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The 10 best range hoods to buy in Italy

Picture of a range hood

A range hood is a great investment for every kitchen, helping to remove unpleasant odours, smoke, and grease as you cook. However, there are many types available, some of which function using differing methods, so knowing what’s the best range hood for your kitchen setup isn’t always obvious.

To help with the process, check out this handy buying guide! It has all the information that you need to know to find the best range hoods for your kitchen.

What are range hoods?

A range hood, also called a cooker hood, is an enclosed electronic fan that is installed above the hob of the cooker. When activated, the fan removes nasty smells, grease, smoke, and other things produced as you cook. They can operate using different methods, including extraction and recirculation, with each one offering its advantages.

Why should you buy a good range hood?

A great range hood offers many benefits for your kitchen environment. This includes removing unpleasant smells and grease, which are commonly produced when cooking and can create a lingering smell while also staining the walls and ceiling. Similarly, it removes other substances from the air as you cook, including smoke and steam, both of which can cause toxic build-ups in the air, stain surfaces, and make it hard to see when your cooking.

Other benefits include removing excess heat, improved lighting above the stovetop, and a very cool aesthetic to your kitchen setup.

How to choose the right range hood in 2024?

Another picture of a range hood

It’s important to make a few considerations before you buy a range hood. In this way, you can be sureto buy the best range hood for your kitchen:

  • Extraction or Recirculation: Cooker hoods use either extraction or recirculation method to remove unwanted substances, so be sure to consider which of these is suitable for your situation. In most instances, extraction hoods are preferable due to their higher efficiency and longevity.
  • Size: Like any kitchen appliance you need to consider the size of the range hood to ensure that it fits properly. Preferably, choose a product that is roughly the same width as your cooker top to ensure maximum efficiency, although it never hurts to go a bit bigger if you have the space available.
  • Extra Features: The best range hoods come with a range of extra features that make it even more useful, so be sure to see what else it can do before you buy. Some notably useful features include an auto timer, variable extraction speeds, and power boosts, while you can even find some with smart home functionality.

What is the best kind of range hood in Italy?

Here are some of the best-selling types of range hoods available:

  • Built-in Range Hoods: The smallest type of hood available, it’s built into a kitchen cabinet to save space, making it great for smaller kitchens where space is limited.
  • Visor Range Hoods: Easy to install at a right angle on a wall, this type is another great space saver and one of the cheaper models available.
  • Ceiling Range Hoods: Installed directly onto the ceiling, this type of hood offers a minimalist aesthetic and is available in a wide range of sizes.

Top 10 list of range hoods in Italy (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their range hoods. Which range hood is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of FIREGAS FGS-ESD06S60AC range hood
Firegas Cappa aspirante da parete 60 cm, 3 livelli di potenza, cappa…
Offer TOP 2
Image of COMFEE' KWH-F49SS-60 range hood
COMFEE' Cappa Aspirante 60 cm F49SS-60 Cappa A LED Sottopensile Aspiratore A Parete Cappa Aspirazione Superiore 600 mm - Argento
Image of COMFEE' KWH-PYRA17SS-60 range hood
COMFEE' Cappa Aspirante 60 cm PYRA17SS-60 Acciaio Inossidabile Cappa Cucina con LED, Sistema di Ricircolo e Canalizzazione e Filtri a Carbone
Image of FIREGAS FGS-ESD06Z460AC range hood
FIREGAS 60 cm Cappa aspirante a parete, 3 velocità, Motore brushless a risparmio energetico, 368 m³/h, ricircolo e scarico, cappe a camino, acciaio inox
Image of CIARRA CBCS5913A range hood
CIARRA CBCS5913A Cappa da cucina integrata 52 cm in acciaio inox cappa cucina incasso a baldacchino luce a led 3 velocità sotto cappa aspirante
Image of COMFEE' KWH-TSHM17SS-60 range hood
COMFEE' Cappa Aspirante 60 TSHM17SS-60 Acciaio Inossidabile Cappa Cucina Con LED, Sistema Di Ricircolo E Canalizzazione E Filtri A Carbone
Image of FIREGAS FGS-EBV40Z460CC range hood
FIREGAS Cappa aspirante 60 cm, cappa aspirante con controllo touch, LED, motore senza spazzole, a basso rumore, potente cappa inclinata, efficienza A++
Image of CIARRA CBCS6201 range hood
CIARRA CBCS6201 Classe A++ Cappa Aspirante 60 cm cappa da cucina 370m3/h 3 Velocità illuminazione a LED Evacuazione Esterna/Ricircolo-con Filtro per CBCF002X2
Image of TopStrong EUTF2360B range hood
Cappa aspirante 60 cm, cappa sottopiano 60 cm, aria circolante/di scarico, cappa aspirante con filtro a carboni attivi CF-K, 201 m³/h, cappa aspirante in acciaio inox, controllo soft touch a 3 stadi e
TOP 10
Image of FIREGAS FGS-ESF23A360CC range hood
FIREGAS Cappa Aspirante 60cm, Cappa da fissare alla parete, Controllo touch,3 velocità, Aspirante e Filtrante, Luci LED, Dotato di filtro a carbone, Inox
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