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The 10 best baby bottles to buy in Switzerland

Picture of a baby bottle

When it comes to feeding your child, you want to use the best baby bottle available, although finding the right product is often challenging for new parents. There are a lot of baby bottle products available and many considerations to make before you buy. To help with the buying process be sure to check out our handy guide. It covers all the essential information you need to know when buying the best baby bottles, making it easier to find the perfect solution for you and your baby.

What are baby bottles?

A baby bottle is a feeding bottle that is used to feed infants and young children. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, a baby bottle features a small teat at top of the bottle that lets the child drink directly from it, with different hole sizes influencing the flow of milk. Smaller-sized bottles are typically used for newborn infants, with larger-sized bottles used as the child grows.

Why should you buy a good baby bottle?

Whether you are bottle feeding, breastfeeding, or a combination of both, it helps to have the best baby bottles on hand. Babies require constant feeding in their early years and a baby bottle makes this process much easier, as you can use it to feed them breastmilk or infant formula milk.

With the right baby bottles, you can feed your child when out and about or from the comfort of home, with bottle sizes providing the ideal serving size for infants at varying stages of their growth. Feeding from a baby bottle is quick and convenient, making it worthwhile for most parents.

How to choose the right baby bottle in 2024?

Another picture of a baby bottle

With so many products to choose from, finding the best baby bottle is often difficult. Consider some of the following things to help you find the right bottle:

  • Number of Bottles: Consider how many bottles you need, as it is usually recommended that you own multiple bottles for use throughout the day. Remember, they need to be washed and sterilised. So it helps to buy at least two bottles, although most people recommend having around 6 for more convenience. Many manufacturers sell baby bottle multipacks. Keep an eye out for these for better value for money.
  • Size: Baby bottles tend to come in small, medium, and large sizes, with each one recommended for babies at different stages of growth. For instance, small bottles are suitable for newborn babies, medium bottles are suitable after three months, and large bottles after around 6 months. A good idea is to skip small bottles and go for medium or large, as these can be half-filled rather than increase the sizes as your baby grows. Small bottles typically become too small after just a few months.
  • Shape: The classic upright baby bottle has a narrow neck, making it a bit tougher to clean, leading many to choose the more modern wide-neck bottles. These have a squat design and a wide opening that makes them great for cleaning, while some have an angled neck to minimise air intake, helping to reduce wind.

What is the best kind of baby bottle in Switzerland?

Here are some of the most popular types of baby bottles available to buy:

  • Standard Baby Bottles: This classic baby bottle is cylindrical, featuring a narrow neck with a teat attached at the top. While affordable, these can be difficult to clean due to their narrow design.
  • Wide-Neck Baby Bottles: A popular and modern design, the wide-neck baby bottle is short but fat so has the same capacity as most standard bottles. They are much easier to clean due to the wide opening, while some have angled necks to reduce air intake.

Top 10 list of baby bottles in Switzerland (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their baby bottles. Which baby bottle is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Philips SCY903/03 baby bottle
Philips Avent Babyflaschen Natural Response – 3x Babyflaschen,…
starting from CHF 18.58*
Image of NUK 10225266 baby bottle
NUK First Choice+ Baby Bottle in Set, 0-6 Months, Temperature Control Display, 300 ml, Anti-Colic Valve, BPA-Free, Silicone Teat, Pack of 3, Safari
  • BPA-free, made in Germany and easy to care for; #1 in German jacks
  • Wide bottle neck makes filling and cleaning easier
  • Clinically tested*: for an optimal combination of breastfeeding and bottle feedi…
starting from CHF 16.65*
Offer TOP 3
Image of MAM 6749072221 baby bottle
MAM Easy Active Drinking Bottle (330 ml), Baby Drinking Bottle Including MAM Teat Size 2 Made of SkinSoft Silicone, Milk Bottle with Ergonomic Shape, 4+ Months, Space
  • Box contents and details: MAM Easy Active baby bottle (330 ml), including teat size…
  • Hygienic and practical - Thanks to the wide opening, the baby bottle is particularly…
  • Easy to use - The included cap closes the bottle securely, protects the teat from…
starting from CHF 5.15*
Image of Philips SCY673/81 baby bottle
Philips Avent Natural Response Babyflaschen – Babyflaschen mit AirFree Ventil, 260 ml, BPA-frei, für Neugeborene ab 1 Monat, Elefantenmotiv (Modell SCY673/81)
starting from CHF 9.75*
Image of Philips SCY670/01 baby bottle
Philips Avent Babyflaschen Natural Response – Babyfläschchen mit AirFree Ventil, 125 ml, BPA-frei, für Neugeborene ab 0 Monaten (Modell SCY670/01)
starting from CHF 8.76*
Image of Lansinoh 75890 baby bottle
Lansinoh Wide-Necked Baby Bottle with NaturalWave Teat Plastic
  • 2 x 240 ml wide neck bottles, 2 x Natural Wave teats size M, 2 x protective caps…
  • Reduced suction confusion is clinically confirmed*: if you want to combine breastfeeding…
  • Anti-colic AVS valve reduces the swallowing of air and possibly caused colic.
starting from CHF 12.68*
Image of NUK 10215015 baby bottle
NUK Perfect Match Baby Bottle | From 0 Months | Adapts to Baby | Temperature Control | Anti-Colic | 150 ml | BPA-Free | Silicone Teat, Small, Rainbow
  • For more safety: the patented temperature control indicator on the side of the bottle…
  • Leak-proof and easy to clean: the bottle consists of only four parts, which are easy…
  • Quiet food flow: The Perfect Match bottle teat system with anti-colic valve and 3…
starting from CHF 6.85*
Image of NUK 10216299 baby bottle
NUK First Choice+ Baby Bottles, 6-18 Months, Anti-Colic Valve, BPA-Free, 300 ml, Silicone Teat with Temperature Control, Grey Sloth
  • Made of high-quality polypropylene (PP), BPA-free, 300 ml capacity
  • Suitable for all types of food, can be combined with all NUK First Choice produc…
  • No Colic* - the NUK Anti-Colic Air System ensures a natural flow of food
starting from CHF 6.85*
Image of Lansinoh 75460 baby bottle
Lansinoh Baby Bottle with NaturalWave Teat Size S, 160 ml - Compact Design for Improved Stability - with Stackable Lid
  • Stackable lid included: allows you to store breast milk (from birth) and porridge…
  • Anti-colic valve: reduces swallowing of air
  • Specially developed for nursing babies: ergonomically shaped baby bottles with very…
starting from CHF 6.81*
TOP 10
Image of Philips SCY903/67 baby bottle
Philips Avent Babyflasche Natural Response – Babyflasche, 260 ml, BPA-frei, für Babys ab 1 Monat, Koalamotiv (Modell SCY903/67)
starting from CHF 9.45*
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