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The 10 best microphones to buy in Spain

Picture of a microphone

When looking to buy a microphone, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices. There are many types of mics available covering a wide range of prices, so knowing what the best microphone is for you isn’t always obvious.

Check out the buying guide below for tips on how to choose the best microphone

What are microphones?

A microphone is a transducer used to capture sound, which it then convers into an electric signal. There are several types of microphone available in a range of styles and sizes, and they are typically used for recording audio or amplifying sound during live performances.

Why should you buy a good microphone?

The best microphones have plenty of applications, meaning you can get a lot of use out of them. Mics are perfect for recording audio at home, whether it’s capturing an instrument, vocals, or being used to record better audio for a video.

If you enjoy recording and performing music, making videos, or recording podcasts, then a great microphone is worthwhile investment.

How to choose the right microphone in 2024?

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Choosing the best microphone isn’t that easy, even more so when you are unsure of what to look for in the device. Here are some things to consider:

  • Intended Use: Finding the best mic depends entirely on how you plan on using it, so be sure to think about this. For example, is it going to be for live performances with a band or used for home studio recording? Microphones are used mainly for live performance or studio/home recording, so by identifying your intended use you can buy a suitable product. 
  • Connectivity: Microphone cables traditional use a quarter-inch jack or XLR plug, meaning they cannot connect to a computer. However, many modern microphones feature USB connectivity, making them a great option for home recording. Wireless microphones are also available, and can be especially useful when recording videos as they free up movement compared to wired mics. Make sure you consider the connectivity of any mic and whether its suitable for your uses.
  • Sensitivity: The sensitivity of microphone refers to it’s ability to detect quieter sounds, with higher sensitivities being great for picking up more detailed audio at quieter volume. However, this isn’t necessary for every type of recording, so be sure to research how sensitive you need it to be for intended use.

What is the best kind of microphone in Spain?

There are dozens of types of microphones available, any of which may be suitable for you. Take a look at some of the most popular and what they offer:

  • Dynamic Microphone: A great all-round microphone, they are known for being affordable and quite versatile, making them suitable for many. They come with a simple design that makes them hard-wearing, making them the best mic for musicians.
  • Condenser Microphone: This type of microphone offers a strong audio signal, resulting in better sensitivity and responsiveness compared dynamic mics, although they are far less durable. They also require power from an external source, meaning there will be additional hardware needed for home studios, while their more complex design makes them more expensive than most other types.
  • Headsets and Lapels: These are a more compact form of mic that are worn around the head or attached to clothing. Ideal for video recording, they tend to be wireless, although this does mean a PA system is needed.
  • USB Microphone: A great mic for home recording, these microphones are very easy to use, plugging directly into a computer. Perfect for podcasting and other home recording, they are relatively affordable and easy to setup, making them especially good for anyone that’s never recorded audio before.

Top 10 list of microphones in Spain (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their microphones. Which microphone is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of NGS ELEC-MIC-0001 microphone
NGS Singer Fire - Micrófono Vocal Dinámico, Micrófono…
Image of TONOR TN492BL microphone
TONOR Micrófono dinámico de Karaoke para Cantar con Cable XLR de 5 m, micrófono de Mano de Metal Compatible con máquina de Karaoke, Altavoz/Amplificador/Mezclador para Cantar Karaoke, Habla, Boda
Offer TOP 3
Image of MicQutr MC18001-F microphone
Micrófono inalámbrico Bluetooth Karaoke, portátil Karaoke, micrófono con luz, micrófono Karaoke para niños/Adultos Cantar Club Navidad cumpleaños Noche Familia Youtube Live, Idea de Regalo
Image of Trust Gaming 24182 microphone
Trust Gaming GXT 241 Velica Micrófono USB Profesional para PC, con Condensador, Trípode, Filtro de Rejilla para Ordenador, Streaming, Youtube, Podcasting, Negro
Image of Downy DD2024 microphone
2 Pcs Micrófono de Solapa Inalámbrico Compatible con ios/Android, Mini Micrófono Portátil Plug-Play Reducción de Ruido Inteligente, para Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, TIK Tok Video y transmisión en Vivo
Image of Qhot iOS&USB-C/2 Mic microphone
Qhot Microfono Wireless per iPhone, Microfono Lavalier Wireless per Registrazione Video, PC, Laptop, Streaming Live, Podcast, Vlog, Youtube/TikTok (iOS&USB-C/2 Mic)
Image of Razer RZ19-03450300-R3M1 microphone
Razer Seiren Mini - Micrófono compacto para USB para streaming, (compacto con patrón polar supercardioide, soporte inclinable, amortiguador integrado) Mercury
Image of Trust Gaming 22656 microphone
Trust Gaming GXT 232 Mantis Micrófono USB con Trípode y Filtro Pop, Micro para Streaming, Grabar, Podcast, Vlog, PC, Ordenador, Portátil, PS4, PS5 – Negro
Image of Fede FM920506 microphone
Fede Micrófono Karaoke Bluetooth, Microfono Inalámbrico Karaoke Portátil con luz LED Multicolor para Niños Canta Partido Musica, Compatible con Android/iOS PC o Teléfono Inteligente
TOP 10
Image of Pyle PDMIC58 microphone
PYLE Micrófono profesional dinámico de mano. Vocal, unidireccional y manual. conexión XLR, cable de ¼ “, color negro
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