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The 10 best hair extensions to buy in Italy

Picture of a hair extensions

There are worst nightmares than been chased in the dream by a friendly looking tiny-sized bunny. One of which is hair breakage! Battling scanty hairs, damaged hairs, and hair losses could sometimes be more disturbing than taking out that bunny. Using the best hair extensions is an excellent way of taking care of all of these nightmares.

Sometimes, finding that perfect extension may not be as easy as it may seem - but lucky you, you will find some very useful cues here to guide you to the right hair extension.

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are synthesized fibers made to look very much like the human hair that is worn to enhance the overall appearance of the hair. However, with recent developments and advances in the world of beauty, some hair extensions are made from the natural human hair. This makes this type of hair extensions look just like your original hair and allows you the liberty to treat it like one. They come in different colors, sizes, textures, shapes, and types to suit different hair types and other purposes.

Why should you buy a good hair extensions?

Hair extensions serve several purposes. They do not only add length to your hair but also increase the volume of the hair. This makes them an excellent choice for anyone with a scanty hair type. They are also the best way to conceal hair damage effectively and give your hair a more attractive appearance. The best hair extensions can be worn easily without much stress and will still leave your hair looking glamorous and eye-catching.

Hair extensions allow for endless possibilities for new looks for your parties, events, occasions and all kinds of outings. You should try one out.

How to choose the right hair extensions in 2024?

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With so many appealing hair extensions of different types, colors, brands, sizes, and shapes, the process of picking the best hair extension may seem a little bit twisted. But that will be nothing to worry about because you will find some useful tips below to guide you to a good one for you:

  • Hair Type: Your hair type matters a lot in selecting the right hair extension. You’ve got to successfully identify your hair type first before going shopping so as to choose the right extension that matches your hair type.
  • Purpose: The primary purpose of using the hair extension will also determine the right hair extension for you. Identify your main reason for intending to use one before choosing any hair extension. This is because different extensions are designed to meet different purposes, so not all extensions will fit you perfectly. If what you want is to increase your hair length then you will certainly not go with short extensions. In the same vein, other purposes such as increasing volume and concealing damages will require specific extension types.
  • Hair Texture: Be sure that the texture of the hair extension matches the texture of your hair. If you choose one with a different hair texture, it may not blend with your natural hair and will appear loose and unattractive.
  • Colour Match: This is an obvious guide to choosing the best hair extension. Except for special purposes, the color of your hair extension should match and blend with your natural hair color and your skin tone. Avoid hair extensions with abstract colors.
  • Maintenance: The best type of hair extensions do not require too much attention and are easy to maintain.
  • Price Tag: This is one of the times where the higher the price, the higher the quality is applicable. For example, the human hair extensions which are considered to be the best type of hair extensions are pretty expensive; so make sure you’ve got a good budget if you desire a good quality extension and avoid unreasonably cheap ones.
  • Fixation: Fixing hair extensions shouldn’t be anything close to solving college mathematics! The best hair extensions should be easy to fix and also easy to remove without damaging your hair especially for those with thin hair type.

What is the best kind of hair extensions in Italy?

For the best kind of hair extensions to buy, the following tips will guide you:

  • Human Hair Extensions are generally accepted to be the best type of extensions. They are more durable than synthetic extensions and are quite flexible as they allow you to apply heat to them, relax and treat them like your natural hair. They appear so natural and easily blend with your natural with little or no noticeable difference.
  • Remy Hair Extensions are generally accepted to be the healthiest type of extensions. This is because they are picked strand by strand and thus do not get tangled or irritate your hair roots or cause damage to your hair. Cuticles are still intact and run in the one direction.
  • Non-Remy Hair Extensions do not have all their cuticles intact, and the few ones present run in different directions. This makes the extensions to tangle and cause matting. They have a huge amount of silicone coating that makes the extensions soft and more attractive. However, this effect does not last and soon wears off after a few washes.

Top 10 list of hair extensions in Italy (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their hair extensions. Which hair extensions is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of ShowJarlly  hair extensions
ShowJarlly Clip in Extension Capelli 4PCS 60cm In Hair Estensioni…
Offer TOP 2
Image of CAISHA Lara hair extensions
CAISHA 60cm Clip In Un Unico Pezzo Nell'estensione Dei Capelli Pezzo Di Capelli Sintetici Mezza Parrucca Liscio Miscela Marrone C59
Image of S-noilite AINITT2180 hair extensions
S-noilite Set 8pcs Clip in Hair Extensions Extension Clip Capelli Testa Piena 18Clips Parrucchino 66cm Dritto Bionda sabbia e bionda candeggina
Image of YDDM  hair extensions
Clip in Hair Extension Set 4 Pezzi Extension Capelli Ricci Clip in, Capelli per le Donne YDDM Fibre per Capelli Sintetiche
Image of SEGO EUAKTTOZ2421 hair extensions
SEGO Extension Capelli Clip Lisci Lunghi Set da 8 Fasce Sintetiche Posticci Donna Hair Extensions 65cm Full Head 140g Castano Scuro
Image of LaaVoo  hair extensions
LaaVoo Extension Capelli Veri Clip 5pcs 70g 30cm Marrone Cioccolato Extension Clip Capelli Veri Lisci Estensioni Dei Capelli Umani Reali #4
Image of FESHFEN  hair extensions
FESHFEN Extension Capelli a Clip 4PCS Lunga Clip in Hair Extension Bionda Mista Capelli Estensioni Clip Ricci Ondulati Sintetici Posticci Capelli Extension con Clip per Donna 50 cm
Image of CAISHA Nicole hair extensions
CAISHA XXL 50cm 8 Parti Set Clip In Extension Extension Per Capelli Lisci Marrone Mix CES116
Image of SEGO EUAKTTOZ2408 hair extensions
SEGO Extension Clip Capelli Lisci Fascia Unica 65cm Hair Extensions Sintetiche Lisce 120g - Biondo Cenere e Biondo Chiarissimo
TOP 10
Image of CAISHA Naomi hair extensions
CAISHA Clip Da 8 Pezzi Nelle Extension Per Capelli Parrucchino Sintetico Voluminoso liscio Nero CES1
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