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Which is the best mascara in Spain?

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The 10 best mascaras to buy in Spain

The top 10 list of the best mascaras lists various brands and prices

Review10Best compares the best mascaras in Spain and selects the one by Maybelline New York as the best mascara. In a mascara buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different mascaras and see a recommendation on which mascara to buy in Spain in 2022. By considering the top list of mascaras, you can find the best mascaras and save time shopping online.

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Best mascaras: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great mascara

Picture of a mascara

Some ladies have lashes that are scanty and scattered. Not very many of them will opt for false eyelashes, yet every lady loves to have lush eyelashes that appear neat, well aligned, polished and alluring, and this is exactly what good mascaras are all about. In the following, we tell you what you need to know to choose the best mascara for your needs.

What are mascaras?

Mascara is a beauty cosmetic applied to the eyelashes to lengthen, darken, define and thicken them. Mascara remains one of the most common cosmetics in the women's world, a cheap and easy way to beautify the eyes without false eyelashes. Although it can be made using several formulas, the core ingredients for making the best mascara remain wax, oil, and preservative. They come in cake, cream, and liquid forms. Nowadays, mascaras come with wands, that means brushes for applying the mascaras to the eyelashes, that come in different sizes and shapes.

Why should you buy a good mascara?

Mascara is primarily applied to the eyelashes to make them appear darker, thicker, longer and polished. However, the best mascaras have vitamins that protect the lashes and make them healthier, and color pigments that make them more beautiful and colorful.

Another picture of a mascara
How to choose the right mascara?

Choosing the right mascara is as important as getting one, and you can't get the best results using the wrong mascara. Failure to use the best mascara for your needs will break and eventually damage the eyelashes.

Here are a few things to look out for when picking great mascara for yourself:

  • Lash Type: The first point to consider when you want to choose the right mascara for you is your lash type. The best mascara for another may not necessarily be the best for you. Getting to know whether you have long or short lashes, thin lashes or stumpy lashes, straight or curvy lashes, will help you determine which mascara is best for you.
  • Formula: The next thing to look out for is the formula. Be sure that the formula will be mild with your lash type.
  • Wand: Most people tend to ignore and neglect this one, but the formula and the wand work hand in hand to give your lashes that brilliant look. Applying the same mascara with different wands produces different results and this is what makes the wand one of the things you should consider when shopping for mascaras.
What is the best kind of mascara in Spain?

Although the final choice when picking the best mascara for you will be largely influenced by your personal preference and budget, you might want to go for the following types of mascara.

Go ahead and give your lashes the best:

  • Lash Mascaras: These are arguably the best kind of mascara, as they offer an all-in-one effect. Lash mascaras extend the length, thicken and also curl your lashes, plus they are waterproof.
  • Waterproof Mascaras: For those who live in wetter areas, tropical areas, have an oily skin type or run very busy schedules, waterproof mascara will prove to be a smart choice for them as it will not smudge or smear off.
  • Curling mascaras: If curvy eyelashes are best for you, then curling mascaras should be your first choice. However, ladies with straight lashes may end up breaking or damaging their eyelashes.
  • Lengthening Mascaras: This type of mascaras usually contains nylon fibers that help in lengthening the lashes. Ladies with straight or short lashes should go for this type of mascaras.
  • Thickening Mascaras: Ladies with loose lashes should go for thickening mascaras with special wax to make their lashes look wider and thicker without making it too heavy.
…are you ready for the best picks of 2022?

Top 10 list of mascaras in Spain (December 2022)

The bestseller list compares brands and their mascaras. Which mascara is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Maybelline New York B3336001 mascara
Maybelline New York, Máscara de pestañas Volumen y Longitud, Lash Sensational Sky High, Black (Negro), 7,2 ml
Image of L'Oreal Paris 3600522066842 mascara
L´Oréal Paris Make Up Artist Máscara de Pestañas Mega Duración y Mega Volumen Colágeno 24H, Color Negro, 9 ml
Image of Rimmel London 34651537001 mascara
Rimmel London Wonder'Luxe Volume Máscara de Pestañas Tono 001 Black (Gama Negros) - 11 ml
Offer TOP 4
Image of MAYBELLINE 3600531507282 mascara
Maybelline New York - Máscara de Pestañas, The Falsies Black Drama Volum Express - Tono Negro
Image of L'Oreal Paris Does Not Apply mascara
L'OREAL PARIS Máscara Lift XXL para un resultado efecto lifting, Máscara en 2 pasos para obtener más curvatura y densidad como en el salón de belleza, PRO XXL Lift, Negro, 1 unidad
Image of Maybelline New York 162277 mascara
Maybelline New York, Máscara de pestañas Lash Sensational Para Una Longitud Sin Límites, Sky High Cosmic Black, 7,2 ml
Image of Bourjois 380610 mascara
Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Black, - Máscara de PestañaS, Negro, 12 ml
Image of essence 4250947542682 mascara
ESSENCE Get Big! Lashes Volume Curl máscara de pestañas
Image of L'Oreal Paris Make-up Designer AA0953 mascara
L'Oréal Paris Máscara de Pestañas Lash Paradise Black
TOP 10
Image of Max Factor 81524141 mascara
Max Factor Máscara voluminizadora con efecto de pestañas postizas, 13,1 ml, color negro
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