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Which is the best soap in Italy?

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The 10 best soaps to buy in Italy

The top 10 list of the best soaps lists various brands and prices

Review10Best compares the best soaps in Italy and selects the one by Spuma di Sciampagna as the best soap. In a soap buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different soaps and see a recommendation on which soap to buy in Italy in 2023. By considering the top list of soaps, you can find the best soaps and save time shopping online.

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  1. Read the ultimate soap buying guide
  2. View the soap picks and see how they rank in the top list


Best soaps: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great soap

Picture of a soap

Looking to buy the best soap for your body? There are so many options available that knowing what works best for you can isn’t always obvious. Soaps are designed for different skin types, while there are many people that choose their soap based on scent and ingredients, so finding the best soap is often a case of trial and error.

What are soaps?

Soap is a personal hygiene product used to clean the body. They come in many forms, including solid bars and liquid gels, while there are countless types of ingredients used, although they are traditionally made from fatty acids, natural oils, and strong alkalis. Various colours and scents are added to make it a pleasant-smelling product for cleaning skin.

Why should you buy a good soap?

A good soap is important for cleaning away dirt and odours build ups on the body, leaving the skin feeling fresh and clean. Some of the best soaps also include additional benefits such as moisturisers that make the skin look and feel better. Some soaps are designed for specific jobs, such as hand soaps for cleaning away germs or luxury soaps that relax and unwind when used in baths or showers.

Another picture of a soap
How to choose the right soap?

Choosing the best soap for your skin is very important, otherwise it may end up drying it out. Here are some things to consider when looking for quality soap:

  • Skin Type: Knowing your skin type is important for choosing the best soap for your body. For instance, if your skin is oily, then it’s a good idea to choose soaps that are designed to gently clean oil build-ups. Dry or sensitive skin types should also look for appropriate soaps that work well with their skin.
  • Ingredients: Not everyone reacts well to certain ingredients in soap, so always take the time to inspect the ingredients to determine their quality. Be mindful of soaps with high amounts of chemicals, and try to focus on products that use mostly natural ingredients (e.g. essential oils, vegetable oils, sodium hydroxide).
  • Versatility: The best soap effectively cleans skin, but it can also offer a lot more. For example, deep cleaning, moisturising, and facial cleansers are just a few of the additional properties many soaps can offer.
What is the best kind of soap in Italy?

There are many types of soaps available, any of which could be the perfect match for your skin type. Here are some of the most common types of soap to buy:

  • Handmade Soap: All soap is made from the same chemical reaction, but they can be processed in different ways, such as being made entirely by hand. These are often known as natural soaps due to the natural ingredients that are used when making them.
  • Cold Process Soap: A popular type of handmade soap, it’s made entirely from scratch and involves no heating when being made. They are usually specialist soaps that use premium ingredients, making each one very unique Available in many colours, they often come with a creamy texture and can feature a range of lathers depending on the oils used.
  • Hot Process Soap: Almost identical to cold process soap with the expectation that heat is used during the soap making process. The heat process does result in a much smoother feeling soap, while colours, textures, and lathers depend oils and other natural ingredients. Like cold process soap, this is one of the highest quality soaps available.
  • Liquid Soap: Rather than being made to form a solid bar of soap, this type of soap remains a liquid because potassium hydroxide is used rather than sodium hydroxide. Note that most shower gels and other liquid ‘soaps’ aren’t soap at all; they use synthetic detergents rather than natural ingredients, so be sure to check this when looking!
…are you ready for the best picks of 2023?

Top 10 list of soaps in Italy (February 2023)

The bestseller list compares brands and their soaps. Which soap is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Spuma di Sciampagna FRCM059902 soap
Spuma Di Sciampagna Ecoricarica Sapone Liquido Mani Latte Di Mandorla E Burro Di Karitè - 1500 Ml
Image of Milmil 010180 soap
Milmil Sapone Liquido Argan e Miele in Busta Maxi Ricarica - 2000 ml
Image of Spuma di Sciampagna FRCM059901 soap
Spuma di Sciampagna Ecoricarica Sapone Liquido Argan e Patchouli 1,5 L
Offer TOP 4
Image of Sapone del Mugello SAPLIQU1MUGMARS soap
Sapone del Mugello, SAPLIQU1MUGMARS, Extra Puro MARSIGLIA
Image of Spuma di Sciampagna SAPL5000201 soap
Spuma di Sciampagna Sapone Liquido Mani Idratante Latte Di Mandorla E Burro Di Karitè - 500 Ml
Image of Sconosciuto SODAL soap
Image of Palmolive  soap
Palmolive Sapone Liquido Mani, Latte e Mandorla con estratti di mandorla, Pacco da 12 x 300 ml
Image of SANITEC igiene sicura 1081 soap
Sanitec, Luxor Green Aloe, Crema di Sapone Profumata Idratante con Glicerina e Antibatterico, Deterge le Mani Lasciandole Fresche e Pulite, pH 5,5, Dermatologicamente Testato, 5L 5000ml
Image of NEUTRO ROBERTS R9A0027 soap
Neutro Roberts Sapone Liquido Ecopouch Idratante Con Glicerina, Ricarica Ecologica di Sapone Liquido per Le Mani, Dermatologicamente Testato, Senza Sapone, 6 Flaconi da 400 ml
TOP 10
Image of Felce Azzurra 8001280062124 soap
Felce Azzurra Ecoricarica Sapone Liquido Antibatterico, 500ml
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