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The 10 best sunrise alarm clocks to buy in Italy

Picture of a sunrise alarm clock

If you are one of the many people that struggle to get up in the morning, you could benefit from a sunrise alarm clock. These devices are designed to make waking up in the morning less of a chore yet knowing how to choose the best sunrise alarm clock can be difficult for first-time buyers. It’s not always obvious what you need to look for in a sunrise alarm clock, so check out the guide below for all the info you need!

What are sunrise alarm clocks?

A sunrise alarm clock, also known as a wake-up light alarm clock, is a type of digital clock that uses light to simulate the natural rise of sunlight. Once the alarm is activated, an LED light slowly begins to brighten over a set period, usually around 30-45 minutes. This process helps people to gently wake up rather than being suddenly awoken by a noise like a standard alarm clock.

Why should you buy a good sunrise alarm clock?

The best sunrise alarm clocks make waking up much easier, so if you struggle to get up in the morning, it can be a great investment. Sunrise is strongly tied to our natural sleep cycles, essentially acting as an alarm clock for the human body. So by mimicking this effect the body finds it easier to wake up. Because you’ll wake up more naturally, your sleep cycle, biological clock, and hormones become better balanced, making you feel more energised, less lethargic, and generally much more refreshed in the mornings.

How to choose the right sunrise alarm clock in 2024?

Another picture of a sunrise alarm clock

Not sure what to look for in a sunrise alarm clock? Think about some of the following factors to help you find the best sunrise alarm clock:

  • Lux: While the brightness of a standard lightbulb is measured in watts, sunrise alarm clocks use a different measurement known as lux, which is basically a measurement of how bright it can go. Anything between 100-300 lux should be okay for more people, although there are models with much higher ratings, these often fall under light therapy products that help treat seasonal affective disorder.
  • Colour Options: The best sunrise alarm clocks have several colour options ranging from red to orange to yellow to white, with the wider colour spectrum better-mimicking sunrise. Always check to see how many colour options are included. Basic models often come with a single white or yellow colour option, which can work fine for many people and will cost less.
  • Bulb Type: All good sunrise alarm clocks use LED bulbs, which are long-lasting, consume very little energy, and come with more colour options. However, they typically aren’t replaceable, so once the bulb goes the clock needs to be replaced, although they usually last for 10+ years. Halogen bulbs offer a warmer colour but not many options, while they can get quite hot to touch.

What is the best kind of sunrise alarm clock in Italy?

There are two main types of sunrise alarm clocks currently available:

  • LED Sunrise Alarm Clocks: The most common sunrise alarms us an LED lightbulb, which can provide a wider spectrum of colours, low power consumption, and long life. There are basic models available with fewer colour options, usually just white or yellow.
  • Halogen Sunrise Alarm Clocks: While less common, many sunrise alarms use halogen lightbulbs, which offer a pleasant warm light colour that many find much gentler to wake up to. The bulbs can be replaced unlike with LED sunrise alarm clocks, although the bulbs don’t last anywhere near as long.

Top 10 list of sunrise alarm clocks in Italy (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their sunrise alarm clocks. Which sunrise alarm clock is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of INSSISAIN  sunrise alarm clock
Lampada Da Comodino a LED con Sveglia, Porte di Ricarica USB, Touch…
Image of Suright LD082-WH sunrise alarm clock
Sveglia Alba Bluetooth,Wake up Light Luce Sveglia, Sveglia da Comodino Luce a Schermo Intero con Simulazione Alba/Tramonto,Doppio Allarme,17 Colori, 22 Suoni Naturali,Snooze,Radio FM,Controllo Rullo
Offer TOP 3
Image of Laliled DWNITWL22713 sunrise alarm clock
Laliled Wake up Light Luce Sveglia da Comodino con Simulazione dell'Alba e Tramonto, Luce Notturna con 2 Sveglie, 20 Livelli di Luminosità, 14 Colori, 10 Tipi Di Suoneria, FM Radio e Funzione Snooze
Image of Philips HF3671/01 sunrise alarm clock
Philips HF3671/01 SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-Up Light Connessa, Plastica
Image of INSSISAIN AJ300D sunrise alarm clock
Lampada da Comodino a LED con Sveglia, Porte di Ricarica USB, Touch Dimmerabile, Wake Up Light con Due Allarmi, 10 Suoni Naturali per Adulti e Bambini, 3 Livelli di Luminosità per Camera da Letto
Image of Suright LD081-WH sunrise alarm clock
Sveglia All'Alba Wake-Up Light,Sveglia Con Luce,Simulazione Alba Tramonto,Radio Sveglia,15 Suoni Natura, 2 Allarmi,Snooze, 18 Luce Colorata, 20 Luminosità Lampada Da Comodino Bambini
Image of ARTINABS JN01 sunrise alarm clock
ARTINABS Wake up Light, Luce Sveglia da Comodino con Simulazione dell'Alba e Tramonto, Luce Notturna LED con FM Radio Funzione snooze, Luce Sveglia Digitale per 20 Livelli di Luminosità e 11 Colori
Image of blonbar AJ310-01 sunrise alarm clock
blonbar Lampada da Comodino con Caricatore Wireless da 10w, 2 Sveglie, Sveglia Luce Wake-Up Light, Dimmerabile a 3 Livelli, 10 Suoni Rilassanti per Dormire, Luce Notturna per Camera da Letto
Image of Philips HF3531/01 sunrise alarm clock
Philips HF3531/01 Wake-up Light (Funzione display per l'alba, display touch, 7 suonerie, radio digitale FM, luce per sveglia)
TOP 10
Image of WADEO HL0401 sunrise alarm clock
WADEO Wake Up Light, Sveglia Alba con Interruttore a 6 Colori e Radio FM, Sveglia Luce con Suoni della Natura Multipli, Controllo Touch e Funzione Snooze
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