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The 10 best epilators to buy in Italy

Picture of a epilator

The best epilators are amongst the most efficient at hair removal, leaving your skin supple and hair-free without any irritations. However, choosing the right epilator can be difficult for first-time buyers, as it’s not always obvious what you need to look in the device.

To help with the buying process, check out this handy guide that has all the info you need to choose the best epilator.

What are epilators?

An epilator is a device to remove hair from the body. It consists of several rotating tweezers powered by a motor that opens and closes as you move the epilator around the body, grabbing and removing hairs as it goes.

Commonly used by women as part of their personal grooming routine, a good epilator is much more efficient at removing hair compared to shaving, working similarly to waxing but without any of the pain!

Why should you buy a good epilator?

The best epilator models make hair removal quick, easy, and pain-free. Unlike traditional razors that simply remove part of the hair follicle, an epilator grabs and plucks out the entire hair, resulting in smooth and hair-free skin. It can be used throughout the body, including on legs, arms, underarms and the bikini area, making it a very convenient and affordable alternative to waxing.

How to choose the right epilator in 2024?

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Choosing the best epilator can be challenging if you are unsure about what you need, so here are some things to consider:

  • Wet or Dry: Most epilators are used on dry skin although there are products that can be used on wet skin too. Dry epilators are more affordable and work just as well as wet epilators, although many find the latter much more comfortable to use as the warm water relaxes the skin for less painful hair removal, while they can also be used in the shower or bath for added convenience.
  • Corded or Battery: There are many cheap epilators that are battery-operated, which are great for first-time buyers as it gives the chance to try epilation without paying too much. However, these aren’t the cheapest to run over the long term, so if you like using it then upgrading to a rechargeable battery or corded model is a good idea.
  • Area of Use: Most epilator products are designed for removing arm and leg hair but many can be used on the face, underarms, and bikini area. However, it’s usually a good idea to choose epilators for specific body parts due to the skin being sensitive in different areas. For example, an epilator for legs and arms shouldn’t be used on the face as the skin is much more sensitive. If using on the face, always look for a smaller epilator, preferably one specifically designed to remove facial hair.

What is the best kind of epilator in Italy?

Here are the main types of epilators available to buy:

  • Spring Epilators: Spring epilators where the first type available and are still available today. It features a spring coil that opens and closes as the epilator moves, grabbing and removing hairs in the process. While very popular initially, not many are available today.
  • Rotating Disc Epilators: Works like a spring epilator but with the metal coils now replaced by several plastic discs, which are stronger and more durable.
  • Tweezer-Head Epilators: Most popular epilators are tweezer types, consisting of several tweezer heads attached to a rotating plate that open and close as the device moves, grabbing and plucking away hairs in the process.

Top 10 list of epilators in Italy (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their epilators. Which epilator is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of PHILIPS BRE225/00 epilator
Philips BRE225/00 Satinelle Essential Epilatore Elettrico Compatto,…
Offer TOP 2
Image of Rowenta EP1110 epilator
Rowenta EP1110 Easy Touch, Epilatore Elettrico Delicato, 24 Pinzette, 2 Velocità, Rosa
Image of Philips BRE715/00 epilator
Philips Epilator Series 8000, dispositivo di epilazione Wet & Dry cordless per gambe e corpo con 6 accessori, rifinitore ed esfoliante corpo, modello BRE715/00
Image of Braun 7500435225212 epilator
Braun Silk-épil 9 Depilatore Donna, Epilatore Elettrico Donna Con Testina Flessibile, Wet & Dry, Pelle Liscia a Lungo, Con Testina Per Rasoio Donna e Cappuccio Rifinitore, 9-041, Bianco/Argento
Image of Braun 7500435225021 epilator
Braun Silk-épil 5 Depilatore Donna, Epilatore Elettrico Donna Per Una Epilazione Semplice, Wet & Dry, Con Testina Per Rasoio Donna e Cappuccio Rifinitore, 5-041, Bianco/Grigio
Image of Rowenta EP5660 epilator
Rowenta EP5660 Silence Soft Epilatore, Epilazione Silenziosa per Gambe con la Tecnologia Micro-Contact, 7 accessori, 4, 8 W, 220 - 240 V, Viola/Bianco
Image of PHILIPS BRE275/30 epilator
Philips Bre275/30 Satinelle Essential Epilatore Elettrico Compatto, 4 Accessori, ‎23.9 x 12.6 x 3.7 cm; 340 grammi
Image of Braun 7500435225144 epilator
Braun Silk-épil 9 Depilatore Donna, Epilatore Elettrico Donna Con Testina Flessibile, Wet & Dry, Pelle Liscia a Lungo, Con Testina Per Rasoio Donna e Cappuccio Rifinitore, 9-041, Bianco/Argento
Image of FQQF FQQF-JSTMQ epilator
Pietra Depilatoria Nano,Epilatore Indolore,Depilatore Donna Indolore,Dispositivo Magico Portatile per la Depilazione,Adatto per Gambe,Braccia,Schiena,Lavabile Riutilizzabile
TOP 10
Image of AMINZER FZ-608 epilator
Epilatore Luce Pulsata IPL con Display a Toccabile, 9 Livelli di Energia, 3 Funzioni Avanzate HR/SC/RA, 999,900 Flash - Perfetto per Donne, Uomo, Ascelle, Gambe, Corpo
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