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The 10 best infrared heaters to buy in Switzerland

Picture of a infrared heater

The best infrared heaters provide instant warmth around a room and are much cheaper to operate than most other electric heaters. So if you’re looking for a quick, convenient, and affordable way to stay warm, look no further than an infrared heater. However, with so many infrared heaters available to buy, finding the best model for your home isn’t always easy. So, if you’re looking for the best infrared heater be sure to check out our handy buying guide.

What are infrared heaters?

An infrared heater is a type of heating device that uses electricity to produce radiant heat. The heater uses infrared to transfer the radiant heat around a room without heating any air in between objects. This type of heating replicates the warmth we feel from the sun, while also being best-absorbed by the human body. As a result, a great infrared heating panels helps to quickly warm people with pleasant heat.

Why should you buy a good infrared heater?

The best infrared heaters offer many advantages around your home. For example, a good infrared heating device produces immediate warmth, taking far less time to heat compared to other electric heaters. Another benefit of an infrared heater is that it typically has lower energy costs than other types of home heaters. Infrared heaters produce long-lasting heat that keeps a space warm for much longer, so require less electricity to operate. So, if you’re looking for a heater that warms a space quickly, efficiently, and affordably, an infrared heater is recommended.

How to choose the right infrared heater in 2024?

Another picture of a infrared heater

Unsure how to choose the best infrared heater for your property? Here are some considerations to make before you buy:

  • Wattage: Infrared heater power ratings are given in wattage, so the higher this number, the more heat it produces. Wattages can vary significantly depending on the size and type of heater. For example, smaller-sized infrared heaters have wattages under 500W, while larger heaters can range between 500 and 2000W.
  • Room Size: Consider the size of the room you’re placing the infrared heater in, ensuring it has enough wattage to cover your needs. For example, small rooms may not need anything beyond 270W and 800W, whereas a large room with high ceilings may need between 1000W and 2000W. You can try using an infrared heater room calculators online to help determine the recommended wattage of the heater based on the size of the room.
  • Features: The best infrared heater devices come with additional features that provide more control over the heating. For example, a programmable thermostat is useful if you want the heater to come on early in the morning before you wake up. Other useful features worth consideration include energy-saving modes, adjustable temperature settings, and auto-shutoff to prevent overheating.

What is the best kind of infrared heater in Switzerland?

Looking for the most popular type of infrared heater? Here are some of the main options available:

  • Portable Infrared Heater: Portable infrared heaters are compact and lightweight for easier use around the home. They plug into mains electricity, offering quick and convenient heating around the home. However, they typically come with a lower wattage range, so aren’t the best for larger-sized rooms.
  • Infrared Heating Panels: Infrared heating panels can be wall-mounted or freestanding units, while wall-mounted models are usually permanently installed in a room. They range in shape, size, and power, making them one of the best infrared heaters for any room. However, wall-mounted heaters are trickier to install, typically requiring an electrician to safely set up in your home.
  • Outdoor Infrared Heaters: Also known as patio heaters, outdoor infrared heaters are designed for quick and easy outdoor heating. Available as freestanding and wall-mounted units, these infrared heaters let you remain warm and comfortable outside throughout the year.

Top 10 list of infrared heaters in Switzerland (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their infrared heaters. Which infrared heater is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Emerio FH-106737.2 infrared heater
Emerio FH-106737.2, Note 1.5, Small Compact Portable Fan Heater for…
  • Lightweight and ultra portable thanks to practical carry handle (recessed grip) on…
  • Maximum safety thanks to automatic shut-off in case of overheating or tipping ov…
  • Continuously manually adjustable thermostat control dial for comfortable adjustment…
starting from CHF 18.24*
Image of Dreo DR-HSH006 infrared heater
Dreo Energy Saving Fan Heater, 34 dB Quiet 1500 W Electric PTC Ceramic, Thermostat, Overheating & Tilt Protection, 12 Hour Timer, Electric Heater for Rooms, Bedroom, Atom 316, Gold
  • Cable length: 1.8 m
  • Power (output): 1500 watts
  • Voltage: AC 220-240V 50Hz
starting from CHF 48.99*
Offer TOP 3
Image of SONBION LSG13 infrared heater
SONBION Infrared Auxiliary Heater, Halogen Heater, Infrared Heater, 2 Heat Settings for Operation in the Bedroom, Office, Living Room
  • Portable and compact: the compact size makes the portable heater ideal for indoor…
  • Double safety protection: this small office with heating under the desk with overheating…
  • Energy-saving: Max. Heating power: 800 watts. The heating output can be adjusted…
starting from CHF 39.19*
Image of KESSER 13331-19923-1 infrared heater
KESSER® Infrared Heater 2000 Watt Changing Table Heater Patio Heater Standing Heater Infrared Spotlight - Includes Remote Control - Wall Mount Indoor - Outdoor Quartz Heater
  • Precise and easy to use: the balcony heater has become the ideal choice for private…
  • Timer and display: the display allows you to see the duration of the timer ideally.…
  • Adjustable and versatile: our heaters are easy to transport and height adjustable…
starting from CHF 68.40*
Image of TROTEC 9311 infrared heater
Trotec IR 2000 SC Designer Ceiling Heater Industrial Design 3 Heat Settings Remote Control 2000 Watt
  • With the included 50 cm long stainless steel chain, the only 3.0 kg light ceiling…
  • The radiated 360° all-round heat of the large reflector umbrella (60.5 cm) transforms…
  • With three heat settings (650 W / 1, 350 W / 2, 000 W), the comparatively glare-free…
starting from CHF 58.79*
Image of heidenfeld IH110 infrared heater
Heidenfeld Infrared Heater IH110, 3000 Watt, Remote Control, 3 Levels, Ceiling and Wall Mounting, Infrared Heater, Patio Heater (Black)
  • Power and energy saving Fast heat transfer Mounting options Ceiling mounting…
  • Gold-plated infrared heating element Patio heater Infrared heater Product dimensions…
  • Material Weatherproof housing with powder-coated aluminium and stainless steel…
starting from CHF 88.19*
Image of Güde 85178 infrared heater
Güde 85178 Ceramic Fan Heater GH 2000 K (2000 W, 2 Heat Settings 1000/2000 W, 45 m³ Max. Room Heating Capacity, PTC Ceramic Heating Element, Continuous Thermostat, Overheating Protection)
  • Mobility: Lightweight, handy and equipped with a practical carry handle, this fan…
  • Safety: Maximum safety is guaranteed by the overheating protection. The GH 2000 K…
  • Flexibility: the infinitely adjustable thermostat allows individual heat adjustment…
starting from CHF 16.11*
Image of NEDIS HTBA10GY infrared heater
Nedis HTBA10GY bathroom rapid heater 1200W 12m² Grey
  • Item no. HTBA10GY
starting from CHF 30.33*
Image of TRESKO  infrared heater
TRESKO Infrared Heater 3000 W with Remote Control, Electric Patio Heater with 3 Heat Settings, Patio Heater Indoor and Outdoor Wall Infrared Heater, Changing Table Heater
  • High quality: very robust and durable patio heater with stainless steel protective…
  • Adjustable tilt angle and quiet: thanks to an adjustable tilt angle, the quartz heater…
  • Individually adjustable: the TRESKO infrared wall heater works with 3 power levels…
starting from CHF 92.89*
TOP 10
Image of Pro Breeze PB-H01 infrared heater
Pro Breeze 2,000 W Mini Ceramic Fan Heater with Automatic Oscillation, Two Power Levels, Energy-Saving Operation for Living Room, Office, Patio - White
  • Compact and powerful: The heater has a dimension of: 18.5 x 15.5 x 26 cm 2 speed…
  • Built-in carrying handle: The mini ceramic fan heater is compact and portable. With…
  • Modern safety features: Thanks to the built-in overheat protection, tip protection…
starting from CHF 39.19*
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