Best waterbed mattress 2023

Which is the best waterbed mattress in Spain?

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The 10 best waterbed mattresses to buy in Spain

The top 10 list of the best waterbed mattresses lists various brands and prices

Review10Best compares the best waterbed mattresses in Spain and selects the one by ABBCO as the best mattress. In a waterbed mattress buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different mattresses and see a recommendation on which waterbed mattress to buy in Spain in 2023. By considering the top list of mattresses, you can find the best waterbed mattresses and save time shopping online.

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  2. View the waterbed mattress picks and see how they rank in the top list
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Best waterbed mattresses: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great waterbed mattress

Picture of a waterbed mattress

When most people think of a waterbed mattress, they probably think of the 70s and 80s when this type of bedding was at its height of popularity. However, waterbed mattresses are still available today, and they have made some notable improvements since their heyday that make them a viable option for anyone looking for a new mattress.

But what exactly is the best waterbed mattress? It can be hard to determine this because they are less common than spring or foam mattresses, so be sure to check out the buying guide below for all the tips and info you need to find a great waterbed mattress.

What are waterbed mattresses?

A waterbed mattress, commonly referred to as just a waterbed, is a type of mattress that contains water. Designs vary but most consist of an inner mattress filled with water that sits inside of an outer frame, either made from wood or hard foam and sits on top of a deck or platform.

Originally, good waterbeds typically had a single water chamber but modern mattresses usually feature multiple chambers that contain a mixture of air and water for improved support and comfort. Most waterbed mattresses also come with a thermostat to control a built-in heating pad to warm the bed.

Why should you buy a good waterbed mattress?

The best waterbed mattresses offer fantastic comfort and support when sleeping. This results in more relaxed muscles and joints, ensuring a deeper and more restful sleep. Also, because they are heated you can easily warm the mattress before you sleep at night, helping to further relax and soothe muscles and relieve tension.

Another picture of a waterbed mattress
How to choose the right waterbed mattress?

Thinking of buying a good waterbed mattress but don’t know what to look for? Here are some things to consider:

  • Movement: Wave effects of waterbed mattresses are a core feature of the product, with the cradling effect designed to relax and relieve tension. These are measured in waveless ratings, with 100% rating providing virtually no movement, making it the most stable option. Ratings go as low as 85%, with lower ratings indicating longer wave effects, with the mattress moving for several seconds, although most people prefer a rating somewhere between 90-100%.
  • Hard or Soft Side: A hard side waterbed mattress is held inside a specially designed frame to hold them it in place. Considered a traditional waterbed, it is large and heavy so takes up a lot of space, although it is also the cheaper option. A soft side waterbed mattress is more comparable to a modern spring mattress, with the waterbed being housed inside of a frame made from fabric or foam, while additional padding across the frame is common. Although costlier than hard side waterbeds, it’s possible to use this with your current bed frame.
  • Extra Features: There are several features waterbed mattresses come with that you might find useful, although these may increase the price compared to a basic mattress. For example, added lumbar support provides extra support for joints and muscles, as does floatation, while reinforced corners and protective covering provide added protection for the waterbed mattress.
What is the best kind of waterbed mattress in Spain?

Beyond the type of frame (i.e. hard side or soft side), a waterbed mattress can be categorised by its wave level. This includes:

  • Free-Flow Waterbed Mattress: These mattresses come with a movement rating of around 85%, meaning they produce notable waves. Many people find this relaxing but it is worth noting that it may result in motion sickness for some, so make sure you are comfortable with a lot of wave movement before buying.
  • Semi-Waveless Waterbed Mattress: These mattresses come with a water chamber that produces subtler movements. There are waves but you may not notice them unless you are especially sensitive to subtle motions, otherwise, you’ll likely find it very comfortable and relaxing. Movement ratings for these are typically between 90-95%.
  • Waveless Waterbed Mattress: As the name suggests, these mattresses produce no wave movements, being 100% waveless. This means you get all the comfort and stability but without any motion, making it the most popular waterbed mattress for most buyers.
…are you ready for the best picks of 2023?

Top 10 list of waterbed mattresses in Spain (January 2023)

The bestseller list compares brands and their waterbed mattresses. Which mattress is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of ABBCO  waterbed mattress
ABBCO Eezy - Colchón de agua (núcleo de agua UNO Softside F2, tamaño 200 x 120 cm)
Image of ABBCO  waterbed mattress
ABBCO Beso Agua Colchón – Núcleo de Agua Mesa Moll II Uno Camas F2
Offer TOP 3
Image of SXRDZ  waterbed mattress
Verano Colchón de Agua Hogar Cama de Agua Inyección de Agua Inyección de Agua Almohadilla de Hielo Cojín de Agua Dormitorio Refrigeración Colchón de Hielo Fresco (Color : D, Size : 220 * 180cm)
Image of DUÉRMETE ONLINE BIONATURE150190 waterbed mattress
DUÉRMETE ONLINE - Colchón Viscoelástico Bio Nature | Ecosostenible | Grosor 24cm | Dureza y Confort Óptimos | Firmeza Media-Alta | Antiácaros | Antibacteriano e Hipoalergénico 150 x 190
Image of EVERGREENWEB MATERASSI & BEDS  waterbed mattress
EvergreenWeb - Colchón de Espuma de Agua Alto 20 cm Ortopédico con Almohadas Viscoelásticas - Transpirable | Fashion (90 x 190 cm)
Image of EVERGREENWEB MATERASSI & BEDS  waterbed mattress
EvergreenWeb – Colchón de Espuma de Agua Alto 20 cm, con Almohada de Espuma Viscoelástica Gratuita, Ortopédico, Funda Extraíble con Efecto Masaje, Tejido Antiácaros - Sleepy (85 x 190 cm)
Image of Gerialife GL-0098 waterbed mattress
Gerialife® Colchón Geriátrico Hospitalario Articulado | 3 cm de Viscoelástica | Funda Sanitaria Impermeable (90x190)
Image of GAOXQ GAOXQ0000195 waterbed mattress
GAOXQ Colchón Agua Enfriamiento,Colchón Hielo,Sistema Acondicionamiento,Refrigerador Colchón Ciclo Agua,Disminuir 3-8 ,para Hogar, Dormitorio,albergue, Viaje Coche, Campi
Image of miasuite i sogni italiani Summit _H13_170x190 waterbed mattress
miasuite i sogni italiani Colchón Matrimonial 170x190 Alto 13 cm en espuma de agua con Dispositivo Médico e Ortopédico Cumbre
TOP 10
Image of miasuite i sogni italiani Primavera_H14_160x190 waterbed mattress
Colchón doble Ailime Miasuite de espuma de agua 160 x 190 cm 14 cm de alto con dispositivo médico
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