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The 10 best messenger bags to buy in Spain

Picture of a messenger bag

There are many great messenger bags available today, with styles to suit everyone’s tastes. If you are looking for the best messenger bag you can find, it’s important to know what you need from the bag and any personal preferences you may have.

Looking for the best messenger bag for your needs? Check out this handy guide below for tips on what to look for and how to choose the perfect bag.

What are messenger bags?

A messenger bag, often referred to as a courier bag, is single-strap sack worn over the shoulder. The bag itself rests on the lower back of the wearer, and it was once the traditional method of carrying for couriers. However, the messenger bag has become a popular fashion item thanks to its stylish design and versatility. Now, there are many great messenger bags available in countless different styles.

Why should you buy a good messenger bag?

The best messenger bags are stylish and versatile, coming in many shapes, sizes, and fabrics, with various patterns and colours also available. This means that there are so many styles of messenger bag that virtually anyone can find one they like.

Not only that, but a messenger bag is great for anyone living the modern lifestyle where you need to carry some belongings, be it a laptop, documents, files, or even just your lunch. Whether it’s for work, studying, or as a fashion statement, there are endless uses for a quality messenger bag.

How to choose the right messenger bag in 2024?

Another picture of a messenger bag

Finding the best messenger bag depends on what you need it for. Here are some things to consider so that you can choose a bag that best suits your needs:

  • Size: As with any bag, the key to finding a great messenger bag is knowing what size you need. There are many sizes available, from extra small bags for a few items to large bags capable of holding many belongings. Think about what you will likely be filling it with most regularly, as this should make finding a suitable size easier.
  • Design: A messenger bag doesn’t need to be just practical, as they are viewed as a fantastic piece of urban fashion. You want to look good wearing your messenger bag, so be sure to go for a colour and design you find appealing. If it’s for use in work, you may want to look for a more professional design, otherwise the feel free to choose anything you like for a personal use.
  • Function: Of course, buying a functional messenger bag is a must for many, and you may find certain features to be very useful. For example, if you’re messenger bag is going to carry your laptop, then you want to make sure it has suitable padding and protection. If it’s for business, you may require several pockets for better organising documents. Consider what you need to use the bag for when looking at features and functions to ensure you get something you need.

What is the best kind of messenger bag in Spain?

There are countless styles of messenger bags out there, with a bag in virtually every shape and size you can imagine. They are most easily categorised by the materials they use, with some of the most popular including:

  • Canvas Messenger Bags: A durable, lightweight material, canvas messenger bags are great for everyday use, being a popular choice for students. In fact, they are probably the best messenger bag for students, as the canvas material is highly durable, especially from the corners of textbooks and folders that may cause tearing.
  • Leather Messenger Bags: A much more sophisticated messenger bag, these are the best choice for anyone seeking a stylish yet professional looking bag. There are many colours available, although blacks and browns remain popular choices.
  • Synthetic Messenger Bags: Perhaps the best messenger bag for anyone living in wet climates, synthetic materials are fully water-resistant, making them ideal for protecting textbooks, documents, and other paper items.

Top 10 list of messenger bags in Spain (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their messenger bags. Which messenger bag is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of NEWIROVE 8888 messenger bag
NEWIROVE Bolsos Mujer Bandolera Bolso Cruzado Mujer Casual Impermeable…
Image of Roulens  messenger bag
Roulens Bolsos Bandolera Para Mujer con 3 Compartimentos Grandes,Cuero PU Bolso de Hombro Pequeña de Mujer,Bolso Pequeño Bandolera para Damas Mujeres con Correa Ancha Ajustable Y ExtraíBle
Image of heekpek Crossbody bag nylon messenger bag
heekpek Bolso Bandolera Mujer Impermeable Bolso Bandolera Nylon Unisex Casual Ligero Bolsa Crossbody Mujer Bolso Hombro con Correa Ancha Ajustable, Negro
Offer TOP 4
Image of Coronel Tapiocca 0LX8856 messenger bag
Coronel Tapiocca Bolso para Hombre Bolso Bandolera Urban Casual con Solapa Bolsillos y Cremallera Denim 17.5x22x5.5 cm Negro
Image of AFKOMST Medium messenger bag
AFKOMST bandolera mujer pequeña, bandolera mujer piel sintética, bolso mujer, con bandolera ajustable desmontable
Image of Ray-Velocity XKB-SA1 messenger bag
Ray-Velocity Bolso Bandolera de Cuero PU, Bolso de Mensajero, Correa Ajustable, Múltiples Bolsillos, Elegancia, Regalos para Mujer (B, Marrón)
Image of BROADREAM  messenger bag
Bolsa de mensajero de lona grande,Bolso bandolera informal vintage - Hobo Crossbody con Múltiples Bolsillos Messenger Bag Estética con gran capacidad, para viajes, trabajo, escuela, compras diarias
Image of XUEREY SY-2B07 messenger bag
Bolso de mensajero casual de nailon con múltiples bolsillos, para mujer, bolso de viaje, color Negro, talla Talla Unica
Image of Myhozee B098 messenger bag
Myhozee Bolsos de Mujer,Bolso Bandolera Mujer Bolso Lona de Hombro Bolso Tote Bolso Shopper Bolso de Mano para Multifuncional - Negro
TOP 10
Image of Aucuu N1EU-3710941 messenger bag
Aucuu Bolso Bandolera Mujer, Impermeable Nailon Crossbody Bolso, Grande Crossbody Bolsos con Correa Ajustable, Múltiples Bolsillo, para Viajar, Escuela, Compras, Trabajo - Gris
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