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The 10 best slatted bed bases to buy in Italy

Picture of a slatted bed base

The best slatted bed base combines with your mattress to offer some of the best support when sleeping. However, it’s important to consider a few things before you buy a slatted bed base, otherwise, it might not be suitable for your mattress and sleeping habits, so make sure to do your homework first.

To help with this, check out this handy buying guide for all the information you need to find the best slatted bed bases.

What are slatted bed bases?

A slatted bed base is a type of framing used to support a mattress. It consists of several vertical slats across the base of the bed frame, which the mattress sits on top of. Designs vary with different materials used for the slats, which can be either firm or flexible depending on the style.

Why should you buy a good slatted bed base?

The best slatted bed bases offer many benefits, including offering fantastic weight distribution for the mattress, resulting in a more comfortable night’s sleep and fewer aches and pains. It also offers great ventilation, ensuring your mattress remains in clean and hygienic condition for longer. Many good slatted bed bases can be adjusted too, allowing you to find the perfect support for your weight and sleeping position.

How to choose the right slatted bed base in 2024?

Another picture of a slatted bed base

Struggling to find the best slatted bed base? Here are some things to think about:

  • Mattress Size: If you already have a mattress then choosing the right slatted base is a bit easier. Simply choose the base according to the size of your mattress, with full-size mattress requiring a double frame, a queen size frame for queen size mattress and so on. It may help to measure the mattress first, as not all frames are made to fit.
  • Room Size: If you don’t have a mattress purchased for the slatted bed base then consider the overall size of your room, choosing a frame that will fit in your room. If your current bed makes your room feel too cramped then a smaller base is a good idea to make it feel more spacious.
  • Storage Space: Slatted bed bases can offer varying levels of storage, so think about how much additional space you need beneath the bed. You can store stuff under most slatted bases, although you may prefer a platform design that includes drawers or shelves built into the frame for more discreet storage.

What is the best kind of slatted bed base in Italy?

There are two main types of slatted bed bases to choose from:

  • Fixed Slatted Bed Bases: This type of bed base has hard slats that have very little support, with the slats typically made from robust hardwoods. While very strong and durable, the lack of support may not offer the best weight distribution, although it may not be a problem if you don’t suffer from aches, pains, or other sleep-related issues.
  • Spring Slatted Bed Bases: The slats on spring slatted bed bases are much more flexible than fixed slats, providing better weight distribution and adjustability. While more expensive, this type of base is great for people with back or neck issues, while the mattress tends to last longer due to increased breathability.

Top 10 list of slatted bed bases in Italy (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their slatted bed bases. Which slatted bed base is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Leonardo 8055766118577 slatted bed base
Leonardo - rete letto singolo 80cmx190cm - doghe in legno multistrato…
Image of NUVOLA SCEGLI DI DORMIRE BENE 400 slatted bed base
Nuvola™ - Rete Letto Singolo 80x190 con Doghe in Legno - Ortopedica, con 4 Piedi Smontabili - Struttura portante in Ferro Rinforzata - Base da Incasso per Tutti Tipi di Letti e Materassi
Offer TOP 3
Image of Somnus SANA 12D4030STANDARD+SP slatted bed base
SomnusSana - Rete letto singolo 80x190 a doghe in legno multistrato Ortopedica - Struttura in acciaio con piedi altezza 35cm - 100% Made in Italy
Image of Somnus SANA 12D403080190NOP slatted bed base
SomnusSana - Rete Letto Singolo 80x190 a doghe in Legno multistrato Ortopedica - Struttura in Acciaio senza piedi - 100% Made in Italy
Image of Bed Store SISTEMI RIPOSO ds160x190 slatted bed base
Bed Store SISTEMI RIPOSO Rete 160X190 cm A 13 Doghe Strette Matrimoniale 160X190 Ortopedica Doppio Rinforzo e 4 piedi con tappi antiscivolo
Image of EVERGREENWEB MATERASSI & BEDS 1 slatted bed base
EVERGREENWEB Rete Letto Singolo 80x190 a Doghe in Legno con 4 Piedi Smontabili, Struttura portante in Ferro Rinforzata, Base da Incasso per Tutti Tipi di Letti e Materassi - Modello Apple
Image of Dormiland rete_doghe_singola_eco slatted bed base
DORMILAND - Rete Letto Ortopedica Singola 80x190cm - 13 Doghe in Legno e Struttura in Acciaio - 100% Made in Italy
Image of Bed Store 3SINGOLA slatted bed base
Bed Store DOGA DOGHE per Ricambio RETI Rete da Letto in Legno di Betulla per Letto Singolo (3, 79CM)
Image of Bed Store SISTEMI RIPOSO ds80x190sp slatted bed base
Bed Store SISTEMI RIPOSO Rete 80X190 cm Da Appoggio Senza Piedi A Doghe Strette Singola Ortopedica Da Incasso Per Letto Cameretta
TOP 10
Image of Bed Store SISTEMI RIPOSO DL80x190 slatted bed base
Bed Store SISTEMI RIPOSO Rete a Doghe Larghe 160X190 Matrimoniale Ortopedica Con Doppio Rinforzo e Piedi Avvitabili Con Listello Largo in Betulla
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