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The 10 best irons to buy in Italy

Picture of a iron

The best irons leave your clothes, linens, and other fabrics looking better than ever, yet knowing what type of iron best suits your needs can be difficult. There are many types of irons available and each one can be a great addition to your home, so let’s check out everything you need to know with our handy iron buying guide.

What are irons?

An iron is a small appliance that uses high heat to remove the creases from clothes and fabrics. It features a flat metal plate that heats to various temperatures when the iron is powered, which is then pressed against the surface of a fabric to remove any creases, usually on top of a portable ironing board.

Why should you buy a good iron?

A good steam iron is a must-have for any home. It allows you to easily remove creases from clothes made from any fabric, leaving them looking fresh, neat, and wrinkle-free. Moreover, ironing can improve the lifespan of clothes, as the fibres are worked in such a way that ironing increases their longevity.

While ironing seems like a chore, it’s well worth the time and effort. From improving self-confidence because your clothes look great to killing off germs that may have slipped through the cracks during washing, the best iron offers plenty of benefits for every user.

How to choose the right iron in 2024?

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Here are a few things to consider when buying the best irons:

  • Soleplate Material: The soleplate of the iron will impact how it works so always think carefully before you choose. Most irons use a ceramic plate, which is great at conducting and distributing heat, although sometimes they can stick to delicate fabrics and can break down over time. Stainless steel is another great heat conductor and is highly durable, while titanium is similarly durable and won’t cause any sticking, although both tend to be costlier than ceramic.
  • Soleplate Size: Another important consideration to make is the size of the soleplate. The bigger this is the quicker you can iron, although it’s also going to make the iron heavier to use. It’s always recommended to select a larger soleplate in most instances, as it provides an even amount of high-quality steam for better crease removal.
  • Steam Pressure: If you want to buy a steam iron, then look out for a continuous steam pressure which is usually given in grams per minute, as this determines how efficient they are at ironing. For example, a steam iron should have at least 50g/minute of continuous steam pressure, whilegood garment steamers or steam generators tend to need higher settings closer to 150g/minute. Anything lower won’t be as good at ironing.

What is the best kind of iron in Italy?

Here are some of the most popular types of irons currently available to buy:

  • Dry Irons: An older type of iron but still widely available, dry irons are less efficient at ironing because they lack a water chamber and therefore the ability to generate steam. They can still iron well, especially on thinner materials, yet lack the versatility of other types of iron.
  • Steam Irons: The best all-round iron, a steam iron features a water tank and holes on the soleplate to generate steam on the fabric. Steam makes ironing quicker and more efficient, so it’s generally much easier to use. It’s also highly versatile, coming with various heat settings to accommodate different materials.
  • Steam Generators: Much larger than a steam iron, a steam generator uses higher volumes of steam for prolonged periods. This makes it the best iron for ironing large piles of clothes, as they hold much more steam so don’t need to be refilled. While more efficient, they also cost more than other types.

Top 10 list of irons in Italy (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their irons. Which iron is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Imetec 9006 iron
Imetec ZeroCalc Z1 2500 - Ferro da Stiro a vapore - Tecnologia Anticalcare…
Offer TOP 2
Image of Ariete 00S623500AR0 iron
Ariete 6235 Steam Iron - Ferro da stiro con piastra in Ceramica - Vapore 25 gr/min - Colpo vapore 140 gr/min - vapore verticale - 2000 Watt
Image of Braun 127407010 iron
Braun TexStyle 1 SI 1019, Ferro da stiro a Vapore, Rivestimento Antiaderente, Termostato, 25g/min in modalità Turbo, Capacità Serbatoio Acqua 220ml, 1900W, Rosso/bianco
Image of Versuni GC1751/80 iron
Philips EasySpeed Ferro da Stiro a Vapore - 2000W, Vapore 25g/min, Colpo di Vapore 100g, Ferro Verticale, Bianco/Grigio (GC1751/80)
Image of Rowenta DX1550D1 iron
Rowenta DX1550 Effective 2, Ferro da Stiro a Vapore, con Anticalcare Integrato, con Funzionalità di Spegnimento Automatico, Colpo Vapore 110 g, Potenza 2200 W, Grigio/Blu
Image of Rowenta DW6330 iron
Rowenta DW6330D1 Eco Intelligence Ferro a Vapore, Distribuzione Ottimale del Vapore, 2500 W di Potenza, Tempo di Riscaldmento Rapido, 300 ml, Nero/Verde
Image of Imetec 9035 iron
Imetec Ceramicliss - Ferro Stiro a Vapore - Quadrupla Protezione Anticalcare - Colpo Vapore 180 g - Piastra Ceramica Scorrevole - 2400 W - Antigoccia - Impugnatura Ergonomica - Risparmio Energetico
Image of Russell Hobbs 23001046005 iron
Russell Hobbs Ferro da Stiro, a Vapore, Colpo Vapore 210 G/Min, Vapore Verticale per Tende, Piastra in Ceramica Autopulente, 2600W, Supreme Steam Pro a Vapore 20562-56 [Esclusiva Amazon]
Image of Braun SI3030.PU iron
Braun TexStyle 3 SI3030PU, Ferro da Stiro a Vapore, 2300 W, Piastra in Ceramica, Stiratura in Verticale, Punta di Precisione, Getto di Vapore 140g/min, Bianco/Viola
TOP 10
Image of Rowenta DE5010D1 iron
Rowenta De5010 Freemove Ferro da Stiro a Vapore senza Filo, 2400W, 250 Ml, Quantità di Vapore Variabile 120 G/Min, Nero/Blu
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