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The 10 best hot water bottles to buy in Switzerland

Picture of a hot water bottle

When winter comes, staying warm and cosy in your own home becomes increasingly important, with many people investing in suitable clothing and accessories to fend off the cold. One such example is the hot water bottle, a reliable way to stay warm and comfortable for a long time in the colder months. However, there are many options available (e.g., microwaveable or filled with hot water), so knowing the differences and deciding on which one best suits your needs can sometimes require a little research. To help you find the best hot water bottle, check out the below buying guide.

What are hot water bottles?

A hot water bottle is a container that holds hot water to provide warmth, typically while in bed. The bottle is made from a thick material that is designed to slowly release the heat of the water inside, keeping you warm in bed. They are usually applied to the feet and lower body, although they can be used by anyone to keep warm in bed.

Why should you buy a good hot water bottle?

While there are few effective ways to keep you warm in bed, using a quality hot water bottle is much cheaper than an electric blanket. The best hot water bottles provide long-lasting heat, are made from durable materials, and are available in various shapes and sizes. Overall, it’s a cheap accessory that provides a readily available source of heat.

How to choose the right hot water bottle in 2024?

Another picture of a hot water bottle

With so many great hot water bottles out there, finding the best one for you can feel overwhelming. So be sure to consider the following aspects before you buy:

  • Capacity: Water bottles come in many sizes, so it is always a good idea to consider how much hot water you may want to use in one go. If you want something quick and convenient, a smaller hot water bottle should be fine. For those who want lots of heat for longer periods, a larger hot water bottle is recommended.
  • Material: A hot water bottle uses hot water to provide long-lasting heat, so you should always make sure it is made from a robust material to avoid spilling, such as heavy-duty plastic or rubber. PVC-free rubber is recommended by many due to its durability, but also its eco-friendliness.
  • Shape: A hot water bottle can come in various shapes, and each one is suitable for different types of hot water bottles. For example, full square top bottles are great for use in bed and provide consistent heat distribution from top to bottom. Flat rectangular bottles are easier to roll your back to apply lasting heat to specific areas, while water bottles with fitted covers retain heat for longer.

What is the best kind of hot water bottle in Switzerland?

When it comes to choosing the best type of hot water bottles, there are a few popular options available:

  • Traditional Hot Water Bottles: The familiar design of a pear-shaped bottle with a screw-on plastic stopper is a timeless classic that remains popular today. Its shape fits comfortably against the body in many areas, being great for placing behind the back, holding in the arms, and holding between legs.
  • Hot Water Bottles with Plush Covers: A variation of the classic hot water bottle design, these models revolve around fun designs. However, the plush covers usually come with functional drawbacks, like a narrower shape or being less comfortable to hold.
  • Microwavable Hot Water Bottles: Filling a hot water bottle from a tap provides warmer temperatures but can be a long process, while a microwaveable hot water bottle only requires a few minutes in the microwave to be ready.

Top 10 list of hot water bottles in Switzerland (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their hot water bottles. Which hot water bottle is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Fashy 6530 21 2007 hot water bottle
Fashy 6530 21 2007 Hot Water Bottle with Fleece Cover 2 Litres
  • Removable and washable cover, German Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
  • CE marking, TÜV approved, complies with British Standard B.S. 1970:2012.
  • The wide filling funnel offers more protection against hot water when filling the…
starting from CHF 8.81*
Image of Qomfor NSD-HT-gjpl-50 hot water bottle
Hot Water Bottle with Cover, Soft Premium Fluffy Cover, 1.8 L Capacity, Hot Water Bottle for Adults for Cosy Nights, Pain Relief, Shoulder and Neck, Great Gift for Women
  • You are important to us: Qomfor offers high-quality lifestyle products to improve…
  • Long-lasting, safe to use and environmentally friendly: The bottle complies with…
  • Easy to use: With its wide mouth, it is easy to fill and use. The hot cushion for…
starting from CHF 9.79*
Offer TOP 3
Image of Nordstern 30904 hot water bottle
Nordstern Premium Hot Water Bottle with Soft Knitted Cover - Leak-proof Hot Water Bottle for Pain Relief, Natural Rubber Bed Bottle for Kids and Adults - Dark Blue
  • Easy to use: this hot water bottle has a generous capacity of approx. 1.8 litres…
  • Ideal gift for all occasions: thanks to the cuddly knitted cover, this is an ideal…
  • Versatile use for every need: the hot water bottle is multifunctional and relieves…
starting from CHF 7.83*
Image of BOLEi Grau hot water bottle
BOLEi Hot Water Bottle with Soft Cover - Leak-Proof 2L Large Hot Water Bottles with Kangaroo Bag, Natural Rubber + Bed Bottle Fluffy, Hand Warmer for Children and Adults, Pain Relief (Grey)
  • Versatile: whether on the bed, sofa or desk, the hot water bottle is very practical,…
  • Pain relief: the hot water bottle is suitable for neck, shoulder, back, stomach and…
  • Keep warm for a long time: the 2L large hot water bottle has a luxurious, fluffy…
starting from CHF 9.71*
Image of Blumtal EB0062 hot water bottle
Blumtal Premium Wärmflasche mit Bezug aus weichem Kunstfell | Wärmeflasche aus Naturkautschuk | Wärmflasche Kinder & Baby Wärmflasche | Hot Water Bag Luxus | auslaufsichere Bettflasche | Grau
starting from CHF 9.79*
Image of Samply 111 hot water bottle
samply Hot Water Bottle with Cuddly Soft Cover, Large 2 Litre, Animal for Pain Relief for Stomach, Hind Legs, Gifts for Family and Friends, Kids (Dark Blue Bear)
  • We are very confident about the quality of our products and offer 30-day worry-free…
  • Application scenario: the bottle can be used to warm hands, waist, stomach, feet…
  • Unique design: wide mouth design, making it easier to fill water.
starting from CHF 9.79*
Image of Vicloon BS-FLRRSD-WJX-FBA hot water bottle
Vicloon Hot Water Bottle with Cover, 2 L Hot Water Bottle, Soft Fluff Hot Bottle, Removable and Washable Hot Water Bottle, Cold Protection for Adults and Children, Grey Five-Pointed Star
  • Great winter item: it is very suitable for use on the bed, sofa and desk. Of course,…
  • The hot water bottle for pain relief: the hot water bottle releases heat for a long…
  • Soft fluff hot water bottle: hot water bottle cover made of super soft faux fur,…
starting from CHF 7.83*
Image of IEA Medical 100346 hot water bottle
IEA Medical Hot Water Bottle 2 L with 2 x Soft Fluffy Covers, Cuddly Hot Water Bottle, Large Bed Bottle, for Pain Relief & Hot/Cold Therapy, BPA-Free
  • Ideal gift for warmth and well-being: as Christmas gifts or caring gesture, the IEA…
  • Versatility for every need: whether as a neck hot water bottle for tension, to relieve…
  • High-quality workmanship: made with love from durable materials, this hot water bottle…
starting from CHF 7.81*
Image of ROIMOE Lphipor-cnetkz hot water bottle
Hot Water Bottle without Cover 2L Large Opening Safe and Durable Natural Rubber Bed Bottle for Children and Adults Gifts for Women (Blue)
  • Professional service: We strive to provide our customers with good service. If you…
  • Wide range of applications: whether on the go, at home, in the office or outdoors,…
  • The first choice for pain relief: hot water bottle provides a pleasant feeling during…
starting from CHF 8.81*
TOP 10
Image of Yungden HWT01 hot water bottle
Yungden Hot Water Bottle Belt with Waist Cover 120 cm Extended Cute Removable Hot Water Bottle for Tying Around Hot Water Bottle for Stomach, Hands, Shoulder, Back and Legs
  • Not only keep warm – in the cold and snowy winter, you can use the hot water…
  • Easy to fill in and fill water – equipped with a plug fully attached to the…
  • Cuddly and skin-friendly: the 120 cm long, extended waist cover is made of ultra-soft,…
starting from CHF 7.83*
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