Best gaming chair 2022

Which is the best gaming chair in Spain?

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The 10 best gaming chairs to buy in Spain

The top 10 list of the best gaming chairs lists various brands and prices

Review10Best compares the best gaming chairs in Spain and selects the one by Woxter as the best gaming chair. In a gaming chair buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different gaming chairs and see a recommendation on which gaming chair to buy in Spain in 2022. By considering the top list of gaming chairs, you can find the best gaming chairs and save time shopping online.

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  1. Read the ultimate gaming chair buying guide
  2. View the gaming chair picks and see how they rank in the top list


Best gaming chairs: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great gaming chair

Picture of a gaming chair

Trying to find the best gaming chair can be difficult if you’re unsure of what to look for. There are many products available but not all of them are great, so it helps to know a few things to look for to ensure that you get a great gaming chair for your needs.

What are gaming chairs?

A gaming chair is a chair that is designed for use when playing video games. The original gaming chairs were designed for racing games, with the goal to mimic the feeling of sitting in a luxury chair when driving a luxury sports car, resulting in similar features such as a high backrest, flared sided, and lots of padding around the sides, back, and seat.

A good gaming chair follows this classic design and incorporates various materials, colours, and decals, while some models even have extra features like built-in speakers, inputs and outputs for gaming devices, wireless connectivity, vibrating cushions, etc.

Why should you buy a good gaming chair?

Playing video games for prolonged periods can result in various aches and pains unless you have an ergonomic chair. The best gaming chairs are designed to provide comfort for long hours of sitting while maintaining proper posture, all of which helps to avoid back and shoulder pains that can develop from sitting in a bad chair for too long.

Plus, gaming chairs look very cool and will be a welcome addition to anyone’s gaming room and man cave, providing an immersive experience when playing video games. Not only that, certain chairs can double up as an extra comfy office chair!

Another picture of a gaming chair
How to choose the right gaming chair?

Here are some things to think about to help you find the best gaming chair:

  • Materials: Look for quality materials in a gaming chair to ensure they last long, with PU leather being one of the most durable. Fabric materials are available and often considered more comfortable, although they are harder to clean and may not last the same duration PU leather.
  • Ergonomics: As a gaming chair is designed to provide comfort for long hours of gaming, be sure to look at the ergonomics to make sure it’s comfortable enough for your needs. Check the overall design of the backrest to see if it offers good posture while looking for things like lumbar support and an adjustable height and back, as this can all improve the ergonomics of the chair.
  • Connectivity: The best gaming chairs connect to your gaming devices for an incredibly immersive experience, so make sure to check whether they can connect to the desired device. For instance, check to see if the chair connects to consoles and/or PCs, along with things like controllers, headsets, and microphones.
What is the best kind of gaming chair in Spain?

There are several types of gaming chair designs available, any of which may be to your liking. These include:

  • Rocker Gaming Chair: This type of gaming chair doesn’t have legs, instead of sitting flat on the floor in an L-shape. They rock back and forth and are generally very comfortable, while higher-end models can have all the bells and whistles like audio input/out connections, built-in speakers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. The lack of legs makes them unsuitable for PC gaming, however.
  • Pedestal Gaming Chair: Pedestal chairs look very similar to rocker chairs but with the addition of a pedestal at the base. This allows the chair to swivel around 360 degrees and to slightly adjust the height. It’s a gaming chair best suited for console gaming, coming with mostly the same features as a rocker chair.
  • PC Chair: Resembles a classic office chair with a high backrest, armrests, and legs but is designed for gaming rather than office work. Usually, the best gaming chair for ergonomics, coming with lumbar support, cushioned headrests and padded armrests.
…are you ready for the best picks of 2022?

Top 10 list of gaming chairs in Spain (July 2022)

The bestseller list compares brands and their gaming chairs. Which gaming chair is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Woxter GM26-072 gaming chair
Woxter Stinger Station Alien V2.0 Pink - Silla Gaming (Eje de Acero, Levantamiento (Gas Pistón Clase 4), Ergonómica, Reposabrazos Acolchados, Altura Ajustable, Ruedas antiarañazos y Cojín Lumbar)
Offer TOP 2
Image of Soontrans  gaming chair
Soontrans Silla Gaming con Masajeador, Silla Gamer con Reposapiés Reposacabeza, Ergonómica, Cojín Lumbar de Masaje, Sillas Gaming para Gaming Livesteam Youtube Playstation (Morado)
Image of Oversteel NAT-OV-ULTIMET-GRAY gaming chair
Oversteel - Silla gaming profesional ULTIMET, Gris
Image of Oversteel NAT-OV-ULTIMET-FBBLACK gaming chair
Oversteel ULTIMET Silla Gaming Profesional en Tela, Negra
Image of Fury NFF-1710 gaming chair
FURY NFF-1710 Avenger M+ -Silla Gaming, Diseño Ergonomico, Función Balanceo, Almohada Lumbar, hasta 150 Kg, Elevador a Gas Clase 3, Cuero, Blanco Negro
Image of DRIFT GAMING DR50BL gaming chair
Drift DR50BL- Silla Gaming Profesional, polipiel, reposabrazos acolchados, piston clase 4, asiento basculante, altura regulable, cojín lumbar, color Negro/azul
Image of YOLEO  gaming chair
YOLEO Silla Gaming Profesional, Silla Ajustable Giratoria para Juegos, Silla de Computadora, Reposabrazos Ajustables y Respaldo, Ergonómica, Carga Máxima de 150 kg, Blanco
Image of IntimaTe WM Heart SCY-021 gaming chair
IntimaTe WM Heart Silla Gaming Reposapies, Ergonómica Silla Racing Reclinable Respaldo Alto con Cojín Lumbar & Cabeza Almohada, Sillas de Oficina con Ajustable Reposabrazos, Azul
Image of Vinsetto 921-280RD gaming chair
Vinsetto Silla Gaming Ergonómica Silla de Escritorio para Oficina con Altura Ajustable Respaldo Regulable de 170° Almohada Lumbar y Reposapiés Retráctil 65x70x117-125 cm Rojo
TOP 10
Image of RR TLV-AM-CGC11-PINK gaming chair
RR TLV-AM-CGC11-PINK Silla Gaming Oficina Racing Sillon Gamer Profesional Videojuegos PC, Rosa, Universal
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