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The 10 best primers to buy in Italy

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Granted, this is not one of those everyday makeup routines, but there are times when leaving this one out of your makeup routine feels wrong. Apart from perfecting our makeup or foundation, the best foundation primers do a lot to protect the skin. They should be worn as much as possible especially when you use a new foundation or product. Doing this will reduce the negative effects that a new product might have on your skin.

If foundation primers are new to you, and you do not know how to get the right one, there is no need to panic. Here are some vital things you need to know about great foundation primers.

What are primers?

A foundation primer, or primer, is a base for applying virtually any makeup, from eyeshadows, to BB creams, moisturizers, and foundations. They provide a protective film or coverage for your skin, so the makeups don't get direct contact with your skin. They come in different forms, from cream to liquid to gel forms and are designed for different skin types. It is applied under your makeup to give it a more refined finish and to make your makeup lasts even longer.

Why should you buy a good primer?

The best primers are just the right way to go if you want your makeup to remain locked in for long even in extremely adverse weather conditions. Good foundation primers can even be worn alone to enhance the appearance of your skin without foundation, moisturizers or any other makeup.

Some of the best types can refine the overall colour of your makeup on your skin. There are others too that can help conceal wrinkles, acne and other skin blemishes for those that are aging. Foundation Primers also give your skin time to gradually adapt to a new product that’s applied on it. So if you are trying a used product or introducing a new product to your makeup list, you should always wear the best foundation primers for that initial period. They play a vital role and should be added to your makeup routine.

How to choose the right primer in 2024?

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Choosing the best primer can be difficult if you are unsure of what you need, so here are a few things to look out for to help find a great foundation primer:

  • Skin Type: Your skin type remains the key determinant of which primer to use. We all have unique skin types, and they require unique foundation primer. Obviously, using the wrong primers for your different skin can have multiple adverse effects on your skin and will not produce an effective result as the right one.
  • Sensitivity: Primers are designed for sensitive skins. They are meant to provide a layer of protection for your skin. However, since different people do have different skin types that respond differently to the various constituents of the primer, you are advised to check your skin response to the foundation primer before settling for it. You should also prefer primers with constituents that have soothing effects.
  • Fragrance: The fragrance of the primer should not be overshadowing. Go for primers with a mild scent so it does not irritate you. Different people fancy different scents, and there are just enough varieties of primers with different fragrance to find one that you will love.

What is the best kind of primer in Italy?

Buy a good primer that suits best to your personal needs.

  • Primers for Dry Skins: Although anyone with dry skin will find it a bit more challenging to get the right foundation primer, some very quality primers for them will hydrate and keep the moisture intact. Avoid primers with little moisturizing abilities.
  • Primers for Oily skins: Your preferred choice should be a primer that mattifies your skin. This will keep excess oil on your skin in check and will prevent it from appearing too shiny. It is a generally accepted fact that anyone with oily skin is more vulnerable to develop acne. So also look out for primers with a high amount of anti-acne agents to keep your skin healthy always.
  • Primers for Normal Skins: Well, if you are in between, not having pores that are too small or too large, then you are not likely to go through much to locate a perfect primer to apply. Your primer should be the one that does not mattify a lot or contain a high amount of moisturizer.

Top 10 list of primers in Italy (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their primers. Which primer is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Rimmel London 34230361001 primer
Rimmel London Lasting Matte Primer Opacizzante, Base Trucco a Lunga…
Image of NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP K3393300 primer
NYX Professional Makeup Plump Right Back Primer & Siero, Con Elettroliti, Formula Vegana, 30ml
Offer TOP 3
Image of Wet n Wild 1111905 primer
wet n wild, Prime Focus The Impossible Primer, Primer per il Viso Senza Silicone per un Effetto Coprente dei Pori, con Estratto di Uva Spina e Fiore di Jeju, Formula Opacizzante e Idratante
Image of e.l.f. 82846 primer
e.l.f. Power Grip Primer, primer viso a base di gel e idratante per levigare la pelle e il trucco afferrare, idrata e prime, 0.811 Fl Oz (24 ml)
Image of L'Oréal Paris DCOCA-LOREAL-PRIME-LAB-24-HR-PORE-MINIMI primer
L'Oréal Paris Prime Lab, Primer Minimizzatore di Pori 24H Pore Minimizer, Trucco Più a Lungo, Pelle Più Levigata, 30 ml
Image of essence Z-946624 primer
Essence Jelly Grip Hydrating Primer, verde, idratante, levigante, naturale, per pelle secca, vegana, senza parabeni, nanoparticelle, senza glutine, confezione da 29 ml
Image of Revolution Beauty London 21299 primer
Makeup Revolution, Primer Minimizzante Pori, 28ml
Image of CATRICE 1528-22978 primer
Catr. Ten!Sational 10En1 Dream Primer
Image of essence Z-937189 primer
essence Poreless Partner Primer Viso Levigante Opacizzante 30 ml, Bianco (Z-937189), 1 item
TOP 10
Image of Wet n Wild 1114619 primer
Wet n wild, Prime Focus, Primer Serum, Primer Viso per un Makeup Impeccabile e Duraturo, Minimizza i Pori con Formula Idratante, Finish Naturale
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