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The 10 best electric bikes to buy in Switzerland

Picture of a electric bike

Electric bikes continue to grow in popularity and it’s easy to see why. Fun, affordable, and convenient to ride, the best electric bikes are very functional and are a great upgrade for those that cycle to work or school. However, finding the best electric bike is quite difficult, especially when buying one for the first time. Check the buying guide below for how to choose a great electric bike.

What are electric bikes?

An electric bike is a type of bicycle that features an integrated electric motor. This motor allows the bike to be propelled forward with great ease, while some also assistant with pedal power. All electric bikes still need to be peddled by the user, making them different to an electric motorcycle.

Why should you buy a good electric bike?

Electric bicycles are not just great fun, they are very practical, too. Anyone that cycles will know the strenuous effort it requires, so the inclusion of an electric motor makes it so much easier to ride a bike, especially on steep gradients. This makes them ideal for commuting to and from work or school. In fact, the fact they take less effort to ride means you can operate them without working up a sweat or getting too burned out, which is certainly useful when riding to and from work! Remember to buy a good bike lock if you plan to lock the bike in a public area.

How to choose the right electric bike in 2024?

Another picture of a electric bike

Choosing the best electric bike will likely require some research, especially for first-time buyers. Here are some helpful things to consider when looking to buy the right electric bike for your needs:

  • Purpose: Think about how you plan on using the electric bike before you buy it, as it should help find a suitable model that meets your needs. For instance, if you’re planning on using it for commuting to work, you will want to buy a bike with a suitable design for longer rides. Most electric bikes are categorized by their purpose, making it easy to find models for trail riding, urban commuting, off-road riding, recreational riding etc.
  • Motor: Electric bikes feature a motor, either in the wheel or crank of the frame. It is regularly debated which positioning is best for an electric bike, usually breaking down to how the bike is used. For instance, crank assisted bikes are generally viewed as the best for steep gradients, but they are often noisy. Those with wheel motors are usually much quieter, but they tend to lack sensors present in crank-assisted models, meaning they don’t detect how hard you pedal, so do not offer any automatic assistance.
  • Battery: The best electric bike models all use lithium-ion batteries which hold the longest charge and can be recharged the quickest. This is quite important as you don’t want to constantly recharge the bike battery, so be sure to check the amp hours - the higher the number the further it goes on a single charge Remember, the best batteries usually drive the price of the bike up, but they are also the best performing, longest-lasting and most convenient. So be sure to think about how often you will be using the bike.

What is the best kind of electric bike in Switzerland?

There are several types of electric bikes available, any of which you may find useful for your intended use:

  • Electric Urban Bikes: Designed for commuting in urban areas, these bikes usually come with a steel frame. Because they are designed for commuting, they have comfortable seating, although some better for leisurely rides rather than traveling long distances.
  • Electric Folding Bikes: Small, lightweight, and collapsible, these bikes are great for traveling throughout traffic thanks to the upright seating position. Because they easily fold into a smaller size, these bicycles are great for commuting on trains or buses, and they can be tucked away in a workplace with ease.
  • Electric Mountain Bikes: The heaviest and most powerful of electric bikes, mountain bikes are suitable for off-road biking on rough terrain and steep gradients. They can be used for commuting too, but their heavier design may be off-putting. Because they are used in much rougher areas, they need to have robust internal components that can handle the rough and tumble of mountain biking.

Top 10 list of electric bikes in Switzerland (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their electric bikes. Which electric bike is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of CLEADONG 1TFKHJ4MEU-1-CMS electric bike
CLEADONG 26 Zoll E-Mountainbike, 21-Gänge 250w 36v Elektrofahrrad,…
starting from CHF 440.01*
Offer TOP 2
Image of Finbike U3 electric bike
Folding Electric Bicycles, 16 Inch Electric Bicycle, 7.8 Ah Battery, 250 W E-Bike with 2.6 H Quick Charge, 3 Riding Modes, 3 Speed Modes, Seat Height Adjustable, Range Max 70 km, Folding Pedelec for
  • Easy to use and adjustable height: in the LCD instrument panel of the motor control,…
  • Foldable and portable: this is an electric bicycle that can be completely folded,…
  • Dual shock absorption and lighting: the iron fork leg shock absorber is installed…
starting from CHF 489.02*
Image of Finbike U3 electric bike
Folding E-Bike, 16 Inch Electric Bicycle, 7.8 Ah Battery, Anti-Theft Protection, E-Folding Bike with 2.6H Quick Charge, 250 W Motor, 3 Riding Modes, Seat Height Adjustable, Range Max 70 km, Folding
  • Easy to use and adjustable height: in the LCD instrument panel of the motor control,…
  • Foldable and portable: this is an electric bicycle that can be completely folded,…
  • Dual shock absorption and lighting: the iron fork leg shock absorber is installed…
starting from CHF 498.82*
Image of HH HILAND  electric bike
Hiland 26 Inch Electric Bicycle, 250 W Motor Electric City Bike with 36 V 7.8 Ah Lithium Battery, Disc Brakes E-Bike for Adults, Men, Women, Black
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY TRANSPORT This motorized cargo bike is an environmentally…
  • Smooth driving: the 26 inch tires ensure a quiet ride, even on bumpy roads, ensuring…
  • SPACIOUS LUGGAGE BASKET The load carrier is equipped with a spacious basket to store…
starting from CHF 558.59*
Image of HITWAY BK8S electric bike
HITWAY E-Bike for Men and Women, 26 Inches, Electric Bicycle, E-City Bike, 8.4 Ah 36 V Removable Battery, Seat Height Adjustable, City Bike with Pannier Rack for Adults City Commuters
  • Easy to assemble and professional customer service: the Pedelec is delivered 85%…
  • Removable battery: the 36V/8.4Ah lithium battery has a removable design, which can…
  • Three riding modes: the electric bike has three riding modes: pedal assistance mode…
starting from CHF 624.74*
Image of HFRYPShop Y20 electric bike
Folding E-Bike, E Bike Electric Bicycle with 48 V/24 Ah Samsung Battery, Up to 140 Km, Rear Wheel Motor 48 V, 80 N.m, Hydraulic Disc Brake, E Folding Bike with Rear View Mirror & Basket, Electric
  • Intimate service: We offer 18 months free customer service, you can get free spare…
  • Low-entry design: Under powerful electric bicycle full terrain, there are only a…
  • 4.0 inch grease tyres and folding design: Y20Plus e-bike 20 inches is equipped with…
starting from CHF 1,273.02*
Image of VARUN M26-2 PRO electric bike
VARUN 26 x 4.0 inch E-Bike, Electric Bicycle with 250 W Motor, Fat Tyre Electric Mountain Bike with Smart LCD Display, Shimano 7-Speed Adult Women and Men Electric Bicycles, Running Capacity up to 100
  • Fast delivery and quality: after receipt of payment, the e-bike is sent from our…
  • Precise light removal: the LCD display can clearly display the current driving data,…
  • Stable aluminium alloy - The frame of the M26-2 Pro e-bike is made of a durable aluminium…
starting from CHF 979.02*
Image of ELEKGO EG01 electric bike
ELEKGO E Bike 14 Inch Electric Bicycle with 250 W Motor and 36 V 7.8 Ah Battery City E-Bike, Maximum Range 25-45 km Electric Bicycle for Adults and Teenagers
  • [Easy installation and excellent customer service] Most installation work of this…
  • High-quality materials and light weight: the material made of carbon steel makes…
  • Perfect performance and intelligent control: The e-bike reaches a top speed of 25…
starting from CHF 431.19*
Image of nakxus NAKXUS 27M204 electric bike
nakxus 27M204 E-Bike, Electric Bicycle 27.5 Inch Trekking Bike E-City Bike with 36 V 13 Ah Lithium Battery for Long Range up to 100 KM, 250 W Motor, EU-Compliant Folding Bike with App
  • If you don't like it, it will give the money back! After ordering, you can test…
  • Das nakxus hat nicht nur einen Bordcomputer mit LCD-Farbdisplay und intuitiver Benutzerschnitte.…
  • With the adjustable handlebar and seat, the user can adjust the distance between…
starting from CHF 822.22*
TOP 10
Image of Fischer 62453_FISCHER electric bike
FISCHER E-Bike City, Cita ECU 1401 Electric Bicycle for Men and Women, RH 44 cm, Front Motor 32 Nm, 36 V Battery, Anthracite Matt, 28 Inches
  • The bike is delivered 95% assembled. Please see the "Assembly% Guide" below…
  • Motor: dynamic Bafang silent drive front motor with 32 Nm torque and sliding aid,…
  • E-Bike battery: powerful 36 V, 522 Wh lithium-ion battery with up to 140 km range,…
starting from CHF 979.02*
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