dog tracker is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Tractive TRNJADB dog tracker
Tractive - GPS per cani, Localizzazione in tempo reale in tutto il…
Image of Kippy KEVO1GF dog tracker
Kippy Evo | GPS per Cani - Localizzatore per Cani e Gatti Impermeabile con GPS per Collare - Tracker di attività e Salute del Tuo Cane, con Recinto Digitale e Notifiche - Colore Verde
Image of Apple MX532ZY/A dog tracker
Apple AirTag
Offer TOP 4
Image of RuiDay 1242482 dog tracker
RuiDay GPS per Cani e Gatto, Localizzatore per Collare Gatto GPS Impermeabile, GPS Animale Localizzatore con Bluetooth Smart, Tracker di attività in Tempo Reale (GPS Gatto)
Image of Tractive TG4XL dog tracker
Tractive - GPS per cani XL - Fino a 1 mese di autonomia - Localizzazione in tempo reale in tutto il mondo - Notifiche antifuga - Monitoraggio dell'attività con avvisi di salute
Image of ATUVOS AT2101-Pro dog tracker
ATUVOS Smart Air Tracker Tag 1 Pezzo, Bluetooth Localizzatore Compatibile con Apple Dov'è (solo iOS, Android non supportato), Trova oggetti e chiavi, Bagagli/Valigie/Portafogli, Batteria Sostituibile.
Image of Kippy KEVO1PP dog tracker
KIPPY - GPS Satellitare per Collare Cani e Gatti EVO - Tracker Salute e Attività - Waterproof - Localizzatore con Alert Istantaneo e LED - Rosa
Image of Kippy  dog tracker
Kippy EVO | GPS per Cani - Localizzatore per Cani e Gatti Impermeabile con GPS per collare - Tracker di Attività e Salute del tuo Cane, con Recinto Digitale e Notifiche - Colore Giallo Fluo
Image of Fohil locator blue dog tracker
Mini Localizzatore di Localizzazione GPS per Gatto/Cane, Bluetooth Tracker per Bambini, Animali Domestici, Cani, Gatti, Bagagli, Portachiavi, Accessori per il Rilevamento degli Smart Tracker
TOP 10
Image of Bzwyonst 500717565A1 dog tracker
Bzwyonst Localizzatore GPS Anti Smarrimento per Animali Domestici Bluetooth Smart Indossabile Localizzatore Impermeabile Collare di Localizzazione in Tempo Reale Trova Dispositivo, Gatto
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