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Which is the best office chair in Spain?

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The 10 best office chairs to buy in Spain

The top 10 list of the best office chairs lists various brands and prices

Review10Best compares the best office chairs in Spain and selects the one by SONGMICS as the best office chair. In a office chair buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different office chairs and see a recommendation on which office chair to buy in Spain in 2022. By considering the top list of office chairs, you can find the best office chairs and save time shopping online.

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Best office chairs: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great office chair

Picture of a office chair

Used at both workplaces and homes, a good office chair is an essential piece of equipment for anyone spending long hours sitting at a desk, although not everyone understands just how important it is. Sitting at the best office chair possible is important for maintaining a healthy back, neck, and posture, while also keeping you comfortable enough to remain focused.

With countless designs and models out there, finding the best office chairs can certainly be daunting, especially if you are unsure of what features and functions you need most. Here’s everything you need to find the perfect office chair for your home or workplace:

What are office chairs?

An office chair is a type of chair intended for use at an office. Given the nature of modern office work, these chairs have been ergonomically designed to be used for sitting at a desk without causing any discomfort or long-term damage to your body. Common features of good office chairs include an adjustable height, a back and lumbar support, and the ability to swivel.

Why should you buy a good office chair?

Anyone sitting at a desk for long hours, be it for work or pleasure, should aim to have a great office chair as part of their setup. As most office work involves sitting in front of a computer for several hours, the body can become uncomfortable to such an extent that it’s impairing your long-term health and reducing your ability to work effectively. The best office chairs offer comfort and a range of features that allow the user to remain productive while avoiding problems such as neck, back and shoulder pains.

Another picture of a office chair
How to choose the right office chair?

To find the best office chair possible, there are a few important features to look for. Anything that doesn’t offer any of the following should be avoided, as they’re simply not worth your time or money:

  • Adjustable Height: Thankfully most great office chairs have this feature, as its one of the most important. You need to be able to adjust the chair to the correct height, which should allow to position your feet flat on the ground.
  • Adjustable Back: A good office chair should also have an adjustable back, as it allows the user to sit in any posture needed. For instance, if your upper back is beginning to ache, adjusting the back of the chair allows for the pressure to be relieved. This is very important as anyone with back aches from sitting in an office chair will not be getting much work done!
  • Back Support: An office chair simply has to offer adequate back support, otherwise you may be facing aches, pains, and discomfort when trying to work: The lower and middle back requires proper support without impairing shoulder and arm movement. So an office chair with lumbar or any other type of back support is highly recommended. Anything that allows your back to form an s-shape is a suitable backrest!
  • Armrests: An often-overlooked aspect of an office chair, adjustable armrests are quite important for anyone that will spend extended periods seated. This is because adjustable armrests allow you to move the armrests to help relieve stress to the wrists and shoulders. It’s also quite a handy feature for maintaining good posture, as armrests at the right height will prevent excessive slouching.
What is the best kind of office chair in Spain?

There’s certainly no shortage of options when it comes to finding a good office chair, but given the diverse nature of office work, there are many different types to suit different needs. Consider the following types when choosing the best office chair:

  • Ergonomic Office Chairs: The best office chair for long hours of work at a desk, ergonomic office chairs have all the features to prevent discomfort and long-term pains and aches to develop. For instance, ergonomic office chairs are completely adjustable, allowing each user to find the perfect seat height, back position, armrest height etc.
  • Conference Office Chairs: A lot of office dealings involve conference meetings, leading to the development of conference office chairs. Similar to ergonomic chairs in design, they offer comfort and adjustability, while also being easy to maneuver. They tend to have a more stylish aesthetic.
  • Mesh Office Chairs: Many office chairs mesh designs, with mesh materials used for the backrest and often for the seat as well. The main benefit of this type of office chair is how breathable it is, making it a great office chair for warm environments.
  • Executive Office Chairs: Typically, the largest type of office chair. The executive chair features a much higher backrest, usually combined with a headrest for added comfort. Completely adjustable like ergonomic chairs, they often feature high-quality cushioning for added comfort, making them one of the best office chairs for long periods of sitting. However, they are on the costlier side, as they tend to be made from premium materials.
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Top 10 list of office chairs in Spain (July 2022)

The bestseller list compares brands and their office chairs. Which office chair is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of SONGMICS OBN22BK office chair
SONGMICS, Silla Giratoria, Regulable en Altura, Función de Inclinación, Respaldo y Asiento de Malla Transpirable, para Estudio de Oficina, Carga Máx. 120 kg, Negro OBN22BK, 58 x 60,5 x (96-104) cm
Image of SONGMICS OBN86BK office chair
SONGMICS OBN86BK Silla giratoria de Oficina Silla de Escritorio de Malla con reposacabezas Mecanismo sincronizad y Altura Ajustable Negro
Offer TOP 3
Image of RR TLV-MC002 office chair
RR TLV-MC002 Silla de Oficina Giratoria Escritorio de Tela de Malla Sillon Ruedas Despacho, Universal
Image of SONGMICS OBN37BK office chair
SONGMICS Silla Malla Ergonómica, Silla Oficina con Soporte Lumbar, Silla Giratoria con Apoyabrazos Ajustables, Silla Escritorio Ergonomica para Personas Sedentarias, Silla Estudio, OBN37BK
Image of SONGMICS 6955880317721 office chair
SONGMICS OBG22B - Silla Giratoria de Oficina, Estudio, Ergonómica, PU, con Ruedas, Negro, 76x66x32
Image of TT AM-OC533 office chair
TT AM-OC533 Silla de Oficina con Soporte Lumbar, Acero, Negro, Universal
Image of NOBLEWELL NWOC1-1-E office chair
NOBLEWELL Silla de Oficina, Silla de Escritorio ergonómica de Malla con Soporte Lumbar, reposacabezas Ajustable, reposabrazos, Respaldo, Silla giratoria ejecutiva para computadora, Negro
Image of T-LoVendo TLV-S2 office chair
T-LoVendo TY-H03-BLACK Silla de Oficina con Soporte Lumbar, Negro, Normal
Image of SONGMICS 6955880317424 office chair
SONGMICS Racing Silla de Escritorio de Oficina Ergonómica Regulable con Ruedas, OBG56B, Negro
TOP 10
Image of T-LoVendo TLV-1265 office chair
T-LoVendo TLV-1265 Silla de Oficina de Malla Giratoria Sin reposabrazos Ergonómica de Escritorio
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