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The 10 best hiking boots to buy in Spain

Picture of a set of hiking boots

For anyone that loves hiking, hill walking, or any type of outdoor activity, they will likely want to invest in a pair of quality hiking boots. There’s a huge selection of products available, so finding the best hiking boots for your preferred outdoor activity shouldn’t be too difficult, providing you have an idea of what you need!

What are hiking boots?

Hiking boots, as the name suggests, are boots specially designed for hiking and other outdoor activities such as hill walking, mountaineering, or even just for camping. The best hiking boots offer fantastic support for walking over rough terrain through a thick and sturdy sole - and with the right insole hiking gets even more comfortable

Why should you buy a good set of hiking boots?

A good pair of hiking boots is strongly advised anytime you go on long walks involving rocky or uneven terrain. Their design ensures you can walk long distances without discomfort while offering plenty protection from the rough terrain outdoors. The best hiking boots are often waterproof as well, so not only do they help prevent injury and offer support, but also ensure you and your feet remain as comfortable impossible when hiking, hill walking and climbing.

How to choose the right set of hiking boots in 2024?

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With a staggering amount of footwear to choose from, choosing the best hiking boots can feel overwhelming at times. It can be made easier by knowing what you should be considering before making your choice. Check out the following to help find the right pair of hiking boots for your needs:

  • Fit: The best hiking boots should fit comfortably across all of your foot while not being too tight at any area. You’ll be doing a lot of walking over uneven terrain, so you want them to fit perfectly, which is why you should aim to try them on at the end of the day when feet are most swollen. Be sure to try them on with the socks you will be wearing them with as well.
  • Socks: Hiking boots won’t be as effective without proper socks, but they also allow you to determine the right size. You will obviously know your own feet size, but with footwear sizes varying from each style and manufacturer, it’s no guarantee of being correct, especially when you consider the thickness of socks designed for hiking.
  • Intended Uses: Hiking boots covers a broad spectrum of footwear, all of which are designed for various outdoor activities. There are lightweight, flexible, and heavy-duty hiking boots that are all suitable for different activities. So be sure to think about how they will be getting used: For example, if you will be doing light day hiking on even terrain, lightweight hiking boots will be a fine option, whereas heavy-duty boots are more suited for hikes or treks lasting multiple days across rocky terrain.

What is the best kind of set of hiking boots in Spain?

As previously mentioned, there are quite a few options available when it comes to hiking footwear. Each one is suitable for different types of hiking, walking, and climbing, so any of these may be the best hiking boots for you:

  • Hiking Shoes: A step above running shoes, hiking shoes offer the utmost in comfort when going for long walks, although they aren’t recommended for long hikes. Their soles are relatively thick for a non-boot design, and their light weight helps to prevent discomfort during long walks.
  • Day Hiking Boots: Lightweight and flexible, these are the best type of hiking boots for day hiking. They offer great comfort thanks to their flexible soles but should be used sparingly over rockier terrains as they are best-suited for well-maintained trails. They are often less durable with less support than other types of hiking boots.
  • Trekking Boots: Often referred to as backpacking boots, these are the sturdiest and most durable of all hiking boots. They will offer exceptional support and protection from uneven, rocky terrain while carrying heavy loads, but as a result of this, they can be quite stiff and oftentimes uncomfortable.

Top 10 list of hiking boots in Spain (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their hiking boots. Which set of hiking boots is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Columbia 1940581 set of hiking boots
Columbia REDMOND III MID WATERPROOF Botas Montaña De Senderismo…
Offer TOP 2
Image of ENSAN 286743 set of hiking boots
ENSAN 900 BOTÍN DE MONTAÑA Hombre Botas-Botines Verde 43
Image of SEGARRA  set of hiking boots
SEGARRA Jucar kaki (numeric_42)
Image of Columbia 1594731 set of hiking boots
Columbia NEWTON RIDGE PLUS II WATERPROOF, Botas Montaña de Senderismo y Trekking Hombre, Black, Black, 42 EU
Image of NORTIV 8 N225-2C0AE16-G04BD-502587626659 set of hiking boots
NORTIV 8 Botas de Montaña Zapatos de Senderismo Hombres Zapatillas Trekking Impermeables Ligeros al Aire Libre EJÉRCITO Verde Negro 160448_M-E Talla 45 (EUR)
Image of Hi-Tec O090122002_43 set of hiking boots
Hi-Tec MUFLON MID botas montaña hombre, Botas de Senderismo Hombre Membrana impermeable y transpirable Dri-tec®
Image of Columbia 1424692 set of hiking boots
Columbia Mujer Botas de invierno, NEWTON RIDGE PLUS
Image of Columbia 1940611 set of hiking boots
Columbia REDMOND III MID WATERPROOF Botas Montaña De Senderismo Y Trekking impermeables Mujer , Gris (Steam x Red Coral), 39 EU
Image of Hixingo  set of hiking boots
Hixingo Zapatillas Trekking Hombre Oscuro, Botas Montaña Hombre Mid Waterproof, Zapatillas Senderismo Hombre Mujeres, Botas de Montaña, Trekking y Senderismo
TOP 10
Image of SEGARRA 473460-43 set of hiking boots
Segarra - Bota de montaña, Senderismo y Trekking, y Muy cómoda y Resistente. Modelo 4200. para: Hombre Color: Natural Talla: 43
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