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The 10 best hair clippers to buy in Italy

Picture of a hair clipper

The best hair clippers make it easy to maintain your hair from home. Yet, finding a suitable product can be difficult when there are so many options to choose from. Not all hair clippers are made equal, so it’s important to know what you need and what to look for in a product to ensure you get something suitable for your needs.

Check out the buying guide below for all the info you need to find the best hair clippers!

What are hair clippers?

A hair clipper, commonly called hair trimmer, is a home grooming product used to cut hair. While designs vary, most hair trimmers consist of two sets sharpened comb-style oscillating blades that rotate side to side and a large handle to move the device around the head. When powered, the clipper passes hair through the blades, cutting it to the desired length using an action similar to scissors. When using good hair clippers, comb guards or adjustable blades are used to change how much length is removed.

Why should you buy a good hair clipper?

The best hair clippers make maintaining your hair from home a piece of cake. Usually sold with an array of attachments and accessories, hair clippers can be used to cut hair to various lengths, making it easy to get the desired hairstyle without ever going to the barbers or hairdressers.

Easy to use and very convenient, hair clippers are great for many people, including men that shave their heads and those that like to maintain a well-groomed appearance, saving both time and money!

How to choose the right hair clipper in 2024?

Another picture of a hair clipper

Choosing a great hair clipper is easy enough once you know what to look for. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying:

  • Blade Quality: The best hair trimmers use premium blades to guarantee a good finish and product that lasts, so always check the blades and look for signs of quality. For example, carbon steel blades are among the best quality, staying sharper for longer to ensure an even cut each time.
  • Maintenance: Look for clippers that are easy to maintain and your life will be much easier. For example, some blades don’t need to be oil for 5+ years, saving a lot of time and effort, while cleaning accessories like a fine brush is also useful for easier clipper maintenance.
  • Adjustability: Always be sure to check how adjustable the hair clippers are. You want lots of comb guards so you can cut to different lengths to suit your needs, with varying sizes, while features like adjustable tapering can also help create different styles.

What is the best kind of hair clipper in Italy?

There are two main types of hair clippers available to buy:

  • Corded Hair Clippers: Corded hair clippers plug into mains power and will operate indefinitely, making them a great choice for use at home.
  • Cordless Hair Clippers: Cordless hair clippers are battery operated so have limited runtime but the convenience of not being restricted by a cable or needing a power outlet to run. They are great for using on the go, making it a good choice for those that travel frequently.

Top 10 list of hair clippers in Italy (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their hair clippers. Which hair clipper is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of PHILIPS NEO125 990000413 hair clipper
PHILIPS BT3206/14 Tagliacapelli e barba - Serie 3000 - 10 altezze…
Image of Philips Tagliacapelli HC5630/15 hair clipper
Philips Hair Clipper Serie 5000 Regolacapelli Con Tecnologia Trim-n-Flow E DualCut (modello HC5630/15)
Offer TOP 3
Image of Remington HC5035 hair clipper
Remington Tagliacapelli - Lame in Acciaio Inox Autoaffilanti - Tagliacapelli alimentato da rete elettrica, inclusi 16 accessori, 11 pettini di fissaggio, Color Cut Tagliacapelli uomo, HC5035
Image of Rowenta TN5201 hair clipper
Rowenta TN5201 Advancer, Tagliacapelli, Lame autoaffilanti in acciaio Inox progettate per durare 15 anni, 29 lunghezze di taglio, 120 minuti di autonomia, Design compatto, Nero/Grigio
Image of NWOUIIAY YK002074it hair clipper
Tagliacapelli Professionale IPX6 Elettrico Regolabarba Uomo Impermeabile con Schermo LCD Tagliacapelli uomo Lama Regolabile Ceramica Titanio
Image of Braun 4210201446910 hair clipper
Braun Regolabarba Tagliacapelli Uomo, Rasoio Elettrico Barba e Capelli, 8-In-1, Ideale Per Barba, Capelli, Naso e Orecchie, 80 Minuti Di Utilizzo Senza Fili, Idea Regalo, Festa del Papà, MGK3441
Image of Philips QC5115/15 hair clipper
PHILIPS Hair Clipper Regolacapelli Con 11 Impostazioni Di Lunghezza, Con Cavo, Modello Qc5115/15, Nero
Image of Remington HC5811 hair clipper
Remington Tagliacapelli Professionale - Lame in Ceramica autoaffilanti - 10 pettini, Funzionamento a rete-batteria, Batteria al litio a lunga durata, Custodia pro in alluminio, Mantella, HC5811
Image of Yummici 1 hair clipper
Tagliacapelli Uomo Professionale T-Blade Rasoio con 4 Pettini(1.5mm/2/mm/3mm/4mm) Regolabarba e Capelli Adatto a Bambini,Adulti e Barbiere
TOP 10
Image of BARBERBOSS QR-2082 hair clipper
BarberBoss Tagliacapelli senza fili auto-affilante per barba e capelli, impermeabile con lame in ceramica, ricarica rapida e 8 accessori per pettini colorati QR-2082
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