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The 10 best hardside luggage to buy in Spain

Picture of a hardside luggage

Looking for the best hardside luggage but are unsure what you need? Choosing luggage can be difficult, with so many styles, sizes, and materials to choose from, so knowing what you need and what to look for makes the entire process much easier. Be sure to check out our handy buying guide below, it has all the information that you need to know to find the best hardcase luggage for any occasion.

What are hardside luggage?

Hardside luggage is a type of suitcase made from rigid materials. The outside has a hard shell that isn’t flexible like a softside suitcase, with the robust material offering extra protection to the belongings inside.

Why should you buy a good hardside luggage?

There are many reasons to buy hardside luggage, with the most obvious being that it offers additional protection for your belongings, which is a huge advantage when travelling with fragile items like electronics. Another key benefit is that the best hardside luggage is generally more durable than soft-sided variants. Also, as the material is much stronger and easier to clean, it tends to last much longer than other types of luggage.

How to choose the right hardside luggage in 2024?

Another picture of a hardside luggage

Here are a few things to consider when you are looking for the best hardcase luggage:

  • Capacity: As with any luggage, you should always consider the capacity and whether it’s suitable for your needs. Think about how long you are travelling for, as the longer you are travelling the more capacity you will require.
  • Size: Beyond the capacity, you should look at the overall size of any luggage you are thinking of buying. Is it going to be easy to carry around? Will it be too large for carry-on luggage? Would two smaller suitcases be more suitable than sharing a large single suitcase? Think about how the size will impact your travelling.
  • Purpose: Consider what you need the hardside luggage for before buying, as it makes finding something suitable much easier and less time-consuming. For instance, if you are travelling for work then try looking for a small hard-sided suitcase that can double as carry-on, while anyone travelling with family may require a large suitcase.
  • Material: Hardside luggage is made from a variety of materials so there are several options to consider. Some are very affordable and great for most people, with polycarbonate being a great mid-range option that offers a nice balance between durability and affordability. Aluminium is very strong but also expensive, while plastics like PVC and ABS are affordable yet not the most durable.

What is the best kind of hardside luggage in Spain?

Here are the two most common types of hardside luggage that you can buy online:

  • Hardside Suitcases: Hardside suitcases come in many shapes and sizes, with various materials used to create the hard exterior. Some materials are tougher than others but may increase the price, such as polycarbonate and aluminium.
  • Hardside Carry-On: This is basically any suitcase or hard-sided backpack that is small enough to qualify for carry-on luggage. Many hardcase suitcases are compact and lightweight that they mare for great carry-on luggage for short-term trips.

Top 10 list of hardside luggage in Spain (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their hardside luggage. Which luggage set is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Amazon Basics LN20164-20 hardside luggage
Amazon Basics - Maleta de viaje rígida giratoria - 55 cm, Tamaño…
Image of NUMADA  hardside luggage
NUMADA - Maleta de Viaje Cabina Upfly 20' ABS (53x33,5x22cm) con Cierre de Combinación y 4 Ruedas Dobles 360. Maleta de Mano Rígida Resistente, Ligera con Interior Compartimentado | Burdeos
Image of RAYKONG  hardside luggage
RAYKONG Maleta Cabina ABS 55x40x20cm (40L) - Trolley pequeña Equipaje de Mano - 4 Ruedas Dobles Giratorias 360ª - RosaDorada
Offer TOP 4
Image of T-LOVENDO.ES TLVMA-ROSE GOLD hardside luggage
T-LoVendo Maleta de Viaje Cabina Trolley 20” (40L). Equipaje de Mano. 4 Ruedas Dobles. 55x40x20cm. Material ABS Semirigida. Cerradura con combinación numérica. Asa telescópica. Color Rosa
Image of Kono K1871L BK 24 hardside luggage
Kono Maletas de Viaje Mediana Rígida ABS 65cm Maleta Mediana Equipaje de Mano con 4 Ruedas y Cerradura de Combinación TSA 65x41x26cm (M, Negro)
Image of NUMADA 1200878 hardside luggage
NUMADA - Maleta de Viaje Cabina 55x36x19cm (30L) Upfly XS con Cierre de Combinación y 4 Ruedas Dobles 360. Maleta de Mano Rígida Resistente, Ligera con Interior Compartimentado | Azul Marino
Image of RAYKONG 1 hardside luggage
RAYKONG Maleta Cabina ABS 55x40x20cm 44L - Maxima aprovechamiento de Capacidad - 4 Ruedas Giratorias Dobles con 360ª - Candado Incrustado - Turquesa
Image of ITACA T71670-04 hardside luggage
ITACA - Maletas Grandes de Viaje: Maleta Grande 23 Kilos, Maleta Viaje Grande, Maleta De Viaje para Todas Tus Aventuras. Material ABS Resistente y Ligera T71670, Aguamarina
Image of British Traveller K2392L BK 20 hardside luggage
British Traveller Maleta de Viaje con Material PP Maleta de Cabina Rígida Ligera con Cerradura TSA (55x37x22cm, Negro+Marrón)
TOP 10
Image of Kono K2092 24'' hardside luggage
Kono Maleta Mediana 65 cm Rígida Maletas de Viaje con Cerradura TSA, Ligera Moda Equipaje de Mano con 4 Ruedas y Cremallera YKK, Durable Polipropileno (Maleta Mediana, Negro)
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