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The 10 best circular saws to buy in Switzerland

Picture of a circular saw

The best circular saws make DIY and woodworking projects much easier, letting you quickly and efficiently cut straight lines through various wood materials. However, choosing the right circular saw can be quite difficult, with various specifications and technical jargon making it a daunting prospect for those that aren’t familiar with power tools.

To help you find the best circular saw, check out the below guide for all the info you need to choose the right tool for your needs.

What are circular saws?

A circular saw is a power tool that features a circular cutting blade or disc that rotates at high speeds. The fixed blade uses a rotary motion, allowing it to quickly and efficiently cut through various materials including wood, plastic, masonry, and some metals.

Various designs are available that all operate on the same function, ranging from handheld circular saws to table-mounted circular saws, with the best circular saws allowing the user to make horizontal and vertical cuts at varying depths for woodworking and DIY projects.

Why should you buy a good circular saw?

A good circular saw is a fantastic addition to any tool kit. It’s a versatile cutting tool suitable for those tougher sawing jobs where a manual or jigsaw won’t manage, allowing you to quickly cut through wood and other materials with the greatest of ease. As it can be used to make vertical and horizontal cuts at various heights and depths, you can use a circular saw for those more complex sawing jobs like cross cuts, rip cuts, and bevel cuts.

How to choose the right circular saw in 2024?

Another picture of a circular saw

Choosing power tools like circular saws can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for in the product. So here are some things to consider before buying the best circular saw:

  • Cutting Capacity: While great for cutting most types of wood, circular saws need to have the right cutting capacity and depth for the materials you are using. Simply put, the higher the capacity the thicker the material you can cut. Sizes can vary, often ranging from 35m to 75mm, so always check what the maximum capacity at 90-degrees on any saw.
  • Bevel Capacity: Most modern circular saws can make cuts at various angles, so be sure to check what range the bevel capacity is to determine what type of cuts can be made. You’ll want to know what the maximum bevel angle is and cutting depth at 45-degree if making complex bevel cuts.
  • Speed: Measured in RPM, the speed of the blade determines how much control you have over the saw, with higher speed offering better control over each cut. Look for a decent range from between 2,500rpm to 5,000rpm.

What is the best kind of circular saw in Switzerland?

There are many circular saw brands on the market. Consider one of the two main types of circular saw currently available:

  • Hand-Held Circular Saw: Most circular saws are the hand-held variety, which is held in both hands, with one hand controlling the rear handle and the other directing the saw via the front handle. It is pushed into the material and is great for making straight cuts at varying lengths.
  • Plunge-Cut Circular Saw: Same as a hand-held circular saw but with an added plunge function that lets it cut downwards into the wood. This means you can also start cuts in the middle of a board rather than just at one end.

Top 10 list of circular saws in Switzerland (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their circular saws. Which circular saw is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of HYCHIKA BETTER TOOLS FOR BETTER LIFE M1Y-DU29-185-1300 circular saw
Hychika Handheld Circular Saw, 1300 W, 4500 RPM, 185 mm, Powerful…
  • Box contents: 1 x 1300 W circular saw, 1 x 24T 185 mm circular saw blade, 1 x Allen…
  • High-quality saw blade: the 24T saw blade is suitable for cutting softwood, hardwood,…
  • Safety button for circular saws: the safety button prevents accidental opening of…
starting from CHF 49.14*
Image of Bosch Professional 0601623000 circular saw
Bosch Professional GKS 190 hand saw (not compatible with guide rails, 1400 watts, circular saw blade: 190 mm. Cut depth: 70 mm, in Box)
  • Not compatible with guide rails
  • Scope of delivery: GKS 190, HM circular saw blade, extraction adapter, rip fence,…
  • Compact tool design for best handling
starting from CHF 125.43*
Offer TOP 3
Image of Scheppach HM216 circular saw
Scheppach HM216 Mitre Saw 2000 W, Diameter 216 Mm Saw Blade, 34 Cm Cutting Width With Cutting Edge Laser And LED, Rotary Table With Quick Lock, Incl. 2 Carbide Saw Blades
  • The sturdy and compact HM216 pull cap mitre saw has a lightweight die-cast aluminium…
  • Double-sided table extensions, a swivelling turntable with quick locking and the…
  • With the help of the pull function, the chop saw effortlessly cuts workpieces up…
starting from CHF 97.02*
Image of Bosch Home and Garden 0603502000 circular saw
Bosch circular saw PKS 66 AF (with guide rail, 1600 watts, in box)
  • Scope of delivery: PKS 66 AF, Clean System Box, CutControl, three guide rail elements…
  • Can be used with circular saw blades with a nominal diameter of 190mm
  • Clean work, because 80% of the chips are collected in the supplied CleanSystem B…
starting from CHF 130.96*
Image of Enventor 76343L circular saw
ENVENTOR 1200 W Circular Saw with 2 x Circular Saw Blades (Saw Blade Diameter: 185 mm, 24T + 40T), 5800 RPM, with Laser Guide and Rip Guide, for Wood, Soft Metal, Plastic, PVC
  • What you get: 1 x 1200 W circular saw, 1 x 24T saw blade, 1 x 40T saw blade, 1 x…
  • Saw blade protection and suction cup adapter: the saw blade protector effectively…
  • Adjustable cutting depth and cutting angle: the cutting angle of 90° can reach…
starting from CHF 55.85*
HYCHIKA Mini Circular Saw Hand-Held Circular Saw with 3 Saw Blades, Laser Guide, Scale Ruler, 500 W Motor Made of Pure Copper 4,500 rpm, Ideal for Wood, Soft Metal, Tile and Plastic Cutting
  • Box contents: 1 x mini circular saw; 1 x 30T saw blade; 1 x 36T saw blade; 1 x diamond…
  • Ergonomic and safe: The soft rubber grip effectively reduces hand fatigue. Also with…
  • Precise and adjustable cutting depth: With the laser guide, the mini circular saw…
starting from CHF 54.44*
Image of Einhell 4331050 circular saw
Einhell Circular Saw TC-CS 1410 (1410 W, Saw Blade Diameter 190 x Diameter 30 mm, Max. Cutting Depth 67 mm, Splitting Wedge, Spindle Lock, Tool-free Adjustment of Cutting Depth and Tilt Angle)
  • The hand-held circular saw has a connector for dust extraction with compatible devices…
  • The high-quality carbide saw blade is included for clean and straight cuts, with…
  • The cutting depth and tilt angle can be adjusted without tools, thanks to the spindle…
starting from CHF 77.41*
Image of HYCHIKA BETTER TOOLS FOR BETTER LIFE M1Y-AC1802-115 circular saw
Hychika 750 W Circular Saw 3500U with 6 Saw Blades Laser Guide Cutting Depth 90 ° 48 mm / 45°: 32 mm Mini Circular Saw for Wood Soft Metal Tiles and Plastic
  • Package contents: 1 x compact circular saw, 2 x 30T saw blade, 2 x 36T saw blade,…
  • Safety and ergonomic design: the double circuit breaker prevents the machine opening…
  • Laser guide and straight cutting: the class 2 laser guide ensures a professional…
starting from CHF 73.49*
Image of DOVAMAN MCS01A circular saw
DOVAMAN Mini Circular Saw 710W 115mm Handheld Circular Saw with Laser 3500rpm Metal Auxiliary Handle 43mm (90°) 29mm (45°) Cutting Depth 6 Saw Blades Ideal for Wood, Soft Metal, Plastic, Tiles -
starting from CHF 78.37*
TOP 10
Image of Bosch Home and Garden 603501000 circular saw
Bosch circular saw PKS 55 A (1,200 watts, in a box)
  • Box contents: PKS 55 A, carbide saw blade Speedline Wood, parallel stop, box (31…
  • Clean work - 80% of the chips are collected in the included CleanSystem box
  • Can be used with circular saw blades with nominal diameters of 160 mm
starting from CHF 90.16*
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