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The 10 best clock radios to buy in Spain

Picture of a clock radio

If you are one of the many people that struggle to wake up in the morning then you may benefit from a clock radio. Combing the function of an alarm clock with live radio, it makes getting up in the morning that bit more bearable, especially compared to dread-inducing noise of a loud alarm ringing from your phone! Check out this handy buying guide for all the information that you need to find the best clock radio for those early risers!

What are clock radios?

A clock radio is a type of alarm clock that features a built-in radio. When you set an alarm on a clock radio it plays a live radio station to help you wake up, although most clock radios also come with a standard buzzer alarm function along with playing the radio. Depending on the type of product, the best clock radios come with various features such as dual alarms for waking people at different times and the ability to sync the clock with an MP3 player or smartphone to play music from your other devices.

Why should you buy a good clock radio?

The best clock radios make waking up much easier for many people. Rather than being suddenly awoken by a loud buzzing alarm, the clock will play your favourite radio station, letting you wake up to the sound of music playing or people chatting.

Conversely, good clocks can feature loud buzzing alarms - or just loud volumes in general - that are more effective at waking certain people, especially if their smartphone has calm and quieter alarms.

How to choose the right clock radio in 2024?

Another picture of a clock radio

Finding the best clock radio can be difficult if you are unsure what to look for, so here are a few things to consider when buying:

  • Display: Clock radios come with display screens of varying sizes, so consider how big of a screen you would like. Larger screens will show the time more clearly, while certain clock displays show other information like the current song playing, what song is next and what radio show is being played. Also, be mindful of bright displays, as these can impact sleeping if too close to your bed.
  • Batteries: Always check to see if a clock radio takes batteries. Even if it plugs into mains power, which most digital clocks do, a power cut will reset the clock and alarm, meaning you could sleep in. Clocks that take batteries have no such problems, as the batteries keep the clock running at the right time so the alarm won’t be delayed.
  • Connectivity: You may want a clock that has additional features beyond playing the radio. For instance, many now come with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to sync the radio to other devices to play music from your phone or MP3 player. Some have USB functionality that lets you connect devices using wires, which is also handy for bedside charging!

What is the best kind of clock radio in Spain?

Buy a good clock radio that suits best to your personal needs. The best-selling radios include:

  • AM/FM Clock Radio: A standard clock radio connects to AM and FM radio frequencies, providing access to various radio stations operating on these common frequencies. These clocks are cheap yet very effective.
  • Digital Clock Radio: These models use digital technology to receive radio transmissions, offering a wider range of stations and much clearer signals. Most modern clock radios now use digital radio, making them very reliable and affordable.
  • Sunrise Alarm Clocks: Combines the radio alarm clock functionality with a sunrise alarm, which uses a LED light that slowly brightens as the alarm is activated. The wake-up light alarm clock replicates the sunrise, helping you to wake up more naturally and to avoid feeling tired or lethargic in the morning.

Top 10 list of clock radios in Spain (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their clock radios. Which alarm clock is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Smartwares CL-1459 clock radio
Smartwares CL-1459 – Reloj despertador con dos alarmas, radio…
Offer TOP 2
Image of TAKRINK EN8827 clock radio
TAKRINK Despertador de Proyección 7.5 Pulgadas Digital 180° Rotativo, con Función de Radio FM Humedad Temperatura Interior con Puerto de Carga USB 2 Relojes Despertadores 4 Niveles de Brillo
Image of Philips Audio TAR3306/12 clock radio
TAR3306/12 Philips Despertador Radio con Pantalla para la Cabecera, Radio Digital con Doble Alarma, Temporizador para Dormir y Función de Repetición, Negro con Pantalla
Image of LIORQUE OOA4080 clock radio
LIORQUE Radio Despertador Proyector, Reloj Despertador Digital con Gran VA Pantalla, Radio Reloj FM, C°/F°, 12/24 H, DST, 4 Niveles de Brillos, USB, Despertador Digital 180° con Función de Memoria
Image of Philips Audio TAR3205/12 clock radio
Philips Radiodespertador R3205/12 FM Radio (Alarma Dual, Temporizador, Diseño Compacto, Radio Digital FM, Batería de Reserva), Color Negro
Image of BUFFBEE RS1 clock radio
BUFFBEE Radio Despertador de cabecera con luz Nocturna de 7 Colores, Doble Alarma, regulador de Intensidad, Cargador USB, Despertador Digital con Radio FM -Blanco
Image of Philips Audio TAR4406/12 clock radio
TAR4406/12 Despertador Philips Radio, con Pantalla de Espejo para la cabecera, Radio Digital con Doble Alarma, Temporizador para Dormir y función de repetición, batería portátil de Reserva, con USB
Image of Anykuu 3636 clock radio
Anykuu Despertador Proyector 180 °Giratorio Función de Radio FM Reloj Despertador Digital Puerto USB 6.7" Pantalla LED Brillo de 3 Niveles Proyección Alarmas Dobles para Casa Dormitorio Oficina
Image of Metronic 477003 clock radio
Metronic 477003 - Radio Despertador Digital con Reloj LED Rojo, pequeño, Compacto, con función Doble Alarma, Sleep/Snooze y sintonizador Radio FM con Memoria para 10 emisoras
TOP 10
Image of Elbe CR-932 clock radio
ELBE CR-932 Radio-despertador digital con radio am/fm, radio analógica am/fm, alarma con radio o acústica, memoria 20 emisoras, función snooze y sleep, pantalla LED 0,6'', color blanco negro
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