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The 10 best gaming keyboards to buy in Spain

Picture of a gaming keyboard

For anyone serious about PC gaming, a good gaming keyboard with the right gaming mouse may be just the thing to take your playing to the next level. Getting the best gaming keyboard really comes down to your preferred style of gaming, with a huge range of options available to suit most pc gamers. Looking a great gaming keyboard but aren’t sure what you need? Check out the guide below for everything you need!

What are gaming keyboards?

Gaming keyboards are a variation of the standard keyboard for desktop computers, being specially designed for playing video games to maximize the playing experience. The best gaming keyboards out there offer features that allow gaming to be even better, such as programmable features and ergonomic designs.

Why should you buy a good gaming keyboard?

Gaming keyboards are great for anyone that regularly plays video games on their computer. From a more durable design suited for frequent use of highly responsive keys for faster in-game reaction time, there are countless benefits to be by investing in the best gaming keyboard possible. Should you enjoy playing games on the PC and want to enhance the experience and play as best as you possibly can, then a good gaming keyboard is well worth investing in.

How to choose the right gaming keyboard in 2024?

Another picture of a gaming keyboard

Looking for a good gaming keyboard but unsure what you need? Consider some of the following features to find the best gaming keyboard for your computer:

  • Programmable Keys: A great feature for games that have many different control inputs, programmable keys allow for custom controls to be set for every game. For example, it can be used to instantly bring up a map, reload, cast a spell – anything you want!
  • Game Mode: Most gaming keyboards come with a game mode button, but be sure they have one in any case as it’s a very useful feature. Basically, it allows you to lock out the windows button when playing a game, preventing you from accidentally going to the desktop mid-game.
  • Connectivity: Some of the best gaming keyboards feature Bluetooth technology, allowing them to connect wirelessly to the computer. This is a great feature for anyone that likes to game away from a desk, allowing you to sit anywhere you like when playing.
  • Indicator Panels: Many great gaming keyboards include an indicator panel for additional in-game information, such as ammo left and health, while also showing how the computer is performing, such as CPU load and RAM used. Typically displayed from a LCD panel known from monitors, this can be a fantastic feature for certain types of gamers looking for frequent updates on their performance and the performance of their computer.

What is the best kind of gaming keyboard in Spain?

There are a few options when it comes to popular types of gaming keyboards, with each one appealing to certain styles of play, pc setups, and budgets:

  • Membrane Gaming Keyboard: For anyone looking for a cheap gaming keyboard, membrane types are the best choice. The feature soft plastic membrane beneath the keys, but often lack high responsiveness gamers are looking for.
  • Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: More expensive than the membrane type, mechanical gaming keyboards are usually viewed as the better choice when it comes to performance, most notably through less latency when hit.
  • MMO Gaming Keyboard: Designed for MMOs (massively multiplayer online), these gaming keyboards offer a range of programmable macro keys that allow for extensive customization. Given the wide array of control inputs in most MMOs, it’s a fine choice for anyone looking for a more efficient playing style.

Top 10 list of gaming keyboards in Spain (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their gaming keyboards. Which keyboard is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of MARSGAMING MCPTKLES gaming keyboard
Mars Gaming MCPTKLES, Combo RGB Teclado y Ratón, Diseño…
Offer TOP 2
Image of MARSGAMING MK120ES gaming keyboard
Mars Gaming MK120ES, Teclado Gaming FRGB, Aluminio, Antighosting, Soporte Smartphone, Gris y Negro, Idioma Español
Image of Rii DU-V50E-MI20 gaming keyboard
Rii RK100 Plus Teclado retroiluminado Gaming7 Colores Rainbow LEDSensacion mecánica.Teclado para Juegos con Cable USBDisposición QWERTY Español
Image of Logitech G 920-008086 gaming keyboard
Logitech G213 Prodigy Teclado Gaming con Reposamuñecas, RGB LIGHTSYNC, Teclas Retroiluminadas y Personalizables, Resistente a Salpicaduras, Controles Multimedia Dedicados, Disposición QWERTY ES
Image of Rii  gaming keyboard
Rii RK900+ Gaming Combo de Teclado y 4 dpi Ratón con Cable, Gran tamaño, Sensación mecánica, Retroiluminación LED Multicolor, Layout Español-Negro (Large)
Image of RedThunder K10 gaming keyboard
RedThunder K10 Teclado Gaming Mecánico lnalámbrico,Retroiluminación LED,Batería Recargable de 3800 mAh, Anti-ghosting+ratón 7D 3200DPI,Disposición ES,para PC/PS5/Xbox-Negro
Image of Trust 23823 gaming keyboard
Trust Gaming GXT 835 Azor Teclado Retroiluminado, Disposición QWERTY Español, LED Iluminación, Teclado Alámbrico Gaming para Windows, Mac, PC, Ordenador, Portátil - Negro
Image of Rii  gaming keyboard
Rii RK909 Teclado Gaming Mecánico, 3 Modos de Conectividad, 96% Compacto Interruptores Azules, 101 Teclas, 20 Modos Retroiluminación(LED)-Layout Español
Image of Rii ES-RK900 gaming keyboard
Rii Teclado Gaming, RK202, Retroiluminado LED con Cable USB para PC/Laptop / PS4 / Xbox One (Español, Negro)
TOP 10
Image of Dierya T68SE gaming keyboard
Dierya T68SE Teclado Mecánico Gaming Mini 60% Red Switch Mechanical Keyboard con Retroiluminación LED,Cable USB-Type C,Teclado Ultra-Compacto 68 Teclas Anti-Fantasma US Layout para PC/Windows
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