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The 10 best upright freezers to buy in Italy

Picture of a upright freezer

An upright freezer is one of the easiest ways to store frozen foods. Available in various shapes and sizes, good upright freezers offer plenty of space while also being compact enough to fit into most kitchen spaces. If you love to stock up on bulk food, freeze leftovers, and reduce food waste, then buying a great upright freezer is highly recommended.

Check out the buying guide below for how to choose the best upright freezer for your home.

What are upright freezers?

An upright freezer is a standalone freezer that sits in an upright position. Unlike a fridge-freezer, upright freezers are dedicated appliances, meaning they use their entire capacity to freeze foods, providing much more space for storing frozen food.

Why should you buy a good upright freezer?

An upright freezer is one of two options for dedicated freezers, with the other being a chest freezer. So, if you freeze lots of food and like to buy in bulk, it’s a good idea to have a dedicated appliance, such as an upright freezer.

Better still, the best upright freezers save plenty of space, meaning you can easily store them even if you are short on floor space. The best upright freezers offer various compartments for organised storage, while they can also self-defrost, have variable temperature settings, and come with various other features.

How to choose the right upright freezer in 2024?

Another picture of a upright freezer

To choose the best upright freezer for your home, it helps to consider a few things before buying. Here are some things to think about to ensure you get a suitable upright freezer:

  • Location: Think about where an upright freezer will go before you buy. Not only are they a loud appliance, but they also might not be able to be stored in unheated rooms such as a garage. Many are okay to place in hot rooms, but this isn’t a given. So be sure to check if you plan on placing it in a garage.
  • Size: The overall size of an upright freezer is an important consideration. For one, you need to ensure you have enough floor space to accommodate the size, while it also impacts how much capacity the freezer has. Anyone tight on floor space will want to look for a more compact upright freezer.
  • Additional Features: A quality upright freezer can come with various features, and while these may not be necessary, there is a chance you’ll find them useful. For instance, auto-defrost is very useful as it saves time and effort of manually defrosting, while some feature an alarm to alert you if the interior is too cold or warm.

What is the best kind of upright freezer in Italy?

There are several types of upright freezers to choose from, any of which may be perfect for your home.

  • Tall Upright Freezers: This type of upright freezer has the most height, closely resembling a refrigerator. This makes them a great option for anyone looking for plenty of space to freeze but might lack the floor space for a bigger freezer.
  • Under-counter Freezer: A much smaller upright freezer, under-counter models fit beneath countertops, reducing the space they take up in any room. A good upright freezer option for those low on space.
  • Compact Upright Freezer: These freezers are smaller than tall and under-counter upright freezers, often being called mini-freezers. They are great for freezing smaller amounts of food and take up very little space.

Top 10 list of upright freezers in Italy (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their upright freezers. Which upright freezer is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Hisense MUZ4859E upright freezer
Hisense MUZ4859E, Congelatore Verticale, Bianco, 61L
Offer TOP 2
Image of CHiQ FSD166NE4E upright freezer
CHiQ FSD166NE4E 166L Congelatore verticale a cassetti,Nero Acciaio Inossidabile Porte Reversibili A+, 42 db, 12 anni di garanzia sul compressore
Image of Hisense FV245N4AW2 upright freezer
Hisense FV245N4AW2 Congelatore, Effetto Acciaio Inox, Bianco
Image of Beko 7278441312 upright freezer
Beko - B5RMFNE314W - Congelatore Verticale, Classe E, NO FROST, Inverter, Bianco, volume netto 286 litri, DImensioni HxLxP: 186x60x75
Image of PremierTech PT91FR upright freezer
PremierTech Freezer Congelatore Verticale, 91 litri, 4 Cassetti, Libera Installazione, Sotto Tavolo Compatto, Risparmio Energetico, Porta reversibile, Termosato regolabile, Bianco, PT91FR
Image of San Giorgio SF18SWE upright freezer
San Giorgio SF18SWE - Congelatore Verticale 165 Litri Classe E Statico
Image of Hisense MCF95E upright freezer
Hisense MCF95E Congelatore a Pozzo 95 L di capacità, Silenzioso 40 dB, Bianco, 54.6 x 47.9 x 85.4 cm
Image of Whirlpool WVA31612 NFW upright freezer
Whirlpool WVA31612 NFW Libera installazione Verticale 308L A++ Bianco congelatore
Image of COMFEE' RCU60WH2(E) upright freezer
COMFEE’ RCU60WH2(E) 60L Congelatore Verticale a Cassetti, Monoporta, Temperatura Regolabile, Porta Reversibile, Silenzioso, Libera Installazione, Bianco
TOP 10
Image of PremierTech PT-FR153 upright freezer
PremierTech, Congelatore Verticale da 160 Litri, Freezer, 3 Cassetti, 2 Sportelli, Risparmio Energetico, Libera Installazione, Porta Reversibile, Termostato Regolabile, Bianco, PT-FR153
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