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The 10 best rowing machines to buy in Italy

Picture of a rowing machine

The best rowing machines offer low impact workouts that will keep you fit and healthy. However, knowing what constitutes a good rowing machine is often difficult, espiecally if you’ve never used the equipment before. It helps to know a few things prior to buying a rowing machine to ensure you get a suitable model for your needs.

Check out the buying guide below for how to choose the best rowing machine:

What are rowing machines?

A rowing machine is a type of exercise machine used to mimic the motion of rowing a boat. As this action requires a lot of action, a rowing machine offers a highly effective cardio workout, while many people also use them as training for rowing.

Why should you buy a good rowing machine?

The best rowing machines are relatively easy to use and provide a quality workout. In fact, using a rowing machine is one of the best forms of cardio exercise, making them effective for weight loss, increasing fitness and stamina.

So, by using a rowing machine at home you can expect quality workouts that offer endless benefits to your personal health. It also provides a great upper body workout, building and toning muscle in the shoulders, arms, and back, which can help reduce back aches and improve posture.

How to choose the right rowing machine in 2024?

Another picture of a rowing machine

Choosing a good rowing machine requires a few considerations, otherwise you may end up with a machine that isn’t suitable for you. Here are some things to think about that can make it easier to find the right rowing machine:

  • Space: Buying exercise equipment for home use requires appropriate space, so always check the size of any rowing machine you’re thinking of buying. Thankfully, rowing machines are generally compact and lightweight, so they can be stood upright when storing them. Adjustable rowing machines are often better space savers.
  • Fitness Goals: Consider your fitness goals before buying a rowing machine to ensure you get a suitable model. For example, a low resistance rowing machine is great for weight loss and is also quite cheap, while rowing machines with additional tension levels are suitable for building muscle.
  • Resistance: Rowing machines use different types of resistances, so make sure you check these to see which is best suited for your needs. For instance, the best value rowing machines usually feature hydraulic resistance, which isn’t the toughest but helps keep prices down. Other resistance types include magnetic, air, and water.

What is the best kind of rowing machine in Italy?

As previously mentioned, rowing machine are determined by the type of resistance they use, with the following options currently available:

  • Air Resistance Rowing Machine: Perhaps the most popular type of rowing machine, the resistance presented to the user is determined by their own rowing intensity. So, the harder you row, the more resistance there is, with the rowing motion is generally quite smooth.
  • Hydraulic Resistance Rowing Machine: Hydraulic rowing machines offer okay resistance but are one of the cheapest types available, making them suitable for beginners and anyone on a budget. You can usually adjust resistance levels to suit your own abilities, although the rowing motion isn’t as lifelike as other types.
  • Water Resistance Rowing Machine: As the name suggests, this type of rowing machine provides a resistance that closely resembles water. So, using this is perhaps the most lifelike type of rowing machine, as it feels as if you are literally rowing on water. Resistance intensity is determined by the user’s effort.
  • Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine: The inclusion of a magnetic breaking system makes this type of rowing machine very quiet, which is certainly appealing for home use. Resistance is adjustable, and the motion is smooth, making it a great rowing machine in most regards, although it tends to cost more.

Top 10 list of rowing machines in Italy (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their rowing machines. Which rowing machine is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of JOROTO MR23 rowing machine
JOROTO MR23 Vogatore Da Casa, Vogatore ad Acqua, Fino a 150 kg, Display…
Offer TOP 2
Image of ISE SY-1750 rowing machine
ISE Vogatore, Vogatore Pieghevole per Casa, Vogatore Magnetico&8 Livelli di Resistenza, Vogatore professionale Guida di Scorrimento in Alluminio/Salvaspazio, Vogatori&Vogatore per Fitness Allenamento
Image of MERACH  rowing machine
Vogatore per Casa Magnetico, MERACH Bluetooth Vogatore Professionale per Casa, 16 Livelli di Resistenza, Aggiorna la guida di scorrimento in lega, Ultrasilenzioso e stabile, Carico Massimo 158 kg
Image of PASYOU  rowing machine
PASYOU Vogatore ad Acqua, Vogatore pieghevole per la casa, Supporto per Ipad per l'allenamento cardio,Magnetico a 6 Livelli, Guida di Scorrimento in Alluminio, per Fitness Allenamento(PW30)
Image of HOMCOM A91-048 rowing machine
HOMCOM Vogatore Professionale per Fitness Allenamento a Casa con Display 130 x 67.5 x 67cm
Image of HOMCOM ITA90-2430631 rowing machine
HOMCOM Vogatore Magnetico Volano Regolabile su 8 Livelli, Vogatore Pieghevole con Monitor LCD per Allenamento a Casa, 185x58x57cm, Nero
Image of Dripex  rowing machine
Dripex - Vogatore magnetico per uso domestico, per casa, palestra e allenamento cardio con guida a scorrimento in alluminio, 16 livelli di resistenza regolabili monitor LCD (Nero)
Image of Dskeuzeew Dskeuzeew rowing machine
Dskeuzeew Vogatore Professionale per Casa a 16 Resistenze, Silenzioso Ergonomico Robusto e Compatto, Allenamento con Monitor Digitale, per Fitness Allenamento
Image of Cowmew  rowing machine
Vogatore con 16 Livelli di Resistenza Magnetica, Vogatori pieghevole per casa, Sistema Magnetico, Vogatore Indoor per Palestra Domestica, Vogatore Silenzioso con Monitor LCD
TOP 10
Image of SogesPower SP-40YKQKH528-BK rowing machine
SogesPower Vogatore, attrezzatura per esercizi a casa, 8 livelli di resistenza micro regolabile, con schermo LCD di conteggio, tubo in acciaio ad alto tenore di carbonio, nero
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