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The 10 best headphones to buy in Spain

Picture of a headphone

With countless portable devices available that can play videos and music, the demand for quality headphones has never been higher. In fact, with so many options currently available today, finding the best headphones for you can be rather difficult. Knowing what to look for in a set of headphones should make finding a set to suit your needs a bit easier!

What are headphones?

A headphone is a type of listening device that is worn either over or inside the ears to listen to the audio. As an output device, they can be plugged into various types of hardware to listen to music and other forms of audio. The best headphones offer clear, high-quality audio playback that allows the user to hear the original recorded audio through speakers that sit in or over the years.

Why should you buy a good headphone?

There are countless great headphones out there, all of which allow you to listen to audio privately. This is especially useful for listening to music when on the move. So if you enjoy listening to music, then a set of headphones is certainly something you would want to own.

Not only that, but a quality set of headphones can be used with virtually any device, including laptops, speakers, TVs, mobile and tablet devices, letting you listen to music, films, television programs, video games, and any other audio. Better still, some of the best headphones come with better audio than most built-in speakers, making them a fantastic investment for most people. Whether you want to listen to music, podcasts, or anything else on the go, headphones are an essential piece of hardware.

How to choose the right headphone in 2024?

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Finding the best headphone for your needs is far from easy. There are countless styles, designs, features, and prices, so knowing what to choose is often easier said than done!

Here are some things to look out for when trying to choose good headphones:

  • Sound quality: An obvious feature to consider, the quality of sound is very important, so be sure to look out for clear and crisp sound, deep bass, and quality feedback. If possible, test the headphones yourself to find out the sound quality!
  • Connectivity: Traditionally, headphones always came with a wire to connect to the device, but now there are wireless options that may be more appealing. Wired headphones are still great for the most part, but there are occasions where wireless Bluetooth headphones are the better choice, for instance when exercising.
  • Additional Features: Beyond the standard audio, headphones can offer a wide range of additional features that allow you to get more from the device. While non-essential, many people appreciate these features, so be sure to consider whether they have everything you need. Examples of additional features include noise-cancelling, high resolution, fast charging, Bluetooth connection, surround sound, and a microphone.

What is the best kind of headphone in Spain?

There are a few types of headphones to choose from, and while each will provide audio, some are better suited for certain activities. So, in order to find the best headphones for what you need, be sure to think about how you will mostly be using them.

Popular types of headphones include:

  • In Ear Headphones: One of the most popular recognizable types of headphone, they are inserted directly into the ear canal. In ear headphones are great for most activities, being lightweight and relatively inexpensive, making them especially popular for listening to music from mp3 players and mobile devices.
  • Around Ear Headphones: These are possibly the best headphones for sports and exercise because of how stable they are when worn. Fitted around the back your ears not unlike the frame of spectacles, they often go inside the ear canal as well to ensure they remain secure at all times.
  • On Ear Headphones: As the name suggests, on ear headphones are designed to rest softly on the ear, with each speaker connected by a band that goes on top of your head to hold them in place. The ear cups are cushioned for comfort, and these are widely considered the best headphones for sound (especially surround sound).
  • Over Ear Headphones: Not too dissimilar to on ear headphones, the main difference being they are designed to go over the entire ear rather than on it. This means they are among the largest headphones, with the bigger ear cups capable of going over the ear. They offer exceptional sound and comfort, while many models come with additional features such as noise-cancelling.
  • Headsets: A combination of headphones and a microphone, headsets are ideal for gaming or for using video chat services such as Skype. Typically coming with an over the ear design, headsets can offer an immersive gaming experience while also providing the ability to voice chat, making them very popular.

Top 10 list of headphones in Spain (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their headphones. Which headphone is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of JBL JBLT110BLK headphone
JBL T110 Auriculares In Ear con Pure Bass - Con manejo de un solo…
Offer TOP 2
Image of Xiaomi BHR7118GL headphone
Xiaomi Redmi Buds 4 Lite - Auriculares inalámbricos Ligeros con hasta 20 Horas de autonomía, Bluetooth 5.3, Driver de 12mm, IPX4, Negro (Versión ES + 3 años de garantía)
Image of New Bee B45 headphone
New Bee Auriculares Manos Libres con Doble Micrófono V5.0 Auricular Bluetooth con 25 Horas de Tiempo de Conversación Mic Mute Conexión de Dos Dispositivos para iPhone, Android y PC
Image of BESNOOW I53 headphone
Auriculares Inalámbricos Bluetooth, Auriculares Bluetooth 5.3 con Controlador de 14,2 mm, Sonido Envolvente, 40Horas Cascos Inalámbricos con Reducción de Ruido, Pantalla LED, IP7 Impermeable,Oscuro
Image of Monyhigh A60 headphone
Auriculares Inalámbricos,Auriculares Bluetooth 5.3 in Ear con 4 HD Microfono, 2024 Cascos Inalambricos HiFi Estéreo con Cancelación de Ruido ENC, Pantalla LED,42 Horas de Reproducción,IPX7 Impermeable
Image of Btootos A90 Pro headphone
Auriculares Inalámbricos, Bluetooth 5.3 con HD Micrófono HiFi Estéreo Pantalla LED, Reducción de Ruido, 13 mm Controlador dinámico,IP7 Impermeable 36H Cascos Negros
Image of IKT X08 headphone
Auriculares Inalámbricos Bluetooth, Auriculares Bluetooth 5.3, 4 Mic con Reducción de Ruido ENC, 50H con Graves, Cascos Inalambricos Bluetooth IP7 Impermeable, Carga Rápida USB-C, Ajuste Cómodo
Image of Blukar K9203 headphone
Blukar Auriculares In Ear, Auriculares con Micrófono y Cable Cómodo Reducción Ruido Sonido Estéreo Control de Volumen para Todos los Dispositivos de Auriculares de 3.5mm
Image of Sony MDREX15APB.CE7 headphone
Sony MDR-EX15AP - Auriculares in-ear (con micrófono), negro
TOP 10
Image of VddSmm OM-06D headphone
4 Pack Auriculares con Cable con Micrófono y Control de Volumen, Adecuados para Teléfonos Móviles, Tabletas, MP3 y Otros Dispositivos de Audio de 3,5 mm (3.5mm)
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